Archangel Haniel: Film Set For Angels


Being reborn spiritually and to never worry about earthly life again, that is what this message is about!

Beloved human,

Focus all your attention and strength on your inner evolvement. What happens in your consciousness is of value and forever stays a part of your being. Growth always happens within you, at your core, and often goes unnoticed by those around. How many beggars are there who are enlightened? More than you might think!

Your spiritual rebirth is the goal of all human endeavors. When speaking of rebirth, this doesn’t refer to human reincarnation, but to your awakening, your growth in consciousness and your enlightenment.

While you have switched your physical body often, your spirit remains the unmistakable and undying truth that surrounds you.

Fears, no matter their nature, only hold power over you when you forget that you are spirit and not flesh.

All worries this world presents you with have only one purpose: to go through them, rise above them and advance to the core of your being.


So it is time you ascribe to the outer world its actual importance: it is a very real film set for real experiences far from actual reality – nothing more, nothing less.

You are alive and immortal because of your spirit, never by limiting your life to the physicality.

Like the grass withers just to return, your body withers just to be reborn. This is the eternal cycle of spiritual beings who wish to experience being human.

What are you afraid of? Let your soul guide and direct you. You will be amazed at how deceiving fears are and how easy it is to rid yourself of them. If you rise above the flesh and rise up to your spirit, you are free – even as a human being! For it is all a matter of awareness and consciousness.

God is within you and works through you. God is the only truth. Everything else is a film set for angels who are human beings for a brief period of time.

Wake up! Your spiritual REBIRTH is happening WITHOUT DYING – and even death has lost its power over you.


**Channel: Jahn J Kassl