James Gilliland: Golden Wolf

I was in deep meditation after recovering from being assailed by some new formula raining down from the chemtrails agitated by frequency targeting. You could see the energy signatures in the clouds. Though extremely ill I did not have the same symptoms as the illusive cov1984, could still taste, smell no real loss of appetite but had a head ache and lung congestion like never before. I hit it with a nebulizer with food grade hydrogen peroxide, oxygen water and colloidal silver. I took glutathione as well. After several repeated attempts it was under control. I also took MMS along with several medicinal roots and plants. I have ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine as a backup, but did not need it. This is the part where we give a disclaimer we are not doctors and in no way should this be considered medical advice.

I found out other alternative events, patriot gatherings etc. were all experiencing the same thing. The Wuhan flu has pretty much burned out as all flus do when herd immunity kicks in. Those mysterious viruses created in labs which they use crystal balls to make the vaccines ahead of time must mean they are all psychic. They say these viruses occur naturally every year as other flus that come from bats, pigs, birds and humans due to sharing bodily fluids and having sex. Scientists who say this all occurs naturally are speaking with forked tongue. Get out in nature watch the animals they don’t screw across species. According to Heir Fauci this is all perfectly natural which leads to the question exactly who does he hang out and party with and what kind of drugs do they have? Well maybe Fauci could have sex with a bat he has issues.

There is no way, according to Fauci the virus could have come from the gain of function research he and his group funded in Wuhan China due to being outlawed in the US with close ties to the PLA, CCP Chinese military etc. They were using bats to increase the covid virus infection to human lung tissue. You know that foreign government we are in a trade war with that rumor has it interfered extremely along with other hostile governments in our elections to get China Joe elected. Shutting down America would never benefit China or the global elite goals for world dominance. That is just a coincidence. Of course Fauci also never wrote an article about hydroxychloroquine being the cure and the vaccination for Covid 19 in 2005, and never wrote an article on how during the Spanish flu most people died from secondary pneumonia and other health challenges from wearing masks backed by Stanford research. Masks I might add are made with carcinogenic materials, graphene dioxide, laced with nanobots that come alive when you breath on them. Of course the same goes for the swabs many of which were made in, go figure, China.

The CDC and 15 major universities cannot isolate the cov1984 virus finding instead influenza A and B. Now there is a delta variant of the ghost virus no one can isolate we should be very afraid of, a new killer strain much more savage than the old killer according to CNN. A strain no one can test for which begs the question how do they know it exists and how can they count cases when there is no test? The PCR test was recalled by the FDA due to a 95% false positive. Quick pack the nursing homes again, do not question the insanity of that idea, get those variant super spreaders off the streets. Then write a book on how well you handled the outbreak as governor and get soft ball CNN hack like Lemon to interview you. Hard hitting questions like which ice cream do you prefer? What is your name, where do you live, where are you now Joe, and are you ready to try stairs again? Leadership at its best.

Knowing these facts, one has to ask the question what are people coming down with at these targeted events? There are other chemicals like graphene oxide found in high levels in the “vaccines”, 5G frequency targeting, a host of other ways to create what looks like a new outbreak. One common denominator is chemtrails, what they call geoengineering or aerial spraying. Top secret spraying of heavy metals, carcinogens, biologicals the formulas of which are held from the public. Could these heavy metals, chemicals and biologicals mimic the Cov. Sixty up to eighty percent of People who have been fully vaccinated are now coming down with the same symptoms as covid. Could the graphene dioxide in the jab, an extreme toxin be triggered by 5G? It is magnetic, the jab is an operating system that can be triggered externally. Anyone asking the question why are a large number of fully vaccinated people are filling the hospitals with Covid? The countries with the highest percentage of vaccinations statistically are showing the highest number of cases entering the hospitals. Conclusion, It is not a vaccine and it does not work. So what is it and what is the end goal?

