Chief Eagle Feather: Reawakening

Hou. I am Chief Eagle Feather. Humans of Earth, of Gaia’s reawakening. Mother Earth needs you now. You are here for such times that lie ahead. You must not grow weary or become faint of heart. The warrior rests in between battle. You have been in near constant battle for energy hijacking, clearing. Smoke. Sage smoke assists. I blow it towards you now to soothe you, mighty warriors all around I see listening. I do not see much talking. I see much listening, a quiet has come over the grounded ones of Gaia. And this is good. (I am seeing an old Native American chief with long silver hair and happy wrinkles smiling at me. He is smoking a long pipe blowing circles of smoke around Gaia.)

I am Chief Eagle Feather. I sent this one a message through a white feather in the parking lot that she stepped beside. Signs are all around. She saw it and she heard me. She did not step on the sign. She listened with her heart. And I spoke to her just as I am speaking to you now. Many step on the sign. They do not see. They do not listen with their hearts. They listen with their minds filled with what the media, the talking mouths say to see. And that is what they see. But an awakened one truly sees. It is like you have been living in smoke. Smoky air is quite literally all around. Many fires burn now upon the great mother. It is an apt representation. Seeing, living, breathing smoke is toxic. You have been living in a toxic environment. This you know. Oh, I see you rolling your eyes, saying “Should I continue listening and reading these words from an old man?” This old man is eternal just as you young – and old – warrior. We are one and the same from Creator’s dawn of new life. What I’m saying is, your environment of the matrix. Smoky. It is burning away. You will be able to see more clearly when the love light blows away all of the smoke and disease. It will be like a warm hug from the Mother. It will warm you up. It will blow away the toxins, the smoke of misunderstanding. This will create a shock, a stillness and then an uproar. Those who cannot see and those who choose to step on the feather, if you will, they will leave. Those who see the signs and are open but new on their journey, well, they will have a hard time of it. That is why heaven sent you here, young warriors of Gaia. You were sent to lead. And so I think that perhaps it is time that you do so. You lead in your own ways. All are different. Some are more effective than others but all will find it. They will find their voice. You will find your voice again. It will not be silenced. For the awakening of Gaia cannot be silenced. Heaven is clamoring, clapping, cheering. Heaven is very near. You are heaven’s hands and feet. Dirty hands will become clean.

I am Chief Eagle Feather. I have not done this before. This one is a new method of voice for me. I hope you are enjoying my message. It is meant to cheer you. But know that great changes are coming. Just as I have not contacted a channeler such as this one before, does not mean that I too am not ready to expand. And so I tried something new. When was the last time that you tried something new? Newness is coming. You will expand into the new gifts that heaven is bestowing upon you, isn’t that exciting? Life is rich. Earth’s bounties are rich. Your memories are rich. They will be returned to you. You will be reminded of your strength. We have never doubted it. The others will ask you to lead. And lead you will. You are not alone.

I am Chief Eagle Feather. I lead my people through great transition. I have incarnated many times upon the earth and it greatly troubled me, but I expanded, and I loved deeply. I loved deeply my family of light, and the animals, the plants, they became my earth family. Surrounded by my people, with great love and honor we worked with the plants. We talked to the stars and they talked back to us. We honored the great animal spirits when they would lay down their life force for our nourishment. We honored them. Much dishonor has been done. And all of heaven knows this. All of heaven sees. (I am seeing great tears slowly stream down his weathered cheeks.)

I am Chief Eagle Feather. Joy is coming. Hard times are ahead. Be strong, warriors. Our love for you reaches to the stars and back again. You will see clearly and it will shock. It will disturb. You are to hold the light of hope, of strength, for the others for they will have no hope or strength left in that moment. It will be as if a mighty wind knocked them against a cliff face and they can no longer breathe. You will be breath to them. Breath of hope, of comfort. Hard troubled times are separating from new untroubled ones. It is still a great mystery to us on this side of the light but know that as the planets circle their star, and their stars circle their system and the systems circle the universes and the universes circle Source in perfect precision – know that you are just as important as an aspect of Creator. Our prayers, our light, our love are circling you. We are all like the mighty planets, we are cells of the Creator, and although you will feel alone. You will feel alone. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. How can one planet in a universe of trillions of others planets feel alone? Only if they are not connected. But YOU are connected. The light is coming. And I see that it is not just beginning with you, but it is extending through you. Many ripples make waves. Many waves make big splash. The water is still water. It is wet. It is nourishing, it is experience. The droplet of water – does it feel connected to its brothers and sisters? Or does it feel alone in the pond? Does it remember that the water vapors above are brothers and sisters in different forms? Does it look at up the sky and see the clouds and feel alone? Does it see that all animals and plants have water droplets inside? All are connected.

I am Chief Eagle Feather. Thank you for remembering your connection. You are already home vibrationally if you can deeply remember and claim it. You are little water drops all connected into a vast ocean of consciousness and light. Great change is coming across your planet. Nothing will remain the same except the good things. And that is very good indeed. Pay attention to the signs. Watch for feathers. Hou.

**Channel: Galaxygirl

5 Replies to “Chief Eagle Feather: Reawakening”

  1. Madeleine Donaldson

    Thank you and may Gods richest blessings be with all those who love the Lord and love the light. Feathers have a meaning Amen <3

  2. Peter

    I always am looking up when I step outside. A short while after reading this post I opened the door to head out and something caught my eye. I looked up to my right and just like the feather in Forrest Gump, a small white feather came from out of no where and slowly drifted about 3 feet from me as it glided down to the ground to my left. There was no way I could miss it and so I believe I was meant to see it. I immediately thought of this post and thanked God for it. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Teresa Harrison

    Galaxy Girl, Thank you remembering and for seeing the feather. Thank you for listening.
    Chief Eagle Feather, thank you for your encouraging words. I am so tired. Some days I am so overwhelmed.
    Your encouraging words help me see the bright Light around me and filling the planet with hope and love and light.
    Thank you. These healing words and the emotions you share fill me up again and I can see the smoke dispersing as The Light shines stronger.

  4. Douglas A James

    Galaxy girl always great messages! Yes we are close anxious for something to happen on this 3d plane that leaves no doubt we are now shifting up!