Sananda: The “End of Times”

Dear sons and daughters of planet Earth! I am Sananda!

Once again it is with great joy that I am here to address each one of you. Times are speeding up, many things are happening in your world, different things, things never seen before. Do not interpret this as the “End of Times”. Some may lead you to believe, that this is exactly what is happening, the “End Times”.

I tell you, nothing has an end, everything is changing, everything changes. For a long time, things on your planet have changed. What can we say, for better or for worse? I would say that in terms of evolution, in terms of wisdom, technology, your planet has evolved, the human mind has been able to make civilization evolve; on the other hand, love has been erased, you have become individualistic and selfish.

So, which of these two points is better or worse? Everything will depend on the understanding and concept that each one has created for his or her life.

Many people think that to live well, to have comfort, plenty of food on the table, without worrying about the others, is wonderful, is the pure happiness so deeply searched for. For many, having nothing to eat, having nowhere to live, honestly and comfortably, is the worst of all worlds, a total disgrace. Who is right and who is wrong? It will depend on each one’s vision. So I say to you that “End Times…”, okay, I’ll broaden the idea of “End Times” a little bit. If we are talking here about the end of misery, the end of hunger, the end of inequality; I could say: Yes, we are at the end of those times. We are also at the end of extreme wealth, of selfishness, of thinking only of oneself; yes, we are also talking about the end of these times.

So I would like you to think, there is no end, there is always a transformation, where many will see it as being for the worse, and many will see it as being for the better. Those who today live in misery, in poverty, will have something to eat; for them it will be better. Those who today have an abundant life, who don’t care about that human being starving outside their door, perhaps in their view life will be worse. Who is right and who is wrong?

So the “End Times”, I would rather change this expression, to “transformation of the times”, where each one of you will have to learn a new way of living. Nobody, I repeat nobody, will go through these new transformed times without an inner change. Everyone will need to change. Everyone will need to learn a new way of thinking and living. There is no human being on the face of the planet who will accept everything with an open heart and agree 100% with everything; there is not. But I can assure each one of you, as time goes by, you will see that everything begins to fall into place, and it will be very easy and very simple to learn to live in this new way.

I ask each of you a question: Where does the greatest imbalance in your world come from? It is precisely the social inequality that exists all over the planet. Where people are thrown out on the streets because they have nowhere to live, begging for a piece of bread, and seeing those who drive around in luxurious cars, not caring what happens around them. This inequality generated the imbalance that exists in your world today. Why are some able and others not? Why do some have a comfortable, abundant, navel-gazing life and others have nothing?

This is what has been created in your world. Those who have the privileged financial conditions have always stepped on those who never had anything. Don’t come to me and answer that not everyone is like that. To a certain extent I agree, because the great fortunes of this planet do not compare to those who think they have many goods, but who will see that in the future they have almost nothing, in relation to those who dominate the planet.

So this great inequality has generated the violence, the misery, the misfortune, that you live day after day. Because those who are up there, with their fortunes, practically burning everything they have in orgies, in totally degrading actions, do not care about those below. So I ask you: Where is the equality on this planet? So start changing the way you think about everything that you think is right or wrong. There is no right, there is no wrong, there is each person’s way of thinking, their own perspective.

The “End Times” is the end of this ruthless sovereignty that these beings have imposed on this planet. Making countries impoverished, making rulers richer and richer, while others don’t know what to do to feed their people. This will all come to an end. You want to call it the “End of Times”, fine, let it be “the End of Tyranny”, the “End of Times” of the ridiculous and evil sovereignty that has been implanted on this planet.

Don’t think that we will put everyone on the same level. Each one will reap the fruit of his or her actions. Not because that citizen who is poor, but who justifies his poverty by killing, raping, assaulting another human being, simply because he has a little more than he does, will be put on the same scale as that poor person who tries to survive each day. This would be a total lack of sense on our part. Each one will be put in his proper place. Each one will be placed not by their bank accounts, because there are many who have possessions, but who are not arrogant or selfish, and who help many people.

