Star Children

It is truly an exciting time to be alive on the planet as waves of energy have been consistently bathing the planet in the last forty or so years that would begin to “wake us up” in order to activate our “junk DNA” so that we can raise our vibration into a higher density in order to start a new cycle of existence as a new type of human being. And Star Children are a big part of this great transformation for humanity.

Just by being here at this time …

It is truly an exciting time to be alive on the planet.

As waves of energy have been consistently bathing the planet in the last forty or so years that would begin to “wake us up” in order to activate our “junk DNA” so that we can raise our vibration into a higher density in order to start a new cycle of existence as a new type of human being.

Psychic abilities that have been dormant for thousands of years are currently being activated.

The experience of being “handicapped” in the densest vibration of human physicality has caused most of humanity as a collective to forget who they are.

To incarnate into a lifetime and forget who you are or that you have a connection to your Source Creator makes for an interesting and challenging life, to say the least.

And since many decades, highly conscience enlightened souls are joining us on Earth today, being born through what is called the Arcturus Gate and leaving activate and intact much of the DNA coding’s that are dormant in most adults.

These children are often referred to as “New Children”, “Indigo Children”, “Crystal Children”, “Rainbow Children” and many more.

As humans, we often have a desire to intellectually understand elusive concepts, such as these New Children.

We feel it is important to note that each child of this new generation has its own unique personality, gifts, experiences and offerings and feel we do not need to categorize them on their abilities, for there is a wide range of abilities and not every child has (yest developed) every quality.

To be able to address these special generations we will just use the terminology of “New Children” or “Star Children”.

Just for clarity, Hybrid Children and Star Children are not quite the same, though very connected to each other.

Before going into specific abilities that Star Children bring with them to Earth there are some general characteristics you will notice with Star Children.

One of them is that Star children are children that come into this world seemingly wise beyond their years and …


They are full of compassion for all entities in the world and may have a particular connection with animals, plants and Mother Nature.

Star Children intuitively understand when another person is sad or upset and, despite their tender years, always know the right thing to say to ease the sadness of others.

Star children understand that we are all connected and see no boundaries to this love.

They do not value one form of life over another, as they understand the interconnectedness of all things and can get very upset by issues such as pollution and inequality.


Star children will happily give away their possessions, firstly, because material things do not particularly interest them and knowing that, as all things are connected, the world and everything in it belongs to everyone. But apart from that, they love to make others happy.  Star children are rarely competitive and prefer to work with others for the good of all.


Many star children talk about memories they have from before they were born. Often star children have ‘imaginary’ friends who offer them comfort and reassurance and who they regularly talk to when they are alone.

These imaginary friends are actually not so imaginary but in most cases, they are spirit beings and guides who the child recognizes because they have not lost touch with the spiritual realm.

Star children may also remember their connections to other lives not only on Earth but on other places in the Universe as well. Many times a Star Child can recall being a member of another civilization.


Star children think differently to others. They ask the big questions, such as ‘who are we?’ and ‘what are we here for?’ from a very early age.

Because they connect at such a wise level, they often enjoy relationships with people much older than they are.

Star children have been coming to earth for some years now in greater and greater numbers.

Some of the earliest arrivals may not be children anymore but teenagers, men and women in mid-life, and even much older people.

Star individuals hold together the past, present and future of humanity and stay connected to the world beyond the material one, offering humanity guidance on how to evolve into beings of compassion and love.

They help us to remember who we really are at a soul level and how we can bring peace and love into a world that is in need.


After reading their characteristics one might think ‘well, they are so blessed’ but in reality these Star Children are many times in very challenging environments and are having a hard time here on Earth.

Their innate spiritual gifts are many time misunderstood.

Specifically, Star Children have telepathic abilities that lead them to do what they have come to do later in life.

In the new world, we will all be much more aware of our intuitive thoughts and feelings and use our telepathic abilities as well as our healing abilities.

Already, increasing numbers of us are getting in touch with our psychic abilities. Our interest in the paranormal is at an all-time high, accompanied by books, television shows and movies on the topic.

Star Children come to the Earth with these abilities already activated.

Because of this some of the Star Children have delayed speech patterns, and it’s not uncommon for them to wait until they’re 3 or 4 years old to begin speaking.

The trouble comes about when the Star Children get labelled as having “abnormal” speaking patterns.

They start talking late in childhood and instead they use telepathy and self-invented sign language to communicate.

It’s no coincidence that as the number of Star Children are born, the number of diagnoses for autism, