DC and New York Hit With Bomb Scares Within a Week of DHS Threat Bulletin

top news article eraoflightdotcomLess than a week after the Department of Homeland Security issued a bulletin saying that anti-government extremists angry at COVID measures could be preparing attacks, DC and New York were both hit with bomb scares.

Last Friday, the DHS warned that there was a “heightened” risk of attacks carried out by domestic extremists motivated by their opposition to lockdown measures and anti-government sentiment.

Earlier today, a man from North Carolina parked a truck outside the Library of Congress on Capitol Hill and began telling authorities that the vehicle contained an explosive device.

The man began filming a Facebook livestream explaining how he was a an ex-serviceman, but the social media site quickly removed the video.

In a video of the man’s statements posted to Twitter, the suspect rambles about wanting to speak to Joe Biden while threatening, “If you shoot me, 2 and a half blocks are going with me.”

Police apparently know the identity of the suspect but don’t know his motive, although he reportedly said he is “ready to die for the cause.”

According to Andrea Mitchell, the man has a criminal history and has expressed “anti-government views.”

Meanwhile, New York’s Times Square has also been evacuated after an object resembling a “cookie tin” was thrown at people in Father Duffy Square.

In light of the bomb threat in DC, authorities chose to lock down the area and told people to stay away.

Although the bomb threat in New York looks likely to be harmless, the situation in DC is precarious and ongoing.

**By Paul Joseph Watson

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