Cosmic Acclimation

After the extremely pronounced solar winds, solar flares, coronal mass ejections, elevated neutron counts, and plasma waves that filled Earth/Gaia’s magnetosphere in the past several days, we are now experiencing a slight decrease in these cosmic energetics.

Solar winds are still in the range of being over 500 km/s, and the neutron counts and activations to the planet’s inner and outer fields are rated as “unsettled”, but solar winds are at the lower “C-Class” levels, and the magnetosphere chart is now surrounded in blue, rather than the red which signaled intense pulsations of plasma waves.

However, the planet is still reeling from the cosmic events, and human physical vessels are as well.

When LIGHT surges into our galaxy, solar system, and planetary home as dramatically as it has done in October and early November of 2021, there is a need to acclimate to it.

The initial surge of LIGHT brings cleansings and clearings of every atom, sub-atomic particle, molecule, cell, and all aspects of our physical, mental, and emotional make-up.

Symptoms begin to be felt vigorously.

Many people contacted me who either took a day or two off from work when the symptoms were at a peak or they at least went into their offices for only a half-day.

They self-nurtured by relaxing, meditating, drinking lots of spring water, eating lightly, wearing their “grounding” mala beads, taking Epsom salt and essential oil baths and showers, and being in Nature when weather permitted.

Such self-care actions on our part assist in acclimating to the strong LIGHT frequencies.

It is wise to write out what nurturing actions seem to work best for you because there will be more powerful cosmic energetics occurring soon as we approach the Full Moon which occurs on November 19th, with its portal opening on or about November 16th.

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It will be a Lunar Eclipse which will stir-up emotions as all Full Moons do, but eclipses tend to heighten them more.

In December, there will be a Solar Eclipse.

Thus, with eclipses on the way and with other strong cosmic events happening more regularly, we must be prepared to receive the LIGHT and realize that it is actually strengthening us for the major planetary shifts that are yet to come—in both the “3d” perspective and in higher dimensional currents of transmission and reception.

As Earth/Gaia continues to elevate to higher vibrations, brighter LIGHT is bathing “Her” and all of creation.

It would be wonderful if everyone on our planet were in a high enough state of consciousness (a condition of the “New Golden Age” known as “Sattva Yuga” [“Age of Peace”]) whereby reception of potent LIGHT would be clearly understood and embraced as sustenance for our spiritual up-leveling.

However, because this is not the case just yet, those who are aware of the Higher Knowledge must use their willpower to do what is necessary in order to adjust to SOURCE LIGHT FREQUENCY.

This often requires releasing daily obligations and responsibilities and, as stated above, engaging in self-nurturance.

It is, therefore, also wise to share with family and friends the knowledge of the cosmic energetics, but also to realize that there may be opinions given that illustrate that they are not in-tune with what is being shared.

In such situations, you can feel calm in the knowing that you tried. Remember, we all have free will.

When family and friends are indeed in alignment with the information, this is a great blessing because then everyone can support each other.

It is worth repeating what has been discussed more than once—November, December, and well into the spring (Northern Hemisphere) and autumn (Southern Hemisphere) of 2022, there will be increased activations to our planet arriving from the Sun of our solar system which will be receiving energies, frequencies, and vibrations from the Great Central Sun.

There will be, of course, some times to sigh in relief and to relax as the cosmos slows in its zooming, stirring-up, and high-pitched ” rhythmic songs”.

However, the “Cosmic Symphony” will start-up again, and we will be invited to acclimate once again to the LIGHT that is a requirement for entrance into the crystalline era of the coming new space/time continuum.

The profound challenging symptoms of the past few days of October and early November were/are “introductions” to our completely new “Book of Life”.

We are creating its “chapters” daily with our levels of consciousness. Thus, be determined to send out LOVE and PEACE into the ethereal realms so that these same vibrations can manifest back to us.

There has been (and unfortunately continues to be) enough hatred, fear-mongering, political mandates, tamperings and experiments with Nature, developments of dangerous technology, warfare, and other dire low-level erratic energies of consciousness which have not just begun in the last few years or decades.

These have been occurring for thousands of years as humans calculate time frames. It is sad that humanity must hit the proverbial “rock bottom” before it collectively shouts “ENOUGH!’

Move into attunement with SOURCE (who has many Divine names).

In terms of our lunar orb, the Moon is now in Sagittarius in the Tropical Zodiac which is indicative of Higher Knowledge, Expansion of Consciousness, and Long-Distance Travel (sometimes literally but often in consciousness) and in Scorpio in the Sidereal Zodiac which symbolizes Transformation, Transcendence, and Revealing of Secrets.

Be open to messages coming into you from your HIGHER SELF as well as from “3d” news outlets.

Use your consciousness wisely.

Nervous systems are relatively sensitive with so much strong LIGHT coming into our lives.

Remember that first, consciousness elevates; secondly, thoughts and emotions shift accordingly; finally, the physical vessel lines-up with the new mindsets and emotive responses.

All of this takes time.

It does not occur instantaneously, although we may receive insights as “aha” moments or in a seeming instant as intuition is being made stronger due to the LIGHT.

Be patient, but be resolved.

Bathe in the LIGHT!

**By Dr Schavi M Ali