PROJECT UNITY: Can You ALL Come Together To Make This ‘Impossible’ Dream Happen?

Unity Era of Light Dot ComThe following is a call for HELP. In that I’m asking every single person reading this to chip in (with whatever they so can), in order to make this, the ‘impossible’ happen: The BRINGING TOGETHER and UNIFICATION of every single ‘Spiritual Community’ on Planet Earth. Can we do this? Of course we can. Together. 

Together we can achieve anything and everything. We all know enough people who know (other) enough people to make the craziest of crazy things happen. And this specific idea isn’t even that crazy. For we all have resources. We have friends and family members and relatives and neighbours and work-colleagues and spiritual communities and So. Much. More. And above all, we all have ourselves. Some of us even just so happen to work in various professions that have influence (of at least some kind), or even contacts within the media or spiritual domains. So then, there’s exactly ZERO reasons as to why we can’t even do this! 

Because, and please do think about this for at least but a moment: There are millions of people spread out across various spiritual communities upon planet earth right now. Read that again, MILLIONS (NOT mere hundreds or even thousands). MILLIONS. And these ones range from the awaken-ing, to the semi-awake, to the fully-awakened members of the human populace. And it’s such an absolute shame that we can’t even get together and unite amongst ourselves and show the world some UNITY. And then we expect complete and total unity consciousness to flower up overnight amongst the remaining few billion (thoroughly asleep!) members of the human populace. Talk about high hopes! 


We stand divided even over our approaches to enlightenment (literally the very experience of unity consciousness no less). And whether Sadhguru is a better teacher or Teal Swan or Osho or Eckhart Tolle or Bentinho Massaro or Mooji or who-else-have-you. We fight and argue over small, silly, utterly meaningless (to the bigger picture) things; and argue over things such as whether or not so-and-so-person is even really enlightened or not (among other pointless things). Completely and totally forgetting that our very world is in a crisis/transformation situation right NOW, and that, whether we like it or not, and whether we even like one another or not, we are all in this situation TOGETHER at just about This. Very. Moment. And that we could all use some help just about NOW, and of each other here no less.


You’ve all heard the idea that even if but a few thousand (let alone a few MILLION) humans get together each day at the same time to pray for world peace, we would have world peace within A WEEK. And the good news is, that we all already have such spiritually active members within the human populace right now. Numbering well within the millions, that too. But for whatever reasons (infighting, divisions, ego issues of/within individual spiritual communities, ego issues of spiritual teachers etc.), spiritual communities spread all around the globe are utterly divided, as opposed to truly united.

Let’s get together and change this for GOOD. 

So, our task here is actually quite simple: Use whatever resources we even have at our own disposal currently to (at least) make an attempt to bring all spiritual communities and spiritual teachers across the entire world TOGETHER. Go send emails and Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn messages to ALL spiritual teachers, channellers and their communities that you so know of and just SHARE this idea with them (and/or link them up to THIS VERY MESSAGE if you so need to). Share this stuff in your local spiritual communities or their online/offline groups. Make entire Websites about it. Make YouTube Videos and Blogs about it. Contact all of your influential friends and connections in the world of Media, Alternative Media, TV, Radio, Social Media, Spirituality, PR, Event Management, Newspapers, Bloggers, Influencers, Twitterati, Instagrammers, TikTokers, and what-else-have-you! Let this message spread as powerfully (and as strongly) on WhatsApp and Vine alike.

PLEASE REMEMBER THIS: If EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US makes even as much as THE VERY SLIGHTEST SINCERE EFFORT to change something about this situation (and I already know that every single person reading this 100% WILL); SOMETHING (TREMENDOUSLY!) POSITIVE simply HAS TO HAPPEN! PERIOD!


