Seeding of the Earth Taking Place

I received this message today while assisting the Aura Cleanse participants, and knew that it needed to be shared. My team brought to my attention a genetic seeding/activation that is taking place right now.

This seeding is taking place through the Perseid Meteor Shower taking place now until August 23rd. You can look up when it is most likely to be seen in your area. Here is the information that was shared:

“What must be understood about this meteor shower is that it contains valuable genetic coding and information that has the potential to turn on dormant, often misunderstood DNA. I say potential because not all on Earth are accepting of these activations and not all can be upgraded due to their form.

I replied, “Many will worry that advanced age or declining health will keep them from upgrading.”

“No, what keeps one from being able to physically accept such advanced coding is the amount of light in which one holds. Light is information on one hand and vitality on another. When one holds little vitality, they are unable to access the full potential that is available to them now. Many on your planet are having issues with their form and advanced age yet hold great vitality.

The teams of guides and guardians that assist on Earth have been urging their incarnates to breathe more and deeply. To allow the breath to open their energy channels and allow the spectrum of light, chi, prana, or whatever word suits into their form. The more light one holds, the more they’re able to utilize all that the cosmos is offering at this time.

This particular meteor shower happens every year which often causes it to be overlooked and not seen as a rare phenomenon, however, that is because most lack the understanding of the potential in which is held in each transmission that reaches your atmosphere.

We use the word transmission deliberately because these are not simply pieces of rock from what you know as outer space coming into your world, they are transmissions that are designed to seed the ascending population.

Those on the ascending path are busy remembering who they are in their entirety The genetic coding within the meteor shower will assist with this. It will assist with the coalescing of what has been incorrectly determined to be junk DNA and with the unbraiding of what is present. It is said that your junk DNA contains no coding, no instructions, we say that they have simply not been activated yet.

Your DNA contains it all, it is your Akash, but not only of life on this version of Earth but all of your galactic lives. It contains the deep truths that you are searching for. As one clears their density, programming, and limitations they bring light into their DNA that builds bridges to what was once scattered.

(I was given an image of a beautiful stone temple being destroyed, completely plundered. Then as it was put back together bit by bit so too was the wisdom and knowledge that was held in its walls. We are that temple.)

While this particular meteor shower has been active for a few weeks now, it has recently been seeded with even greater potentials made possible by the leaps made through Lionsgate.

All are working in tandem to assist the ascending beings. We say beings as it is not just the human going through this process. The stargates, planet alignments, Schumann resonance, and the light-encoded plasma injections from the sun and the meteor showers are all working to help all rise in vibration and evolutionary status.

What we ask of the ascending human is to consciously connect to the information (light) and activation sequences that are coming in.

Think of it like a rainstorm. You may choose to stay inside and not get wet, to not actively participate in the rain. Yet all outside, plants, animals, and insects were actively affected and yes, this too changes your world. Yet imagine what it could be if you too had played in the rain.

We are not suggesting that you play the rain unless this brings you joy, but we are suggesting that you get outside and intentionally connect with the activations that are streaming into your planet. For these are unlike any received before. Connect with your night sky, the stars, and the cosmos. Bring the frequency of awe, gratitude, and receiving into your heart and allow what is meant for you to be yours.

It matters not if you can physically see the meteor shower from your place in the world. What matters is the intention and the decision to actively connect and receive. In your mind’s eye, you can perceive the information that is coming forth. (I saw a burst of light coming forth, much like fireworks). Allow it to activate within you, to build bridges from who you know yourself to be now and who you are becoming.

Thank you to all that support and share this work. It really means the world. I hope that you are feeling the massive shift and surfing the waves. If you would like to join the 2x weekly Aura Cleansing, healing, and energizing, along with an energy write up to help you navigate the intense energies, [go to]