Yeshua: Be Absorbed and Exponential Awakening

light meditation era of light dot comBEING ABSORBED BY GOD

“Being intellectual, having a lot of knowledge, is an obstacle on the way. People who are not, find it easier. Those with knowledge know all the rules and what is written in the Sufi scriptures.

But they are not capable of losing themselves. They may get up at four o’clock in the morning, go to the Ganges and do their exercises, their abhyasa (the Sanskrit term abhyasa means exercise, practice, it forms one of the two pillars of yoga along with vairagya; note JJK). However, they don’t understand that these are only external things … completely non-essential …

For example, if I am a vegetarian and that man there is not (he pointed to a man sitting with us), why should I say, “Become a vegetarian, do this or that,” hurting his feelings? The time will come when he will know by himself what is required. Why should I bother myself with it? Intellectuals divide themselves into so many externalities.

But the only essential thing is to be able to lose oneself. To be absorbed somewhere …” Sufi Master Bhai Sahib (Irina Tweedie, The Way Through Fire, p. 620)

To be absorbed by God – that is what this message is about!

I am JESUS CHRIST – I am man’s friend and mankind’s light.

All spiritual endeavors are solely about your immersion into God, your immersion into your soul, your immersion into Christ consciousness.

JJK: How is that possible? Are you supposed to leave all “intelligence” aside, forget all questions, and just surrender?

JESUS CHRIST: At the end of the path, when man has realized that he cannot grasp the essence of things with the intellect, surrender happens by itself. It is no longer possible in any other way.

At a certain point, man becomes inwardly silent and at that point he begins to perceive God within himself. The noise created by thoughts, the mind and the intellect can no longer override the need for true knowledge, and a person’s entire attention begins to shift inward.

Then the highway to true knowledge is entered.

JJK: That is, when someone no longer feels the need to prescribe to others, to give them advice, or to correct them and try to steer them in a certain direction, then that stage has been reached?

JESUS CHRIST: As soon as the process of absorption begins, judgments end and the whole energy of a person turns inward. The person who perceives in himself that he no longer feels the need to correct or convert other people, he is immediately before this moment of absorption.

JJK: What is being absorbed here?

JESUS CHRIST: It is first the soul that is completely absorbed in the bliss of God, followed by the whole spirit being that is absorbed in the bliss of God. God Himself, as long as a human being stays on this dense earth, remains a mystery. However, the divine – that is, the energy and love of God – can be experienced as soon as a person surrenders himself completely. This becomes possible as soon as a person turns away from externals and turns to the inner.

When the saturation of the mind occurs, only then the hunger of the soul for spiritual knowledge is perceived.

JJK: I repeatedly asked myself today if there is a point when the extraterrestrial light forces will visibly intervene on earth.

Are there certain conditions that must be met for this to happen, or is this completely out of the question. A light-filled intervention could certainly also promote the development of individual people towards a spiritual perception, in the sense of what has been discussed so far?

JESUS CHRIST: The extraterrestrial and inner light forces of being intervene for quite some time. This remains unnoticed for most people, because only in this protection certain interventions and corrections are now possible. The obvious emergence of heavenly light beings worldwide is linked to two conditions:

1.) the inner desire, the deep wish and upright call of a certain number of people,
2.) the inner maturity of a certain number of people.

So far, the light forces of being intervene where humanity threatens to destroy itself. There, where the limits of the permissible are exceeded and disregarded, there we appear.

Beyond that, it is about supporting you in your own transformation so that you can bring about the change you desire.

Everything starts from you and waiting for heavenly intervention is not conducive to your own evolution!

JJK: How many people need to be awakened, that is, to send their “call to the Universe” in order for the light levels of being to come forth openly?

JESUS CHRIST: To be completely filled with the longing for God and to be absorbed by the Source, only a few can or want to do today. Nevertheless, the time has come when more and more people are becoming aware of their spiritual reality.

More and more people are reaching the point where they realize that their mind and all their cleverness can no longer find an answer for certain events. This zero point in thinking is now occurring to more and more people who previously considered their knowledge to be secure. They begin to open themselves for the transcendent.

If the 6th part of mankind is completely oriented towards God, then all conditions are given for it.


JJK: That is, with a current world population of 7.7 billion, it would take about 1.3 billion people to make this happen! So many would have to calibrate their compass entirely to God and be willing to be “absorbed.” That seems very unlikely to me from today’s point of view?

JESUS CHRIST: From today’s point of view your observation is right!

However, it is true that from a certain moment the awakening no longer proceeds linearly, but exponentially – and all your efforts and those of the light worlds, your brothers and sisters from the light, aim at this.

The cosmic light, which is now flowing to the earth, ensures that this can happen.

At first imperceptibly, because hardly anything seems to change on earth. After that, the first people perceive changes – we are in this phase now. Then this becoming conscious picks up speed – and this is now imminent. Therefore, what seems impossible today will become possible and the unimaginable will come to pass.

JJK: A dear friend pointed out to me today an “apparent contradiction” in two statements. In the book “Telos – Welcome to Agartha” ADAMA OF TELOS gives us an insight into the Ascension. On page 110 it says there:

“Furthermore, it is to be confirmed that the ascension and the leaving of this earth for the ascending ones will take place in a few hours. All preparations for this are completed today.

Every physical preparation for this change, that is, the storing of food, the building of supposedly safe underground bunkers and places in order to think oneself safe, are pointless, because almost the whole earth’s surface as well as parts of the earth’s interior will be spellbound by these events. (…) Those who want to save their lives in this way will truly lose them.”

