Ashian: Crunch Time

commander ashian eraoflightdotcomWhat does ‘crunch time’ mean? It is the last section of a race, where your muscles ache, the finish line’s too far, others seem to be having an easier time than you and you just want to give up.

Crunch time is when it hurts so much you think of giving up.

What is the difference between an exceptional athlete and an amateur? The ability to go beyond the physical and mental cues that tell you to stop, it is the unwaivering dedication to a vision that’s greater than the pain. And grace: the strength from some unknown corner of your Self, that carries you when you feel like you can no longer continue.

Beloved sisters and brothers, you are in crunch time. It will not last ‘long’, but it will be intense. Light and dark will appear so confusing that you may wonder what is ‘truth’, who to believe, who to follow, which truth to trust.

Trust the truth within. The truth within is a deeper knowing of the perfection of the Divine Plan to free humanity, once and for all, of millenia of slavery. You do not have to pick a ‘truther’, or a side, or a scenario…

The way to move through crunch time, is to go within and discern, in meditation, prayer, reflection, quiet-time, your vision for the future. Settle into the vibration of the future you wish to create, because that will speed your passagway through these rocky days ahead. By creating a mood picture, a selection of emotions, a collage of experiences that you wish to live a year in the future, you create your truth, which will act as your anchor to the future, to the post-revelation time, when we are all working on the re-creation of all aspects of society.

So hold your vision close, revisit it many times a day, even if only momentarily, and then apply it in your daily life. Use those emotions of care, compassion, love, freedom, generosity, connectedness as your compass in your daily activities; that is like dropping seeds today for the flowers you wish to grow tomorrow.

In this way, you weave the ‘future’ into the ‘present’, you access your inner portal of transformation, the incorporation of your 5D self. It is that simple, albeit not easy.

J: Most of that makes sense, but how are we accessing our 5D self? How do we create that in the chaos of these now moments?

A: 5D life is, above and beyond anything else, a level of elevated consciousness. If you are able to hold the emotions of that consciousness – which are all the positive, life-affirming emotions – you are in resonance with your 5D self; that emotional resonance creates a physical resonance within your cells, upgrading them from carbon to crystaline.

J: Ok… I’m sure if I remembered anything about biology I’d be more critical of that statement, but I don’t! What do you have to say to the millions of exhausted light workers?

A: We can only repeat and repeat and repeat that you are magnificent. Your light is shining with radiance, with its 5D cystaline colours and vibrations, and your power is unstopable. Be gentle with yourselves, the energies are taking a toll on most of you at present, as you upgrade, and as you clear emotional debris from the collective as well as ancestral debris.

The phrase ‘the strongest of the strongest’, was not used lightly. You were chosen for your ability to complete this task. You are not alone. Eveyone one of you have an extended team of angelic, galactic and ascended masters assisting you, many of you have eleven assistants and some of you have many more, depending on your role.

Move into communion with them, allow their energies to surround you, to infuse you; allow their wisdom to wash through you, and their humour to tickle you! Humour is so important to short-circuit fatigue, boredom, exhaustion, impatience, arrogence, rudeness… humour dissolves the shadow side of the 3D, so laugh in every possible moment, you will lift your vibration and the collective vibration.

J: Any closing words of wisdom?

A: Don’t take yourselves so seriously! This is a serious business, but a light touch transforms faster than a heavy hammer.

And know that you are assisted in every single moment, tap into the tenderness that your personal ‘light community’ hold for you:  experience what it is like to be treasured and valued beyond the words we have to express the depth of our love for you.

J: Thank you <3

**Channel: Jennifer Crokaert


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