Massive Protests Erupt Worldwide Against COVID Vaccine Passports & Lockdown Tyranny

Rise For Truth and Freedom EraofLightDotComMassive protests erupted across Europe and Australia on Saturday against mandatory COVID passports and continuing lockdowns. Tens of thousands of people are mobilizing in demonstrations in England, France, Italy, Australia, and even Finland in retaliation of their government’s announcing draconian “health passes” to determine the vaccination status of citizens.


Huge protests are being documented in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane after government’s announced more nationwide lockdowns following the country’s third COVID death in 2021, all of whom were at least 70 years old.


Protests kicked off in Trafalgar Square in London after Prime Minister Boris Johnson declared on “Freedom Day” that lockdowns will continue and that vaccines will be required.


Protests have been ongoing in France for the last week after President Emmanuel Macron announced that citizens face 6 months jail time if they refuse to provide their vaccination status at places like bars or restaurants.

Scenes in Paris, Valence, and other cities on Saturday show an enormous number of protesters in the streets, with police retaliating violently with batons and water cannons in some cases.


Similarly, Italy’s recent announcement of COVID health passes also sparked massive protests in the country.


Although Japan has resisted harsh lockdowns in anticipation of the upcoming Olympics, many residents still protested against the vaccine after seeing the creeping tyranny finally show its face in Europe.

Protests also took place in Finland, Greece, Ireland, Spain, and the Netherlands.






The world is waking up! Will the globalists back down, or double down?

2 Replies to “Massive Protests Erupt Worldwide Against COVID Vaccine Passports & Lockdown Tyranny”

  1. john

    Just be aware pepes some of those ugly scenes of hooliganism may be caused by men with yellow stickers on their boots (way back when particularly violent demonstrators were found to actually be police agitators planted to make a peacefull demo go ugly) such is modern governance however peacefull demo’s are the way to go, violence itself should be outlawed, love to all