One thing that really pissed me off is the native brother doing a commercial saying I got the jab to protect my family and the Elders. You put the Elders in danger, your own life and your families by getting the jab. Now you are a super spreader according to the CDC. Know your genocidal history so as not to repeat it. Next you will be delivering blankets laced with some ungodly plague because some rich man in a suit told you they need to stay warm and it’s the right thing to do. Ever wonder why they are forcing the reservations to get the jab?

I repeat vaccine either was not a vaccine, a total fail or there is some other reason for the jab. Use base logic people. Obviously you’re not immune if you get the jab and now according to recent guidelines from the CDC you still have to wear a mask so as not to infect others? This is all soon to be followed by more lockdowns and travel restrictions. What was the gain? So many questions not being asked. So many being censored by asking the right questions. How is that virtual signaling going now, feeling certain about that jab, the protein spike shedding related miscarriages, uterus ejections, excessive bleeding, blood clots, heart attacks, passing it on to your friends, family, marching your kids in for the jab knowing there is less than zero percent of them dying from the cov. Statistically they have a much greater threat from dying of the jab and that is according to the suppressed false figures put out from the governments and their agencies? The children are where the lines will be drawn. Parents as guardians need to educate themselves.

The biggest questions are why would anyone in their right mind allow themselves to be injected by an unsanctioned experimental drug with an operating system that can be activated externally created, designed, and owned by billionaire eugenicists who have stated clearly, they want to reduce the population with 13 out of 14 people dead, Globally? “Georgia Guide Stones ring a Bell” They also want total domination and control, what better way than a human off switch? Most cannot even think like these tyrants or comprehend what they are doing. Let’s make it easy lets say you were involved with massive bribes, pedophilia, child and drug trafficking, abuse of power or joined the Satanic/Luciferian clubs for power and wealth. What would happen if the people found out? So who is your enemy? What do these tyrants fear most? The people waking up and knowing who they are and what they did. Their solution is control the governments, use extreme censorship, control mainstream and social media, and eventually eliminate the threat. Their methods are to socially engineer and divide the people into fighting among themselves by race religion and gender then come in as the solution to the problem they created. Many will in ignorance participate in their own, their families, their people’s enslavement and demise. Read this again and let it sink in.

Still feeling virtuous?

Why would they spend billions on add campaigns, scare, guilt and shame people into getting the jab? Why would they use a now recalled as totally useless as declared by the CDC the PCR test giving up to a 95% false positive to spread more fear? What are the real numbers now that they admitted they lied about the death toll adding heart attacks, cancer victims, accident victims. Where did the seasonal flu mysteriously go? The inventor said the PCR test should never should be used to diagnose covid, “he died shortly after that comment”. Why did the governors, mostly democrat fill the rest homes for the elderly with infected people and what were they infected with considering the fact to this day there is no isolate? Were they having trouble getting the numbers up due to the 99.98% survival rate? What were the elderly actually dying from considering the fact thousands of confirmed covid deaths were tested by 15 universities again finding no virus other that influenza A and B. Was there another form of genocide happening in the rest homes? The answer will shock you. Why are they trying to make the jab mandatory having already broken all the rules set forward in the Nuremberg Trials. This is Auschwitz times ten carried out globally. How much social engineering did it take to get people to willingly participate in their own demise? How much more deceptions will come out of the corporate owned mainstream and social media complicit in censoring safe inexpensive time proven alternative cures that could have saved thousands? These people are pathological liars, morally bankrupt swamp dwellers.

What will have to be done to the people that did not fall for the plandemic? Looks like we are about to see. Rise up, yours, your children’s and humanity in general’s future is at stake. Unless you actually be lie ve you are earmarked as one of the lucky few they will let survive that knows to much already. I’ve met smarter fence posts if you be lie ve that. This is not a war between races, religions, colors or genders like they would like you to be lie ve. Your all targeted unless you unite. This is a war between unspeakable evil and good. Seen and unseen. Get right with your life, your friends, families and Creator. Now is the time.

**By James Gilliland