The Sacred Cup: The Open Heart

open heart eraoflightdotcomWhat has closed the heart of humanity, more than anything else, is separation. The separation between nations, between people, between family members, even separation from ourselves, within ourselves.

The JUDGE within and without.

Judgement separates.

Labels separate.

Ego separates.

Fear separates.

If we believe our brother or sister who stands before us, to be separate from ourselves, we are creating divisions. If we judge and label: good or bad, dark or light, acceptable or unacceptable, beautiful or ugly, etc. we are separating. We label. We point fingers and create a “THEY”.

The minute we start to understand that the Divine Source is present in every single brother or sister we meet, in every form and species, in every leaf and rock, in the air, the waters, the fires, the ethers, the earth, we will understand that when we judge them as separate from ourselves in any way, you are judging ourselves.

We are DIVINE as much as they are DIVINE.

They were created by the very same Divine Source as we were.

The labels and judgement are what separate and what cause the most pain in life.

For instance, jealousy: You will only be jealous of someone if you believe that he or she has something which you do not have. That is the ego separating. Indeed, what you see in your brother and sister IS THERE PRESENT WITHIN YOU, in the very same measure! You may not see it yet, but it is there. It may just be in a different form!

The same applies for hatred, and for all the feeling we have or are exposed to in some form of another.

Every seed you sow, comes back to you.

For life is a spiral, a circle.

You reap what you sow.

Indeed, you bring what sow into your energy field, so that you can experience what is like to be that which you have sown!

The minute we start shaming, or blaming, buying into guilt, or try to make someone feel guilty, we are separating. If we do this to ourselves and within ourselves, by constantly beating ourselves up because we are not perfect, then we are sowing seeds of separation.

The minute we start to understand that every soul we meet, everyone we encounter is Divine, and we live from the power of an open heart, steeped in unconditional love, we will see with different eyes and we will not take everything personally. We will start living and acting and reacting from a much higher place: the place of Loving Grace, which sees only love, and feels only love.

The heart opens with every time we finally forgive ourselves and others. When we deal with the memory banks being cleaved open now, so that we can release the past once and for all. This includes all the emotional charges, all that which brought separation, and made us believe in duality, polarity and being separated from others.

Love UNITES, it never separates.

**By Judith Kusel


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  1. Harriet

    I also think the Cabal/Illuminati did a great deal of damage the last few centuries and especially the last 80 years. Also, some aliens messed with our DNA a million years ago or so. We have a lot to recover from.