The odds are ALL ENTIRELY in our favour. Hell, even all of the Gods are entirely in our favour. So PLEASE, MAKE SURE TO invite every single higher being and supportive energy you know of (AngelsArchangelsAscended MastersGuidesSoul FamilyTwin FlamesDeceased Loved OnesSource/God, you-name-it) to assist you and KNOW THAT THEY 100,000% WILL very much DO SO! But yes, you DO INDEED need to explicitly invite them (verbally/mentally) as they are simply not allowed to assist you without YOUR EXPLICIT Free Will Permission/Invitation! So you’re gonna have to (at the very least) do THAT!


Finally, last but by no means the least, let us all complement these very efforts of ours with just three key things:


At exactly 11:11 AM G.M.T. and 11:11 PM G.M.T. every single day; let us ALL get together (as the unified human collective) to send out powerful IntentionsVisualizationsImaginationsPrayers, and Blessings for Global Peace, Global Prosperity, Global Love, Global Wisdom/Light, Global Awakening, Truth and ET Disclosure, Global Healing, Global Forgiveness, Global Technological/Consciousness Upgrades, Global Cleansing (of ConsciousnessAirWaterSoilEnergiesEnvironment etc.), Global Empowerment, and Global Unity (Consciousness) and Galactic/Cosmic Reunion to boot!

The very idea here (behind this entire project) is to at the very least get every single spiritual teacherchannellercommunity and seeker on board this whole global transformation meditation of ours (at the very least!)



As within, so without. Which means that one of the very best ways to complement our efforts in here would be to try our VERY LEVEL BEST in here to dissolve polaritydualitydifference and separation in our very own lives with each new passing day to begin with. And that, my friends, begins with mentally and emotionally dissolving (and resolving) each and every single form of separation (consciousness) that has been seeded/planted within us all, here.

And that means seeing all as extensions of our(own)selves. Seeing the commonalities that bind us (as opposed to the differences that only serve to keep us all separated). It means listening to, and being accepting/aware of the simple fact that multiple/differing perspectives will always exist (and are each valid in their own right from the perspective of the one who holds them) for literally every single issue under the global roof! And that, without such multiple/differing perspectives existing, our world would basically have exactly ZERO innovations, creativity, transformation and excitement whatsoever! Everyone would practically be mindless clones of one another were our individual differences (of opinion, perspectives etc.) not valued, respected, and appreciated for what they even are! Which is exactly what those who push for censorship and suppression of all dissent even really want, here!


This means recognizing and realizing that deep down, and well despite all of our differences, what we ALL want in the end here ultimately, is a United, Loving, Kind, Harmonious, Compassionate, Accepting, Forgiving, Prosperous, Harmonious, Connected, Joyful, Creative, Exciting, Blissful, Balanced, and SUPPORTIVE world!

So PLEASE; DROP IT. Leave and Let Go of that which separates you from “another”. Push away all of that which separates brother from brothersister from mister, and even saint from sinner. JUST LET GO of all of that hate, anger and separation!

Forgive. Forget. Accept.



If we truly want unity consciousness upon our world, we WILL INDEED have to be the FIRST ONES to take that FIRST STEP (towards it!) We WILL have to move past the many religiouspoliticalracialscientificspiritualsexual, and countless other differences of thought/perspective that only seek to PREVENT our progress (into higher experiences) and true brotherhood from ever being realized!

The Liberal will have to join hands with the Conservative (and even the Communist). The Hindu with the Jew, the Christian, the Muslim, the Atheist, and the Agnostic alike. The American will have to join hands (and forces!) with the Chinese, the Russian, the Vietnamese, the Saudi, the Pakistani, the Israeli, the Palestinian, and the (North/South) Korean alike. The Men and the Women and the Transgenders; the Straights, and the Gays, and the Asexuals; the Meat Eaters and the Vegans; the Black and the White, the Scientific and the Spiritual. Imagine ALL coming together as humans first. For the common (and everyone’s favourite) goal and cause of having an infinitely more enjoyablefreelovingharmoniousbeautifulprosperoussovereign, and UNITED world for ALL! A world without warsgreedpoliticsdisharmonyenslavement, or separation of any sort! A world filled with pure LoveFreedomJoy and Bliss! 


