LaKa: You Remember

Greetings Beloved Friends!

In The Recesses Of Your Mind, You Remember Toys You Played With In Joy!

You Remember Action Figures That You Made Come Alive With Your Own Imagination!

Some Of You Remember Cartoons Of Futuristic Life Where Food Cooked Instantly, Faces Could Be Seen On Screens, And There Were Cartoon Gadgets Where People Could Talk To One Another And Not Be Together!

Now You Smile.

It Seemed So Other Worldly.

Now Go Deep Within The Recesses And Focus. Do You Remember Riding Or Operating Magnificent Crafts?

Indeed You Did!

It Will All Come Back To Your Awareness.

It Will Be Such Great Fun Again!

Some Of Our Crafts Function As Homes As We Travel Through The Cosmos.

We Have Everything You Could Possibly Imagine.

At The Touch Of A Button, Music Will Flow Throughout The Crafts As We Adjust Lighting, Choose Any Food To Consume, Speak To Those In Other Crafts Or At Home On Our Planet.

We Plan Elaborate Celebrations Ongoing And Enjoy Meeting With Many Friends.

As You Visit Friends On Earth, We Also Visit Planets Very Easily.

We Enjoy Games, Art And Musical Instruments.

We Attend And Follow Galactic Federation Meetings And Bring Our Families To Attend All But The Instructional Period.

This Is Left To Archangels And Elders.

But All Celebrate And Find Great Joy.

Some Of This Might Sound As Strange Or Funny As The Cartoons You Once Watched.

But You See Now How Simple All Of What You Observed Really Was!

You Are So Far Past Those Childish Cartoons.

But You Have Forgotten In These Moments That You Have Enormous Power!

The Complexities Of The Role You Have Crafted For This Waking Dream Comprise Values And Behaviors That Have Kept You Intact Socially And Yet Remaining Somewhat In A Box Of What Is Accepted By Your Peers.

And As You Look Out Of The Box, Slowing Moving To Get Out Completely, You May Find You Are Feeling Like You Are Someone Else Entirely!

The YOU Who Resides In Your Body And Wears Your Identity Has Transcended Much Of The Reflex Reaction And Culturally Induced Response You Accepted As You Entered The Earth School.

You Are Remembering Who You Really Are!

Knowing There Is More Is The First Step. Finding Your Light Is All That Is Needed!

Light Is Your Power!

Make Quietness And Meditation A Priority!

Be Thankful Each Moment!

Life Is Such A Gift.

You Are Part Of Life!

Focus On Goodness And Assist One Another As The Path Will Remain With Bumps And Bruises Before The Glorious Perfection Of Your Souls!

Indeed, You Will Make It Through!


I Love You So!

**Received telepathically by Judith


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