Galactic Command Interstellar Fleet: Welcome To The Higher Dimensions

Welcome humanity to the fold of the higher dimensions. Many of you have felt the escalation of the energies of late especially with the Lion’s Gate Portal, or the Earthly Portal of the Lion as we say. For we all have our own planetary portals and constellations that work with our own planetary stars and systems. Heaven is very complex and yet simple in its predictability of mathematical and energetic interactions. As heavenly bodies move they create massive gravitational pulls, energetic pulls and as the stars dance through the vortexes all are affected, especially those nearest. We have been coming near to your sphere to aid, to assist. Many of you have been assisting in your sleep state. Many of you know and love us deeply. As you are never ending souls you have had infinite adventures within many different forms, and this is another one of those adventures that you are having. We wish for you to lighten up and to not take yourselves so seriously for it will be like oil and water for you, and the lower dimensional muck will not stick. (I am seeing oil and water easily separate in a glass. The debris cannot get within the oil bubble, it is well insulated within itself, whole and complete. It is peaceful in the oil bubble.)

We are the Galactic Command Interstellar Fleet. We are of no sector or division. We prefer the term ‘grouping’ for there are many groups of us but there is no division. We have all worked together for millennia, many of us. Some of the newer recruits are familiar with us energetically from lifetimes before. (I am seeing inside a large silvery beautiful ship. The people and beings are of many races in different colored uniforms. It is a massive city. There are children, gardens, recreational spaces, educational sectors.) We are eager to teach. We are eager to interact with our beloved brothers and sisters who have been immersed but not enmeshed beyond the veil of forgetfulness. (I am surprised to see reptilians as well on their ship.) Not all reptilians have lost their way, galaxygirl, and the ascended ones, the enlightened ones who have broken free from the dark and embraced the light are critically helpful. Just as some humans have fallen into the darkness does not mean that humanity must be given up on. Humanity is in the process of having the oil and water of their world separate, which is why we showed you this analogy. Vibrations attract. Energy attracts. Like attracts like. Therefore being of joy and lightheartedness is of great benefit to you for you will attract more of the same.

I am Tinirol, one of those who broke away to declare my sovereignty. (I am seeing a reptilian face with black and red markings, wearing white. He is massive and I have been hesitant to discuss with him, but as he is a part of this ascended fleet and I can see he is surrounded with light I am allowing the connection.) Thank you, galaxygirl. I am Tinirol. The reptilians have been controlled by the AI and manipulated energetically to great degree as well. The subordinates work under constant fear and haze. The higher ups on earth have allowed AI to inbreed with the lower so that they are almost mechanically controlled. Our free will was not known to many of us. Yes some enjoy the abuse of humanity, but many were trapped in the system. I broke free. I claimed my light as a fractal of the greater whole. I see this is a hard teaching. It was hard for me to remain within a system of such debauchery and pain and abuse. We do not need to focus on this. I am allowing my presence to be known for you will be also meeting ascended higher timeline beings of many races and it will be more in the flow of your awakening if this thought is seeded. The light comes for all but not all will accept it. Accept the light. The healing will be deep. Many will not want to heal. Many of my brothers and sisters will evaporate when the light comes as that is their choosing and their soul’s exit strategy. My strategy was to choose the light, to choose the deep pain of healing so that I could be liberated. I offer my love to you, as a healed reptilian and I extend my arms in gratitude and service to the whole, to Gaia. I too love Gaia. The problems is that many races have been involved with this project and they claimed ownership of the planet. They have forgotten the free will of Gaia. Her voice is being heard and her free will will no longer be violated, just as humanity’s voice is being heard, which is why so many starseeds have come to heal both aspects of this project. This is not just liberating the species of humanity. This is the liberation of this sector, of Gaia’s healing and of her rebirth. Fortunately that means that we will all have a chance to be reborn energetically as the light wave that has been long talked about is on its way. I am Tinirol. I appreciate all that you are doing for Gaia and again, I extend my hands in service to you and to the light.

We are the Galactic Command Interstellar Fleet. Our grouping is from many star systems. (I am seeing many beautiful Pleiadians, Andromedans, Sirians and other beings that I do not recognize. They are waving to me, smiling.) We are united in our little fleet and we wish for this energy of unification to pour through our words and through your absorption of them. Integration and unity is what is needed now in this recipe for healing upon Gaia. We have healed from our galactic wars. We all have our own stories of healing through pain and choosing to believe in hope. We see much hope for Gaia for her healing is nigh. Send her these healing words, these frequencies of light. We are representing the balance of the whole with the few. You are representing your own star families with your physical embodiment upon Gaia. Energetically like many millions of pinpoints of light this sector is coming back into harmony. Feel the harmony around you and as you reach for it reach within for there you will find it. Inner balance work is work when embodied within a lower dimensional realm, for you do not see it. You do not feel it. It is not easy. But it is worthwhile. For you are there to discover the wholeness of Source, the unity within and the light that permeates. We see the flash of light. We see what will happen. We eagerly anticipate but we also want you to know and understand that what you are experiencing right now is just as exciting as the flash. Don’t wait for it. Create it now by pulling it in. Pull it towards yourselves and surround yourself with the glow of light. We will say Christed light for you, for your Christ with this concept you are familiar. In our stars systems we have other words for light, for we have had other teachers, other experiences, but it is all light from Source that ultimately is what matters. Be these burning lights. We see that you are.

We are the Galactic Command Interstellar Fleet. I Ashania am speaking. (I am seeing a young lady who seems half aquatic and is thin and blue with numerous pretty teal and indigo tentacles from her head like hair. She has huge purple eyes and a big smile.) This is so exciting for me! I have always wanted to address the starseeds of Gaia! We love you so much! We pray for you, we send you our love and light, you are so loved! Thank you for letting me come through this day, this is one of the supreme honors of my lifetime. I serve through hypnosis healings. I serve in many ways. I send my abilities of immense love, for that is one of my gifts I am told, and hypnosis healing is one of the modalities that I enjoy doing. (She is showing me images of sandwiches and children playing ball and a bright sandy beach.) Many good times are ahead! Don’t lose hope! Find your gifts and unwrap them. The great unwrapping is here. We love you.

I am Renaldo. (I am seeing a short statured male being with a mustache step forward.) We are showing you how different we are, and yet how we are all the same. We are showing you hope for your future as your differences blend into one. You all have been many things. Many bodies, many roles, many experiences. Now is the time to unite. To clean up your planetary mother, whom we love. We are here because we love Gaia and we love Humanity. We believe in the goodness of humanity. We believe that you will remember it too. (He bows and steps back.)

We are the Galactic Command Interstellar Fleet sending your our love and light. Peace on your journey. Peace.

**Channel: Galaxygirl

5 Replies to “Galactic Command Interstellar Fleet: Welcome To The Higher Dimensions”

  1. Mon

    Much love to you galaxygirl for bridging the messages from our intergalactic multiversal siblings

  2. Martin

    Thank you very much Galaxygirl! I love to read your channeling! It is really amazing in what kind of time we are living now!

  3. adgjl88

    Galaxygirl, I got a lot from this transmission. Especially from Tinirol who I would love to meet some day. Also from the aquadic lady with so much humility and gratitude.
    Please call them back again.

  4. DancingDolphin

    Thank you, GalaxyGirl!!! Fantastic! I knew there had to be ‘good’ Reptilians also, no race is all good or all bad. Thanks so much for sharing. Very inspiring!! I love you SiSTAR!