My dearest people, please just think about it for a second. Imagine how very rapidly this world would even advance if even but the three powerful nations of AmericaRussia, and China kept their differences aside for a bit and shared their technological innovations (alone!) with the rest of the world! Now imagine just that, but with all countries doing the exact same thing put together this time. And finally, simply imagine this level of co-operation not only with just technology; but with absolutely everything under the sun!

Just imagine a world in which Japanese science, German innovations, Indian spirituality and American industriousness go hand-in-hand. Add to that the countless rich traditions of Africa, and the deep connection to nature brought in by the South Americans. And then, just keep adding in amazing and beautiful aspects brought to life by each person from each (currently divided) country and philosophy alike, and ask yourselves: Would this not be THE most amazing world to live in like, EVER? 

OF COURSE it would be. NO BRAINER. 


So today, please do an exercise. An exercise in sending Love and Forgiveness and Heartfelt Gratitude and Appreciation and Acceptance to ALL whom you currently “hate” (or even just “dislike”, for that matter). Because they ALL bring something truly SPECIAL to our world — in at least some way, shape or form — whether you can currently see/appreciate it for what it is, or NOT.

Go send some love, acceptance, gratitude, and wisdom to your ex. Then, send it all once again to that bully in school who made your life a living hell. Next, send it to absolutely everyone whom you currently disagree with: people of a different political alignment, people of a different religious alignment, and people with whom you currently disagree with in absolutely any way, shape or form, here.

Go do it. Just do it. Go close your eyes and tighten your sphincters and just do it. Feels way better to hold LOVE in your heart than hate, TRUST ME ON THIS. (You’ve got to try it to know it!) 

Even better, in fact the very best one: Go send some love and light/wisdom to all of your favourite (and least favourite) politicians. And to your favourite/unfavourite scientists, celebrities, comedians, mediapersons, influencers, corporates, and whoever-else-in-a-powerful-position-that-you-totally-hate-on currently! 

SEE THEM (within your Visualizations/Imaginations) leaving ALL of their past agendasways and workings behind them and truly working for the very HIGHEST GREATER GOOD of ALL LIVING BEINGS alike! FILL THEM UP with LOVE, WISDOM, KINDNESS, COMPASSION, FORGIVENESS, and ALL of your respective PRAYERS and BLESSINGS! SEE THEM CHANGING for the BETTER. WITNESS the LIGHT rising within them.

DEDICATEDLY DARE TO do this EVERY SINGLE DAY and you’d be SURPRISED OUT OF YOUR VERY WITS with what you’ll see happening! Go on. TRY. IT. OUT! Even YOU KNOW DEEP DOWN that this simply HAS TO WORK! It can’t NOT.

For LOVE truly IS INDEED the MOST POWERFUL FORCE in all of EXISTENCE, after all. 

Another EXTREMELY powerful thing that you can do to experience more and more LOVE and UNITY consciousness within your own lives is to CONSCIOUSLY start RECOGNIZING and ACCEPTING your own inner darkness first. Because only and ONLY WHEN you are truly willing to thoroughly look at your OWN inner ‘dark side’, ACCEPT IT (for what it is), FORGIVE IT (unconditionally), and then MOVE RIGHT ON BEYOND IT, can you truly do the same for all others here as well! And as we do so more and more – both, on an individual, as well as a truly collective level – will we find one and all look towards each other through the eyes of LOVE; as opposed to all else! But all of this just has to be done starting with ourselves FIRST AND FOREMOST, and then, extending things outward from there onward!



There’s AMPLE LOT MORE that you can do here to forward this ‘Unity Consciousness Agenda’ of ours with tremendous ease! Some of you already know these things from my Project: Highest Timeline In 21 Days article. If so, feel free to skip this particular part right away!


ACCOMPANIMENT #1  Remove ALL (ANTI-unity-consciousness) negative influences and energies from your life WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT and PERMANENTLY at that!)

