Our Volition; From 3D To 4D And 5D; Part 27

October 2021 is the month of a deep reset, as a result of which we start a brand new life cycle of two years.

It will define our personal goals to be achieved in partnership with others. And the main condition of our future success will be the need to overcome our inertia and make a strong-willed effort to achieve the goals.

What are the major astrological energies that will be setting major trends in October?

FIRST, in October, all of the far planets that form the general storyline of the year will complete their retrograde.

It means that for us the long period of fundamental refinement and revision of the main tasks and projects of the year, which lasted several months from May 2021, will end.

On October 6, an indirect motion will be Pluto at 25 degrees Capricorn; on October 11, Saturn at 7 degrees Aquarius; on October 18, and Jupiter at 23 degrees Aquarius.

The change of direction of these distant planets from October 3 to October 24 will be a major turning point and reversal of global issues and socio-political situations in various countries that took shape between January and March 2021.

Moving from retrograde to directness will re-channel our energy from the inner to the external, expressive level, and will require us to act decisively.

SECONDLY, along with the far-out planets turning, setting in motion all the general plots of the year, a new two-year Sun-Mars cycle associated with the realization of our personal goals will also begin.

On October 8, at 04:01 UTC, the Sun will be conjunct Mars, encouraging us to formulate our new desires, shape them into an intention and focus our energy to fulfill them.

As the conjunction of the planets will occur in the Libra sign, for success, our new goals are best realized in partnership with others.

The conjunction of the Sun and Mars at the New Moon with the participation of retro Mercury and amplified by the reversal of Pluto and Saturn in direct motion.

Such powerful energy will give a super-strong impetus to our important undertakings with a view to our two years of development. Or it will set off destructive situations, the consequences of which we will also have to clean up in the next two years.

The formation of a new two-year cycle of the Sun-Mars will color the entire month with its explosive energy. Under its influence, there will be active destruction of the old and establishment of the new on Earth.

From the second half of October, the energies of the Sun and Mars will come into conflict with Pluto (October 12 – 27). It will provoke us to forceful confrontation and willful struggles with competitors, enemies, difficult external circumstances, and/or our indecisiveness, insecurity, and inertia.

This momentum will define the new two-year cycle and be the key to the successful implementation of our objectives.

At the same time, the Sun-Mars conjunction point trine to Jupiter (October 12 – 23, peaking October 15 – 19) will be the most empowering.

To use it, we need to set ambitious goals, aim for the far horizon, think big and optimistic, enter into partnerships with innovative projects, or work in teams of progressive creative like-minded people.

We will only be successful if we have solid expertise and experience, a strategy for achieving step-by-step new goals, and, most importantly, a balanced and deliberate approach that takes into account the resources available to make things happen.

Otherwise, our new ideas and plans could turn into a flop, and instead of growing in credibility, recognition, and well-being, turn into a big problem, ruining our reputation and plunging us into depression.

It is important not to forget that Mercury will be moving in retrograde until October 18.

Therefore, it is better to continue our current projects and enter into partnerships with trusted acquaintances.

Beginning from the third decade of October, after the Sun-Mars conjunction dissolves, the planets successively form radical-reforming aspects to Saturn and Uranus.

These energies will create an ever-present tension from October 26 to November 23. It will urge us to decisively overcome obstacles to our goals through a rearrangement of ways of doing things and a dynamic renewal.

THIRD, Mercury will be very influential in October as it continues to retrograde through October 18.

Throughout this period, its energy will push us to look for fundamentally different solutions, act in new ways, and rebuild relationships with others and our objectives.

This planet’s participation in the next two-year cycle when the Mercury-Sun-Mars conjunction takes place on October 8-9 will also set the stage for our further changes.

It will require us to constantly look for the best approaches, refine and improve the way we achieve our goals, and interact with partners.

The main principles of the Libra sign – balanced equal exchange, diplomacy, taking into account the interests of each side, fairness, and equality in partnership will be decisive. These principles are important for us to follow not only for the next two years but for our whole life.

What are the key periods and dates in October?

In terms of planetary energies, the month can be divided into three periods:

October 1-5, 2021: time of ending and deep cleansing.

These were the most difficult days before the New Moon when several cycles ended at once. Namely:

A two-year Sun-Mars cycle of our goals that began in September 2019;

A three-month Mercury-Sun cycle of our interaction with others, beginning June 11, 2021, during the Solar Eclipse Ring;

And the Lunar month of our daily affairs and plans that began on September 7.

