22 Signs That Your Angels & Guides Are Trying To Reach You

Did you know, your Guides and Angels are always with you? That’s right, they’re constantly sending you love and support, and they’re always trying to reach out to you to give you guidance.

One of the ways in which they try to communicate their angelic messages is through signs. And there are 22 everyday signs that you might be experiencing on a regular basis without thinking much of it.

But that’s the point, without understanding that some of these seemingly unsuspecting and ordinary things are signs, you may not pick up on them and therefore not pick up on the message that your Angels are trying to send you.

Here are the 22 signs you should be looking out for every single day (read til the end for a special bonus sign)…

1. Repetitive Numbers

444 is the one most often associated with Angels, but it’s not always about what others have experienced. A repeat sequence of numbers personal to you may be drawing your attention to the presence of your Angels. You’ll see these numbers on clocks, number/license plates, social media posts, etc. I’m frequently aware of them in the videos and meditations I create.

2. Feathers

Feathers, particularly white feathers are a good indicator that your Angels are near. A feather that is there in a place that it wouldn’t be normally found should definitely pique your suspicions that your winged guardians are trying to communicate.

3. Coins

You might see a coin randomly on the ground or on a tabletop, especially if you see random coins on a frequent basis.

4. Rainbows

If you see a rainbow, this might be a sign that your Angels are close. Obviously, since a rainbow is a natural phenomenon, this might not always be a clear indication, but you may get a feeling to go along with your rainbow sighting that may give you a more confident feeling. But the sky is not the only place you’ll see rainbows. Rainbow patterns or rainbows that feature in the design of items you have in your home, or see in stores (or anywhere else, for that matter), may draw your eye.

5. Butterflies

A butterfly might cross your path and it doesn’t mean much at all. But on the occasion where that butterfly becomes particularly noticeable, you may feel a little differently about the message behind it. You should absolutely trust your intuition in this case.

Similarly to rainbows, it may not be the natural iteration of the butterfly that is your personal sign. Seeing a mug with a butterfly, being confronted with butterfly designs and other such butterfly-related sightings should not be taken lightly.

6. Physical Sensations – Angel Bumps

You might get physical sensations when your Angels are near. You’ll feel your skin tingling and experience the hairs on your arms and back of your neck raise. While this often happens when you’re cold, when the temperature isn’t particularly low, it may be a sign that your Angels are extremely close and moving through your energy field. It’s their vibration that you can strongly feel.

7. The sensation of being touched

Further to feeling like your Angels are around you and in your energy field, your Angels may actually touch you. If you feel the sensation of being touched on your face or your arm, take note!

8. Feeling someone is with you

Have you ever felt like there was someone right next to you only to look around and see no-one there? Well, it’s likely your Angels were right there and you were sensing them.

9. Hearing your name called

Your Angels may trigger your other senses too, particularly your hearing. Have you ever thought you heard someone calling your name when no-one’s around. It could have been your Angles literally calling you!

10. Dream visits

As well as experiencing your Angels in the physical realm, you may be visited by your Angels in your dreams. In these situations, you may actually see physical incantations of your Angels and since the veils between the physical and spiritual worlds are thinner when you’re asleep, it is much easier for your Angels to communicate with you this way. Keeping a dream journal next to your bed may help you remember your interactions.

11. Buzzing or tickling in the ears

You might get buzzing or tickling in your ears as your Angels try to prompt you to listen to the messages they’re trying to communicate with you.

12. Feeling of something stuck in the throat

Another common sensation is a feeling that something is stuck in your throat. Your throat chakra is all about communication, so it makes sense that your Angels would try to draw attention to this part of your body when they are trying to tell you something.

13. Tingling at the top of the head

You might also feel a tingling feeling at the top of your head when your guides want to speak to you. This physical sensation is almost like your Angels are trying to send the message through your entire body.

14. Phone calls

In a dreamy moment, you might call someone you know has passed over or receive a call from their number. If you’ve ever experienced this auto-pilot type sign, you’ll know it feels strange yet comforting. Even though it feels like an accident, it’s probably because a loved one or your Guides have inspired you.

15. Celestial Music

You may hear celestial music, like a glorious choir, or trumpets, and it means you’ve raised your vibration to that of your guides and you’ll be more easily able to hear the messages and guidance they’re trying to send your way.

16. Heavenly cloud formations

When you look up sometimes and see the clouds forming, you may see a heavenly image. This could either be an Angel in physical form, or something that you personally perceive as angelic. What is interesting is that this formation could relate to the other Angel signs you’ve been seeing. If you’ve been seeing butterflies, then seeing a butterfly-like cloud would absolutely be a sign your Angels are near.

17. Sparkles of light

Seeing sparks of light, often out of the corners of your eye, is a sure sign that your Angels are near. These sparks almost feel like your Angels are temporarily breaking through the veil that separates the physical world from the spirit world, just so they can get your attention! If you see these, you need to listen up!

18. Collecting items with angel imagery

If you’re drawn to Angel imagery, you are probably being influenced and inspired by your guides. If you suddenly being becoming interested in angel-related jewelry, pottery, cards or any kinds of thing with angel imagery, you may think that this has been your own decision, but usually, this is something your Angels have inspired you to do. They are encouraging you to draw in the angels in any way you can.

19. Through messages directly from others

Sometimes your Angels will reach out through others. Your friend may say something that will instantly trigger you to think that this is an angelic message. You don’t need to wonder or decode everything the people in your life say to you because you will instantly know when the message is angelically inspired!

20. Messages indirectly

You may also receive indirect messages from others like billboards, television, radio, song lyrics or even memes on Facebook. If you’ve ever listened to a song and thought ‘that’s just what I needed to hear right now’, then you can be pretty certain that your Angels brought you to the place where you were able to listen.

21. Angel /Oracle cards

When you pick an Angel card, your Angels inspire the message you receive. Usually, when you feel inspired to pick an Angel card, it’s because your Angels have actually inspired you to do so. So, it’s very important that you listen to the message of the card you choose.

22. Angel Message videos

Finally, when you watch Angel reading videos, you are being guided to watch and receive a channeled message that you need to hear. Again, it’s important that you listen to these messages because it is one of the best sources of understanding what your Angels want you to hear right now.

**By Elizabeth Harper


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