So there are not just two sides of the scale. Each one will be analyzed by their actions, by all that they have done over time; whether they are rich or poor. So, is it the “End Times”? Okay, I will agree that it is the “End Times”, but it is the end of these times of inequality, of domination, of hunger and misery. And from then on, you will have to learn to live in a balanced world, a world where no one will humiliate anyone, where no one will need to beg for a plate of food, because everyone will have the right to everything; without distinction of race, color or beliefs. Even because the beliefs, when this moment comes, will no longer exist. The beliefs in their religions will have been shaken enough, so that many will still remain connected to them.

But it will also be a choice. Then everyone will get their share, according to their actions, according to their hearts, according to their hearts. There will be no judgment, there will just be a balance, where everything positive that you have done will be placed on one side; everything negative that you have done will be placed on the other side. And the result of this balance will provide you with exactly what you will have.

But everything has an extra weight: the weight of the heart. So it’s no use here today, if you decide to “become a goody-goody”, to go donating money on the street, so that the scale of kindness will be full, because it won’t be. Everything will be weighed together with the heart. So everything that was done from the heart will go to the positive side; the rest, even if it was a good deed, will go to the other side, because you did it thinking of yourself, not of the other.

So be careful with your actions. Don’t want to change sides now just to conquer something. What is done is done, my brothers. I would say, that the scales have already been measured, and each one will have their result. It is no use crying, it is no use regretting, because what is done is done. Then, with the end of these times, you will start a new path. Then, yes, we can say that a new scale will be placed on your path. And with each lesson learned, you will know exactly on which side to place each action. And let it be very clear: There is no judgment on our part; there is no difference from one brother to another. Action is action. Done from the heart is kindness; anything different from that goes on the other side of the scale. It’s not judgment, it’s just result, consequence.

So be ready for truly the “End Times”. The end of these times of imbalance and misery. Start thinking about it. Are you ready to live in this other world? Are you ready to change internally and see the world in a different way? I hope so. Now, don’t try to forge or cheat the scales, because they are made of Divine Consciousness. And every plate on that one, will know exactly how to weigh the result of each one of your actions.

**Channel: Vania Rodriguez

**Translation to English by


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  1. kieran laffan

    the course in miricles is a full on undoing of false beliefs at all levels,yet not once do you ever feel anything but pure love and support. that feeling is not in this channeling.

    1. bbbb A.I. is evil

      Suzanne Geidrmann channels,SANAYA,which I think is Master Dananda,Maitraya,Elraya or other Brotherhoid of Light.She also has channeled Archangel Michael.She had a video wherein Sanaya andwered questions.Someone asked if Master Chohan Sananda/Esu/Isa really dictated Course in Miracles.They answered,”Yes.”,, may help.

  2. Douglas A James

    This doesn’t sound like a 5D divine being the tone and also this 3D world was taken over.. negative ETs implants in all humans I notice none of these changelings address this.basic FACT. Also the galactics the Guardians allowed it to happen !! So they put us in a matrix where money was our only way out .. sorry but damn true.. all the love and kindness is great but it wont feed you. They turned us into 3d animals and now preach to us from their light ships while the solar event is 10 years past due per law of one!! Why because the galactics under estimated.the hold the chimera dracos Archons had on earth!! We should be in 5D already…we are hostages yes hold.the light but stop preaching to us they allowed the yeshua story to be completely altered .. bible is not of source .. it is dark God. Sacrificing??

    1. bbbb A.I. is evil. clones all around

      True!!I wondered where our loving guardians have been while we are manipulated,divided and conquored,tortured,abducted,geneticlt modified,possessed,getting our eyes,jaws,anuses holed out by satanists or dracos,children stolen and raped and caged then sacrificed.How is it loving and compassionate to allow this for soooooo long?I did not and Do not CONSENT TO ANY OF THE LOWVIBE GARBAGE OR MILITARY WEAPONS.NAMASTE!! 🙂


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