Argorians Update; Operations Continue

Transporting Earth to a new vibrational orbit 5D in the space of the Star Oryx, 25D Argorians, at the same time, continue to actively transform our planet. Both processes are closely interrelated.

Like for other Light Forces and friendly space races, the Galactic Committee entrusted Argorians with a separate and very large area of responsibility, where they do not stop their operations for a minute.

Ops cover dozens of directions related to the Quantum Transition to 5D. From changing matter and completely replacing the energy shells of the planet to a huge complex of works Earth’s Hologram and Matrix, planet’s core, force fields, tectonics, climate, Nature, and man.

All this is subordinated to a single task – to prepare humanity for life in the fifth dimension.

Argorians report detailed info about their work regularly. Here is the summary transmitted on October 7th, 2021, at 10:52 AM CET:

“At present, Earth is intensively processed with bright yellow SFIRO energy, which neutralizes side effects when the energy pressure on the planet increases, and green-brown FEARZIK, that changes magnetic fields and removes spent 3D structures.

Under the supervision of a plasmoid civilization from the space of the Star Oryx, the transmission to Earth of energy regulating the work of Solaris, a structure combining 3D/4D, is amplified.

From the concentration points of a certain energy wave, the finished 5D plasma is sent to the fifth dimension, where the planet moves to a new vibrational orbit.

With the help of the pyramid complex, the worlds of Nature and man are actively transforming for 5D.

When the energies of 3D/4D and 5D/6D Solaris flow over, the Earth’s Hologram, magnetic fields, and connecting channels of the crust, affecting tectonic blocks and energy streams, change at the junction points of their force waves.

Applying an ultrasonic transducer, the introduction of quantum flux to the planet is enhanced to restore the damaged 5D power grid.

In the changing space of Gaia, 5D energies and Intelligence plasma are intensively accumulating in a new information field.

During Earth’s transition from three-dimensional Time to five-dimensional, all spent energy and matter are annihilated.

Through open Portals, the energy of new life enters the planet. It enhances the 5D plasma generation/extraction.

Completed with clumps of this plasma, the spent parts of 3D energy and matter are enclosed in a vacuum, and then annihilated by an ultrasonic transducer.

By pulsation of quantum waves, the 3D energy layers rise and dissect, changing the matter’s chemical composition.

When layers are lifted and dissected, gravitational screening occurs, followed by stratification according to the level of consciousness of people.

Quasitron’s Portals are actively working, combining the vortexes of the Bermuda Triangle, the Devil’s Sea, and the Mediterranean, which regulates plasma flows.”

From a message transmitted by Argorians on October 5th, 2021, at 8:45 AM CET:

“The pumped-out plasma streams are directed to the storage modules of the Argorians’ spaceships.

The squadron systematically extracts all the negative energy that accumulates in the planetary storage bowls for their release and sanitization.

Argorians have to pump out low-frequency energy more and more often to weaken the impact of hyrons (Evil particles) emitted by people.

The removal of low-frequency energy is always accompanied by a splash of negativity in mentally unstable individuals.

Keep an eye on your well-being, especially in high-rise buildings. Avoid anomalous zones where the splitting of atoms into primary fundamental particles occurs.

The madness of the ruling elite has reached its limit. The picture is depressing. Feeling their helplessness in management and control, the authorities are trying to tighten the screws, thereby speeding up their end.

Earthlings, take care of the children. Stop being scared. The laws of space have completely changed.

More and more people are beginning to experience a new state of consciousness.

It’s a whole other level of vibrations and possibilities.

The theater of the Absurd is closing.

The world has finally moved to another stage of development.

Keep track of developments.”

**By Lev


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