During this period, our energy was steadily declining. We were taking stock, getting results, and preparing for a fundamentally new phase.

These days the Sun and Mars were at a minimum distance within 1 degree of orbit, preparing us for a new kick-off, forming our new desires.

After New Moon on October 6, we have to turn them into a volition and movement to the goal.

The Sun and Mars air trine to Saturn helped us refine our plans, set the stage for them, structure them, put our paperwork in order.

We could successfully conclude negotiations, sign final treaties, agreements, and deals that have been underway in recent months or started either in February 2021 at the Sun-Saturn conjunction or even earlier.

The activity of Mercury and Venus, their dynamic interaction with Pluto and Jupiter, induced us to faster part with the past, to clean our informational and physical space, environment, mental attitude. To terminate dead-end relationships and unprofitable projects, to pay off debts, to close gestalts, to keep promises. Throw away old things, ties, habits, and ideas.

But it was not the right time for fundamentally new business in areas where we have no experience, nor for completely new beginnings, acquaintances, partnerships, meetings, and agreements. All of this had little chance of growth and development.

The Venus and Neptune water trigon eased our nervous tension through deep meditations, breathing practices, relaxation music, and inspiring creative activities designed to clear and reset our inner state.

October 6 – 18: an energetically powerful time.

It will push us to clear our thoughts and emotions, completely change behavior, set radically new goals, and most importantly, form an active drive to realize them.

All that will emerge during this period will form the basis of a new two-year cycle for achieving our personal goals.

The period began with a very active New Moon on October 6, at 11:06 UTC, against Mars in 14 degrees Libra. It brings up the theme of partnership, equal and balanced relationships as a condition for re-tuning our objectives.

It also sets a high dynamic of events, stimulates leadership, but also creates explosive conflicts and criminal situations if our energy is not directed and balanced in a creative direction.

With the New Moon, the most active phase of the conjunction between the Sun and Mars begins and lasts until October 13.

The conjunction peaks on October 8-9 with the participation of retro Mercury:

– The Sun will be conjunct Mars on October 8, 03:01 UTC, at 16 degrees Libra;

– Mercury – with the Sun on October 9, 16:19 UTC, at 17 degrees Libra;

– Mercury – with Mars on October 9, 22:48 UTC, at 17 degrees Libra.

October 6-13, with a peak of activity on October 8-9, is the busiest period of the month. We and the rest of the world can be in malfunction and trouble: old programs will stop working and new ones will only load into our “operating system”.

This is a time of serious conflicts, verbal and forceful, as we have all witnessing it now.

High risks of injuries, accidents, vehicle and equipment breakdowns, problems with social networks and communications, explosions, criminal breakdowns, and violence remain.

We need to be prepared for cancellations, postponements, blocking situations that disrupt our plans.

It is important to keep in mind that starting on October 12, the Sun and Mars, while still in conjunction, begin forming a hard square to Pluto (exact aspects on October 17 and 22).

All of this together, in setting new goals that we map out at the beginning of the two-year cycle, will require us to have volition, courage, determination, great moral pressure, and effort to implement them if we encounter a powerful destructive, blocking resistance of harsh circumstances. Or to fight our laziness, inertia, indecision, uncertainty, and lack of will.

Those of us who don’t consider selves a strong-willed person and aren’t ready for the struggle and high competition are better off taking a break.

This conflicted stellium and its energy will diminish as the Sun moves into Scorpio on October 23, and it finally dissolves by October 30 when Mars also enters Scorpio.

We should remember that all the destructive, negative events of this period, will be a reflection of our inner state (low or skyrocketing self-esteem, lack of understanding of ourselves and our desires, inability to set goals and act with purpose), and our outer aggressiveness or, conversely, victimhood which will attract violence to us.

If we do not know what we want and how to get it, we are not able to make decisions and take responsibility for them, then, it is a very bad time for us for important meetings and negotiations, starting new relationships and cooperation, getting a new job, signing agreements and contracts, traveling and traveling.

If our desires have matured and our intentions have formed and turned into a clear goal, we can start new things, incorporating new tools and approaches into our lives. In doing so, it is important to act in a measured, diplomatic, and balanced manner.

We should keep in mind that all agreements before Mercury retrograde ends may be renegotiated, and new endeavors and relationships will carry volatile energy and require us to continually refine and adjust our behavior.

We will be supported in our new ventures by the Sun-Mars and Jupiter (exact aspects on October 15 and 19) trigon of great possibilities that expand our horizons. And then there’s optimistic Venus, which is in ambitious Sagittarius beginning on October 7 and a constructive, stabilizing conjunction with Saturn (October 13) and communicator Mercury (October 17).

