Neioh: Communing With Your Soul

Friends Of Light!

We Understand That It Looks Like The World At Large Has Gone Crazy!

As Many Awaken To Truth And Light, Many Are Being Sent To War And To Kill.

The Clones And Puppet Masters Are On Their Last Play, So Wickedness And Destruction Is Their Game.

Rise Above It All!

Indeed You Can!

This Is Done Masterfully By Going Within And Finding The Peace That You Will Never Find In News And Agendas!

As They Speak Louder Of The Deaths Of Both Vaccinated And Unvaccinated, You Might Feel Your Head Spinning!

Just Relax!

You Have The Wisdom And You Understand Fully Their Agenda.

Fall For Nothing But Truth!

You Get To Decide!

The Answers You Seek Do Not Come From Your Logical Mind.

They Are Sourced From Your Higher Self As You Allow Your Identity To Move Out Of The Way!

In These Moments Of Communing With Your Soul, You Will Know All Answers, For You Are Pure Spirit!

Trust That The Answers You Get While In The Deepest Presence Of God, Will Guide You Always On The Path Of Light!

Why Are There Spirit Guides?

Because In Each Waking Dream, There Are Multitudes Of Religions That Place You In A Box Of Guilt If You Attempt To Expand In Consciousness And Ask A Few Questions!

Each Religion Has Their Own Format And As You May Have Noticed, No Person Is Allowed To Question The Scriptures Of ‘God Hating, God Killing, God Taking Sides!’

Do You Understand This Is Not Possible?

Sacred Guides Volunteer For Each Waking Dream And Nudge You Into Truth.

Some Know For Certain They Have Guides And There Is Communication By Telepathy.

In Moments, You Might Hear A Thought In Your Mind That Is Instructing You.

The Silence And Amazement You Receive May Save Your Life, Direct You To Meet Someone, Or Prevent A Meeting That Would Have Caused You Harm.

Each Being Is Capable Of Soul Intuition But As You Have Noted, Many Are Not Paying Attention.

Then The Guide Or Guides Step In.

There Is Still No Guarantee Of The Message Getting Through Because Most Stay In The False Self With Endless Distractions.


Breathe Deeply.

Be Silent.

Make Silence A Priority.

Fully Realize This Dream Is Short For Everyone.

What Could Matter More Than Meditating In Gratitude And Sacred Love For Source Creator.

To Open To Trust That Only Good Is Before You!

Meditate And Visualize Love And Peace For The Planet, Regardless Of What You Hear!

Think And Believe The Thoughts You Wish To Manifest!

Discover Your Power And You Will See The World Not As It Is, But As You Are!

You Are Safe And You Will Live On Through The Multiverses Of Timelessness.

The Mysteries Of Life Will Open Before You And All Will Be As ONE.

Love One Another!

Soon We Come To You And Embrace In Great Love!

I Am NEIOH, The Second Of Four Sons Of IKAI And Beloved AYA.

My Family Of Taygeta Loves You So!

**Telepathically received by Judith