“The final reconstruction lasts 21 days”, on the other hand, it says in the book “Change of the hearts” page 58 ff.


“Everyone who lives with God and is connected to the Source will be in the right place at the right time on Day X. (…) This change is happening at an incredible speed. Therefore, a long-term provision of material goods is pointless – but a provision for a few days is advisable.

Beside food for some days pay attention above all to the fact that you always have clean water available. (…) However, great efforts to ensure physical survival should be avoided, since the change will take place in a hitherto unique way and the forces of heaven will also support you in all matters.”

Now, should we stockpile water and food for a few days or not? Or asked differently, to whom are these two messages, which seem to be different, addressed?

JESUS CHRIST: Both are applicable! During the transition into the higher octave of light, people will perceive time differently. This perception is connected with the rearrangements in the space-time structure of the earth as well as with the consciousness and the orders of individual people.

Whoever returns directly to the worlds of light, whether in the inner earth or to other places in the universe, for him the “ascent” lasts a short moment in time – he is lifted out of time, so to speak. However, those who have to fulfill certain tasks on the upper earth until the end will experience the change “more slowly”, that is, in a distortion of time.

The reconstruction of the world will produce many space-time phenomena and so a few hours or a few days are to be understood “relatively”.

JJK: MAHAVATAR BABAJI, when he was here on earth as a human being from 1970-1984, also spoke of this: “When Rama incarnated, there was a war between him and Ravana that lasted 14 days. In Krishna’s time there was war for 18 days. In our era, destruction will happen in a flash.

The sleeping will die in sleep, the standing will die in standing. The whole world will be changed like this. This destruction will transform everything; nothing will remain as it was. You should therefore leave your attachment to this world. Only the repetition of God’s name will benefit you. Everything else is useless. God’s name is more powerful than a thousand atomic and hydrogen bombs.

Help yourself by repeating the name of God. You all know that God’s name is the most high. Why do you attach your thoughts to the perishable things of this world? Why don’t you spend your time in meditation and repeating the name of God? Bind yourselves to God! Be brave and keep going.

There will be many mountains to overcome, but do not stop until the goal is reached. Be strong and never feel discouraged.” (Babaji Speaks: Prophecies and Teachings, p. 65ff)

JESUS CHRIST: The essential thing is to be without fear. He who is connected with the source of all life will be right – with or without taking precautions.

Whoever inwardly has the impulse to take certain measures, because he feels that he may not be immediately lifted out of time, should act accordingly, and to these people – it concerns the majority – are the words of MASTER ST. GERMAIN are addressed to them.

Those who inwardly have the impulse to give themselves completely to the process, to let themselves be “absorbed” by the change – it concerns the minority – should act accordingly. Both ways bring the true seeker home.

Look at this event from a spiritual and less from an intellectual point of view, then it can reveal itself to you.

Beloved humanity,

it is the time of great upheavals. It is the time when time dissolves and space expands.

It is the time in which your consciousness adapts to these demands – or else in which you have to withdraw from this world.

It is the time that changes everything and in which you can achieve everything. For it is the time in which God reveals Himself to you and in which a new humanity arises.

On the foundation of love, walls of truth and a roof of wisdom will be built. Your heavenly dwellings will be built by you on earth – because heaven and earth are one!

In eternity.

**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation by


7 Replies to “Yeshua: Be Absorbed and Exponential Awakening”

  1. Douglas A James

    Very good post! All must be left behind .. who needs any of it in 5D. All will be pure and simplistic.. stuff has distracted us all so much we have lost our way. We need truth reconciliation and love to prevail now. End the duality game now.. awaken the masses and let’s shift.

  2. Harriet

    Don’t worry. He will be helped a long the way. No one will stay in the 3D if they want to come along, they will be helped to ascend. Tell him he is blessed.

  3. TeeLight

    Thank you Mr Kassl. Blessings
    It is like this was written for me.
    If I let go of my attachments, loved ones and possessions, I could go home now.
    But I didn’t come here to wake up, then opt out, in these last moments.

    I believe I am to stay amidst chaos, helping those ready to help themselves.

    Gestation and birth for a new evolutionary stage is a long, drawn out process, and we have always been in it, we just can’t see from our tiny vantage point.

    I’ve been shown much of the strictly chemically, lab created, things in our lives are going to begin to vibrate away. Which is why most peppers will be out of luck and are currently rearranging their chairs on the Titanic.

    Everyone will be exactly where they are supposed to be.
    Our paths cannot be manipulated without our express consent.
    We give that consent everytime we fear, fight, or physically engage.
    Watch your thoughts, see Creator, fear nothing, love it all.
    Hugs everyone

    1. Emerson

      Paula my Love,

      Whatever he did that landed him in jail has nothing to do with whether he awakens/ascends or not! We’ve all made big mistakes, even moral and selfish ones, yet are we not ascending and seeing our own Divinity?! He could be awakened remember his Divinity in a month, a week, or a day. As Jahn said in this post, “everyone will be right where they are supposed to” and doing what they came here to do. Life is not happening TO him, but FOR him, and spending a few months in jail was part of the journey he signed up for. All is perfectly in place, the stage is set, we actors are all in our places, we know our lines, and will be right on cue, the MC has his hands up calling for silence from the crowd. Jail is of no consequence to the love of Divine Source/God, and in fact he is likely there for Divine purpose. Nothing is arbitrary or random, but all are in the intricate plan and purpose of the Flow of Life with precision timing!!

      Peace and love to you and all.