Abbott Bans Mask, Vaccine Mandates In Texas

Government agencies and municipalities throughout the state of Texas are now prohibited from mandating face masks or “vaccines” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), thanks to an executive order signed by Gov. Greg Abbott.

Abbott signed the order two days after the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a new guidance telling vaccinated people that they should once again wear a face mask indoors because they can still contract and spread the Fauci Flu.

“To further ensure that no governmental entity can mandate masks, the following requirement shall continue to apply: No governmental entity, including a county, city, school district, and public health authority, and no governmental official may require any person to wear a face-covering or to mandate that another person wear a covering,” the order states.

In a statement, Abbott further explained that the order provides “clarity and uniformity” throughout the Lone Star State, which he says is committed to championing personal responsibility over government mandates.

CDC head Rochelle Walensky, conversely, would prefer to see a more fascist approach taken because she says she is really scared of the new “delta variant” that the mainstream media claims is spreading all around the world.

While Walensky claims that around 83 percent of all new Chinese Virus infections are of the “delta” variety, former Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Assistant Secretary Brett Giroir says the CDC’s data is “weak.”

“Dr. Walensky said in rare circumstances, a vaccinated person may transmit. Well, if it’s 1 percent, 0.1 percent, 0.01 percent, there’s no reason for the mask recommendations, but we don’t know because they won’t tell us,” Giroir told Fox News in a recent interview.

Walensky: Your children need to get jabbed and stay muzzled at all times

The government still refuses to explain how or when it developed a new testing protocol capable of detecting the “delta” strain of Chinese Germs. And yet we are all just supposed to believe that it is spreading due to the unvaccinated, when the reality is that the vast majority of people getting sick are those who took the jab.

The data shows this, but Walensky wants you to ignore it and just trust her because she apparently knows best because she’s an “expert.” In a statement, Walensky urged a fresh round of mask mandates to help “flatten the curve” of “delta,” which we are told is sending lots of vaccinated people to the hospital.

Walensky also wants your children masked at all times because the little brats are making her feel scared about the Wuhan Flu. In order for them to return to the classroom this fall, Walensky wants your children jabbed and muzzled.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki agrees with Walensky, having stated during a recent appearance that based on “evolving information” about the plandemic, it only makes sense to ratchet up the tyranny to full blast.

“The reality is, we’re dealing with a much different strain of this virus than we were even earlier in the spring back in May when the masking guidance was done,” Psaki is quoted as saying.

“This order means that there is no law enforcement agency in Texas that can become involved in enforcing mask or vaccine mandates by business owners,” wrote one commenter at Fox News about Abbott’s executive order.

“Law enforcement can still arrest individuals for trespass if they refuse to comply with mandates by business owners,” responded another. “It is completely up to each individual business to decide which policies it wishes to impose on its guests and employees.”

**By Ethan Huff