All of this will help us to successfully negotiate with others and enter into long-term sustainable partnerships (as long as all of the time requirements are met).

And yet any final decisions or brand new endeavors may be premature until after Mercury retrograde ends at 15:17 UTC on October 18. Until then, we won’t know exactly how to proceed and we won’t be thinking hard about the best course of action.

October 19 – 31: volition time.

Everything that was formed in the previous days will begin to actively grow and to develop, moving from plans and intentions to the dynamic phase of their implementation, or at the very beginning will be under the destructive impact of circumstances.

It will be influenced by several energetic factors.

First, the communicator Mercury and its “big brother” Jupiter will unfold on October 18, reinforcing our transition from a phase of thinking and shaping ideas and refining strategies to implementing them, to a phase of active action.

Both planets will pick up speed throughout the last decade of the month, forcing us to change. Mercury will be out of stationary by October 20 and Jupiter by October 24.

At the end of October, they will form a harmonious air trine between them, helping us to act strategically, establish promising new connections and partnerships, and successfully sign documents and agreements. They will offer us new opportunities and great potential for growth and development.

However, we must not forget that Mercury will also be in square aspect to Pluto that will require a strong-willed effort on our part to produce a result. If there is no will in us, Pluto will destroy all of our endeavors.

The agreements reached and decisions made in late October/early November may be final and irrevocable for many of us, as Mercury aspects will be exact for the third and final time this year (November 1-2) as part of its retrograde loop that ends November 4.

Second, there is a hard full Moon that dominates the dynamics, culminating in the New Moon on October 6.

It will form on the Aries-Libra axis at 15:57 UTC on October 20 and will close in a tau-square to Pluto (exact Mars-Pluto aspect on October 22).

This full Moon will be felt most strongly by cardinal signs – Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn, which have important planets and points at 28 degrees (+/- 3 degrees).

This will bring maximum clarity to all the processes that have been going on with us since the beginning of the Lunar month of October 6. It will concretize our goals and finalize decisions and agreements in partnerships. Depending on our inner attitudes it will:

Be a starting point for us and will give a strong willful impulse for active, new goals, which will require from us a completely new approach in affairs and the decisive parting of the former negative attitudes and behavior;

Or lead us to the peak of destructive situations, conflicts, confrontations with difficult external circumstances. In that case, all events will develop for us according to the most crisis scenario for the next two years.

The keywords of this Moon phase are results, forgiveness, and gratitude. It’s a time to take stock and let go of a situation, leaving the past behind, though the energy of this day is temperamental and reckless.

This day is great for planning, especially on topics related to careers, social fulfillment, and our ambitions, in general.

It’s a good idea to ask ourselves: Was I moving too fast or being too impulsive during the month? Was I ignoring other people’s feelings? Was I too aggressive?

The main message of the day: “Life is not a race or a competition”.

The Sun and Mars square Pluto will remain through late October. It will gradually weaken as the Sun moves into Scorpio on October 23, followed by Mars into Scorpio on October 30.

However, the general tension will not abate, for following the planetary conflict with Pluto, there will be an immediate conflict with Saturn and Uranus that will not let up until late November (the exact Sun-Saturn aspect is on October 30).

From October 23 we will enter the time of Scorpio: a period of tough power situations, competitive struggles, and secret backstabbing intrigues.

But it is also a time of high productivity, determination, persistence, aimed at increasing well-being, authority, and influence.

Scorpio is a very strong zodiac sign that easily copes with various situations, even if it seems to us that they are hopeless.

The tensions will escalate as Saturn turns direct again and refine its quadrature with Uranus (the last, third aspect of the planets will be exact on December 24).

Venus square Neptune (in exact aspect on October 27) that creates more uncertainty, will fuel these tensions.

Internally, on a personal level, some of us will have to find a new point of reference, to reform our lives.

And yet Venus will move through the optimistic sign of Sagittarius, encouraging faith and hope for a better future.

On top of that, it will form a harmonious sextile to Jupiter on October 26 (exact aspect on October 28) and a Mercury acceleration to the bi-sextile (November 1-6).

This positive stellium will bring us new empowerment and good fortune through collective creativity and collaboration with like-minded progressives.

Bi-sextile, symbolizing joy, optimism, and chances for good luck, and carries a lot of opportunities at the same time.

The problem is that we need to make a decision quickly, and the choice of favorable chances is enormous.

**By Lev

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