This means goodbye Social Media. Goodbye doomsday predictors (no matter which “spiritual” website they find you on). Goodbye conspiracy theory websites and other rabbit holes (doesn’t matter how very “true” they are — reality is but another Lucid Dream anyways). And above all, goodbye ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that dampens your mood or brings your very vibe down through its TOXICITY. Be they toxic friends, negative family members, the 9 o’ clock news, or what-else-have-you. RUTHLESSLY REMOVE these negative energetic parasites and vampires from your life once and for all. And permanently so at that. You can thank me later. (And you most certainly shall!)

ACCOMPANIMENT #2 – BE BOLD and casually bring up this topic in conversations with people you know or are close to yourself. Be they your next door neighbours, colleagues, friends, family members, relatives, acquaintances, or what-else-have-you! Slip in conversations about such things and topics casually (only giving people what they can easily DIGEST or even RELATE TO at any given time), ONE CONVERSATION at a time! If their response is positive at all, tell them more. If not, please do honour their Free Will choice to ignore this at this time, and just, MOVE ON! 

ACCOMPANIMENT #3 – SET AN INTENTION prior to going to sleep EVERY SINGLE DAY that you will SHARE THIS idea/thought with everyone you know or have ever known throughout your life, in the Astral / Dream planes! Now, this very step often works great wonders, and especially so with regards to people who wouldn’t otherwise hear you out during the course of their waking lives at all. Totally worth it, I guarantee you!

ACCOMPANIMENT #4 – USE absolutely ANY (artistic/non-artistic) MEDIUMS that you find truly exciting and just go BROADCAST this idea into your very world be it through your Poetry, your Writing, your Blogging, your Painting, your YouTubing, your Sculpting, your Sketching or what-else-have-you! Write Short StoriesFantasy or Fiction; Paint Graffiti or do a Cosplay. Make a Beach (Sand) Art about it; or make a Short Film or an AMV about it. Animate It Like Abraham or Bend It Like Beckham, the choice is all yours (and yours alone!) Kickstart these conversations in absolutely ANY way, shape or form that you can quite possibly so imagine, here!

ACCOMPANIMENT #5 – MEME ABOUT ITSING about it, make a SONG COVER about it, or even a CARTOON or a COMIC about it! Or subtly express this in your next Stand-up Comedy act! Tell your kids Stories about it! Or paste it over your Office Whiteboard! Speak about it in your Water-cooler Conversations! Use it in an Advertisement! Or just put it up on your Facebook’s, your Insta’s, your WhatsApp’s, your Snapchat’s, your TikTok’s and even on your LinkedIn’s no less!

ACCOMPANIMENT #6 – REPEATEDLY REMIND YOURSELVES (and everyone ELSE around you!) of this choice of yours to experience true UNITY and LOVE through putting reminders up Every. Place. IMAGINABLE! Put Up Posters (reminding you of this) on your Wall, Get It Tattooed, Wear It on your Caps and T-ShirtsPrint It on your Coffee MugsShowcase It on your Fridge Magnets and your Tea CoastersDisplay It on your Car Bumper Stickers. 

Use It as your Wi-Fi Name. Write It as your Tinder Bio. Put It Up on your PillowsBeanbags, Jumpers, Mouse PadsOffice Table DecorsProduct Reviews on Amazon, funny YouTube Comments, quotable LinkedIn StatusesProfile PicturesProfile HeadersStatus UpdatesPhysical Book-MarksWeb Browser Bookmarks, Your (and even Your Pets’) Accessories, your Souvenirs, your Cake Icing Letterings, and even on your PC and Phone WALLPAPERS here no less!


PLEASE DO NOTE HERE THAT I’m so NOT asking you all here to look all psychotically-obsessed with any of this stuff (by doing everything on the above mentioned lists or something). But do indeed pick and choose (in Wisdom and in Balance) as to just what out of the above listings even really works for you (or resonates with you the most); and then do so strategically, subtly, and without looking like a complete psychopath in there! And wherever so possible, PLEASE do attempt to use more HUMOR and FUN; and LESS OF that whole nerdy stuff or all of that boring lecturing people thingy! Because that just NEVER works on absolutely anyone, TRUST ME on THAT part! 

