Archangel Michael: Focus on Love

I am Archangel Michael with a message for the Angelic Warrior Group.

Last week’s results look promising, and so we ask you again to focus your energy upon raising the vibration of the planetary grid. The grid that connects all upon earth to each other, to the earth and to the divine. The more you pour white light through yourselves into the grid, the more you allow God to access each and every one upon the planet and the more will continue to wake up and say no.

Otherwise they stay asleep. This you can do for the others that some of you so discompassionately refer to as sheep. These sheep are being lined up for slaughter, I might remind you, and you are the shepherds who have come to help them, to give them direction, and to aid them in making a better choice for themselves. This can still be done. Their souls welcome any intervention you might provide on their behalf. The Divine Oneness does as well.

Nothing is written in stone yet. It is all energy and energy is malleable. You may have been told their souls have already made a choice to ascend or not to ascend and this is partially false information. Anyone now is capable of saying no to the regime which threatens your planet. Some have chosen to leave already, and the means have been provided for them to do this, but do you believe that little children who are of such vibrant divine DNA also chose not to evolve now? Do you believe that because they are unaware of and cannot say no to the program that is being foisted upon so many, do you believe that they are lambs to be sent to slaughter instead of choosing to ascend? They are not. They may be raised by unaware parents but they will become aware at some point despite their parents’ ignorance and they are still able to be saved.

So not all is written in stone. These are children who come to populate the 5D timelines despite their parents. Their light may still help to wake these parents up.

Remember that many of the population enforce the viral mandates to keep their jobs. When alternative means of income is provided to them, then they may begin to stand up for their God given rights.

There is still reason to believe change is possible for the one third of the population who will populate the lower timelines. We can increase the quorum if we work on sending them our energy. Light up the planet, please! Light it up with God’s beautiful energy of truth and love, and banish the dark ones to the negative timelines they created with the few they can carry away with them.

There is still reason for optimism.

The dark ones are fighting and you see they are becoming more and more unbalanced as the Light stands up to them. We are stronger, we are more in number and we are more influential than they are. There is great reason to be assured. Focus not on what is happening on the surface but focus on the change that is occurring within yourselves and others. Know it is there. The more they restrict you, the more people will wake up. Their program is total domination and they are still very far off the mark right now. There is nothing to fear, only love to be felt for this planet. That is the solution. It always was.

I am Archangel Michael, I am your guide, your teacher, your leader on the path of Love that you walk. You do not walk alone. We are legion. The universe unites with you to create a better future for us all.

**Channel: Sharon Stewart