Distorted Perception of Reality; Weaponized Narratives Part 2

energy waves eraoflightdotcomPropaganda can be used to distort perceptions of reality.

People are generally poor judges of true versus false information and do not necessarily remember or keep track of which particular information they have believed, when it is later discredited as false.

Information overload leads people to take shortcuts in determining the credibility and trustworthiness of messages.
Familiar themes or messages can be appealing to people, even if they are false.
Statements are more likely to be accepted if they are backed by evidence, even if the evidence provided is false.

Using peripheral cues to propagate the disinformation. This happens when a listener is persuaded into falsity because he or she notices that a message has many arguments within it, but lacks the ability or motivation to think about each of these arguments individually.

In other words, the many arguments are intentionally being conflated into one message, like a short-cut of cliff notes that are being mixed together and combined with an appearance of objectivity.

This is a common tactic of conflation or inciting a straw man argument that is used to increase the perceived credibility when spreading the propaganda and disinformation.

Essentially what this means is that we have to stop and pause, use common sense and critical thinking to see if the information passes our b.s. meter before we repeat this information to others.

If we stop long enough to get quiet and then deeply feel into the information, many times we can get intuitive impressions about it that help us discern if this is a weaponized narrative or manipulation-deception signature.

Become aware of whether or not you are getting played to be a cog in the wheel of a disinformation campaign designed to hurt or weaken others.

Weaponized narratives are used to destroy communities and trust between people, to create conflict, controversy and divide and conquer scenarios which break apart the organization or community goals for unity and working together for a common purpose.

It is the most common tool of the pathological individual that enjoys inciting chaos and wants to break apart unity and group cohesion by attacking any unified cooperation between communities of people.

Weaponized narratives can also be half-truths or lies that furnish the illusion of some emotional certainty at the cost of rational understanding and critical thinking.

The emotionally satisfying decision to accept a weaponized narrative is to believe and to have faith in partial truths or lies, which prevents the opening of intelligent debates and discussion.

Thus, it inoculates cultures, institutions and individuals against counterarguments and inconvenient facts.

If we don’t want to look at the truth because its unpleasant, we let people get away with murder because its more convenient to us.

Then we are complicit with feeding the monster, we’re helping to co-create the ego monsters that are running rampant as slimy snakes uploading propaganda and disinformation campaigns in the online media environment.

Therefore, the truth can be overwhelmed with constantly repeated statements that represent falsehoods and disinformation, where soon the truth has been replaced with lies and no one even notices.

Keep these tactics in mind as we continue to understand the infiltration and hijack of the general narrative, because as I’ve just explained, these are the major components of the psychological warfare also being used to weaponize the new age, Ascension and disclosure community.

Now we can see the global agenda to weaponize narratives during a planned genocide courtesy of the Controllers.

It is up to us to actually see and understand how they are accomplishing this infiltration so that we can refuse to be controlled by it.

As conscious and spiritual people, we should make a commitment to truth, truth telling and not fall into deception narratives by jumping on the bandwagon of consensus.

Be the person that sees the deceptions and harmful agendas as they are happening and refuse to participate with them.

As we have mentioned, there are casualties in this spiritual warfare and Guardian Host has advised us to prepare for that eventuality as spiritual and emotional adults.

We must reach the level of truth seeking when we as a group are behaving as spiritual adults, and thus we can have an open and transparent conversations about how we face these problems, which is a real issue that all of us will have to deal with.

Those of us like myself being hunted down in the information warfare and attacked for telling the truth – we cannot continue to grow the conversation.

Thus, we have to reach a moment in time when more people can grow up emotionally and put their big pants on.

To be willing to consider that if we remain asleep at the wheel, if we refuse to look at the severe problems in our reality, more and more people get hurt and children get seriously hurt.

When the disclosure finally reaches its momentum, the truth will flood into the collective and people will start to see that this awareness of the Controllers and NAA is not farfetched.

That this is actually a well-documented war that humanity has been fighting for thousands if not millions of years and now we have reached the stages of the final confrontation.

And so, leaving you with a few thoughts in terms of things to reflect upon, is to really give some deep thought to what do you believe in, and what do you give value to in your life.

Think upon your strengths and your weaknesses.

What are the things you can improve to become a better person?

Think about: where am I going; what am I doing; and also, am I able to withstand discomfort like mental triggers or unpleasant truths in order to make the needed changes required, so that I can truly embody and be my highest and authentic self.

When we endure times of turmoil this can act as a great spiritual catalyst, and this is when we undergo big tests of moral character, tests of self-awareness in order to refine and distill the purity of our inner spiritual essence.

During these challenging states we may be met with increased darkness, maybe even dark entity attacks, maybe experiencing astral related phenomena, victimizer programming levels of mind control, audio inserts with self-doubt and fear, all related to perpetuating fear-based programming that’s been sent to the masses.

The intensity of these experiences can help us better comprehend the self-mastery we must develop over our own hidden shadow aspects, as we rise above the fear, in order to propel ourselves forward to another stage of spiritual awakening, to arrive at inner clarity.

This is truly the call for moral courage and spiritual bravery!

Take good care and be kind to yourself and others.

Pray, meditate and get right with God, this is time to make peace and get aligned with your higher power.

Love and GSF,


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  1. tonypryslak

    Plato wrote about thes concerns to society in his Allegory of the Cave and the light. then followed it up with the Lie of the Soul. This has been going on a long-long time. Thanks for alerting us to these programs Lisa. The fall of Atlantis ws also a sabatage.. acccording to some of my dreams..