Because ALL of the above listings DO INDEED make for some truly excellent CONVERSATION STARTERS and ICE BREAKERS (with known folks and utter strangers ALIKE!)


ACCOMPANIMENT #7 – IF NOTHING ELSE, just see if you can (at least!) make THIS VERY MESSAGE ACCESSIBLE to all others be that through Translations in your Own Local LanguagesDescribing It in Sign LanguagesWriting It Down in Braille, or simply Reading It Out Loud for the Dyslexics and the Visually Disabled! Absolutely ANY AVENUE where this message just isn’t getting through (due to BlockagesObstaclesDisabilitiesLanguage Barriers or whatever else there is), see if you can make it ACCESSIBLE at all and get it THROUGH! For THAT ALONE would be a far, far greater service to all of MANKIND than what you’d EVER know, believe or even realize, in here!


A FEW PARTING WORDS: In case you haven’t already done so, do go check out PROJECT POSITIVITY; a truly unique and exciting experiment in consciousness which aims to change, rewrite and transform ALL of the negative energies/messages on Social Media, Mainstream Media (and even Alternative Media!) to those that are more aligned with LOVE, Light, Wisdom, UNITY, Balance, Self-EMPOWERMENT and such! Secondly, should you feel called to do so, PLEASE DO help us ALL build an all new, SUPER-POSITIVE timeline for ALL of humanity  through PROJECT HIGHEST TIMELINE IN 21 DAYS! Sure, the 21-Days given for that particular project are now complete, but we as light-workers are going to very much so CONTINUE doing it! Heaven yeah!


FINALLY, A SUPER IMPORTANT REQUEST: If any of you are at all active on Reddit (OR the website known as GreatAwakening.Win); kindly consider posting this article in there as well! Especially so in highly active subreddits such as r/SoulNexusr/Awakenedr/Awakeningr/Spiritualityr/Conspiracyr/LawOfAttraction and any other relevant subreddits and spiritual communities that you so know of! I’m asking this of you all because I’ve already been banned from ALL of the above places for spreading love/light; and these places DO INDEED have people of the light/love alignment whom we could well have on our team, so to speak! Absolutely ANYONE assisting me with this would be MOST APPRECIATED (Although, Full Disclosure: This may put YOUR OWN Reddit account under a ban risk as well! So please proceed posting with the FULL KNOWING of this!)

Last but not the least – PLEASE KEEP ON VISUALIZINGIMAGININGINTENDINGPRAYING and BLESSING for this project to happen MOST successfully; and for our world to TRULY become UNITED and filled with LOVE, LIGHT, WISDOM, PROSPERITY, BALANCE and EMPOWERMENT, ONCE (and all over) AGAIN! 

In Infinite Love and Light, 

Don Spectacularis For Era of Light

10 Replies to “PROJECT UNITY: Can You ALL Come Together To Make This ‘Impossible’ Dream Happen?”

  1. Ben

    I’ve been doing the 21 Project Highest Timeline and will continue for as long as it take along with this project.

    1. Don Spectacularis

      Thank you SO MUCH! This is more appreciated than you EVER will KNOW! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Susan

    Or, just meditate when you do and send the energy to 11:11, because there is no time. It’s a construct of the belief in separation, part of the matrix we are stepping out of.

    1. Don Spectacularis

      While the singular focus is indeed more so Preferable, ANY meditation is better than NO meditation at all! 🙂

  3. Matthew Campbell

    It is 11:11 at least once in every timezone around the world. So anyone can just meditate at 11 minutes past the hour from wherever they are. This way they can join a collective somewhere around the world and in-turn, send a wsve of energy around the world.

    1. Ben

      It is: At exactly 11:11 AM G.M.T. and 11:11 PM G.M.T. every single day.

      You have to check your time zone to see when this is for you.

    2. Don Spectacularis

      Even though the original intent was for ALL to meet up at 11:11 AM/PM GMT AT ONCE, it’s still better to do it AT ALL than to NOT! Hope this helps!