Denmark To Lift All Coronavirus Restrictions On September 10th 2021

top news article eraoflightdotcomHealth officials in Denmark will stop classifying the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) as an “illness which is a critical threat to society.” This means all pandemic restrictions will expire on September 10. In a statement, Health Minister Magnus Heunicke touted high vaccination rates, in particular, among the elderly, as the primary driver for the decision.

“The epidemic is under control, we have record high vaccination rates,” said Heunicke. “As a result, on September 10th, we can drop some of the special rules we have had to introduce in the fight against Covid-19.”

Denmark was among the first countries in Europe to impose lockdown measures against the coronavirus. Last March, Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen ordered the closure of all schools and universities, as well as imposed limitations on social gatherings.

It was just this year that officials started to relax restrictions, which include an increase in the incidence threshold before a lockdown is triggered.

With the new order, all coronavirus restrictions will expire on September 10.

Move led by Denmark’s blue bloc

The conservative bloc, led by the Liberal Party, had already stated that COVID-19 should no longer be classified as a serious threat to society. The announcement, which came out Friday morning, came less than an hour before a meeting between the Social Democratic Party, the Folketing’s ruling party, and members of the epidemic committee.

“When it sinks in for the Social Democrat government that they are in a minority, they then come up with better ideas just 45 minutes before the meeting in the Epidemic Committee is starting,” said Sophie Lohde, a member of the Liberal Party.

Restrictions easing up

Certain restrictions are set to expire earlier. Restaurants and pubs will no longer require a valid coronavirus pass to enter starting September 1. In addition, discos and nightclubs will also be allowed to reopen, and visitors will no longer need passes after September 10. Those attending football matches with over 2,000 people will not be required to produce a coronavirus pass starting September 10.

Restrictions for travel into Denmark will still continue. A Health Ministry spokesperson said that these are covered by a different interparty agreement set to expire in October.

Another round of vaccinations for the immunocompromised

The Danish Medicines Agency also announced that it will offer a third dose of COVID-19 vaccines to those with severely weakened immune systems. According to health officials, these people have an increased risk of severe COVID-19 infections. In addition, they admitted that vaccines have a lower effect on immunocompromised groups than the rest of the population.

“[People] may have insufficient effect of vaccination against COVID-19, just as they may have reduced effect of other vaccines,” the agency added.

The new round of vaccinations will affect around 200,000 people. These included people with immune deficiency diseases, organ transplants, cancer patients with ongoing or recently terminated cancer treatment, among others.

Research says otherwise

Experts in the U.K., however, have warned that coronavirus vaccines — in particular, Pfizer/BioNTech — destroy T cells and weaken the immune system. In a recent study, they found that patients injected with the Pfizer/BioNTech had produced fewer neutralizing antibodies against coronavirus variants.

Their findings were worse for older people who have weaker immune systems, as they produce even fewer antibodies.

“So, the key message from our finding is we found that recipients of the Pfizer vaccine, those who have had two doses, have about five- to six-fold lower amounts of neutralizing antibodies,” explained lead author David Bauer.

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3 Replies to “Denmark To Lift All Coronavirus Restrictions On September 10th 2021”

  1. John Sutter

    Unfortunately, if it is true that Denmark has high vaccination rates there will be very little left of the Danish people.

  2. John Sutter

    Every politician who participated in this mass murder of humanity and especially against us Susia, European peoples, needs to be tried and hanged for their crimes.

    They see us as their greatest obstacle so they are concentrating their efforts against
    Europeans in America, Australia, Canada and Europe.

  3. Susla

    As born, raised and living in Denmark, I can confirm this article.

    In Denmark the conservative parties are colour blue, and lefties are red, so opposite of USA. Blue bloc is about 5 parties, and red lefties are about 4½ parties. The ½ is a party that did no longer wanna stay together.
    Red colour for lefties because communism in Russia and China are also red in flag and logo.

    We went out dinning yesterday evening, because we dont know if prime minister will try other tricks to keep her emergency powers. I know health minister Heunicke was very proud 1 year ago that the law would never expire, forever power to him, so lets see….
    Hoping and praying that we go back to “normal” now. Few awakened people in Denmark, unfortunately.

    We are socialist democracy country, and i was also 75% socialist in heart and mind, but corona changed me to conservative 100%. Even thinking that Danes need access to weapons. We are not allowed any weapons, not knives, not hobby knives not pepperspray.

    People of the world need to have the weapon leverage, so police do not act like in Australia. They have to know and feel that they too can get in harms way, when they inflict so much harm to citizens.