The Queen Has A Secret ‘Booze Tunnel’ Under Buckingham Palace

The Queen has a secret “booze tunnel” under Buckingham Palace, according to one of her in-laws. Princess Eugenie’s husband, Jack Brooksbank, let slip that the Royal Family can discreetly head to a cocktail bar from the palace thanks to hidden underground tunnels, reported The Sun.

According to newspaper The Star the tequila salesman apparently shared the information with the Daily Mail’s royal editor, Richard Eden at a party sponsored by his drinks brand Casamigos.

Mr Eden claimed Brooksbank said: “There is one to Dukes Bar from St James’s Palace. I haven’t used it yet, but I’d love to check it out.”

Dukes Bar situated in the exclusive Dukes Hotel, in the ritzy cental London district of Mayfair, is famous for its ‘legendary’ martinis described by the New York Times as “one of the world’s best”.

According to her cousin Margaret Rhodes, Her Majesty enjoys a martini every evening making Dukes an obvious place to head for a drink.

And this is not the palace’s only secret passageway.

There are a whopping 775 rooms in Buckingham Palace – so it’s hardly surprising that the monarch has hidden ways of getting around quickly.

In a segment on ITV’s Good Morning Britain filmed in 2015, presenter Kate Garraway gave viewers a tour of the grand White Drawing Room.

The presenter told the camera: “This is the White Drawing Room. Looks beautiful, doesn’t it?”

But as she stopped to admire the; large mirror in the middle of the room, Garraway revealed that it actually hides a secret door so The Queen can make a surprise entrance.

She said: “If you pull this open you can see that actually behind this there is a secret passage leading to the Queen’s private apartments.”

Anna Reynolds, curator of the Royal Collection, added: “This is the way to the Queen’s apartments.

“Often when the Queen is meeting guests, they’re lined up for her here in the Music Room for her to meet.

“It allows her to make an entrance without having to walk through all of the different palace rooms.”


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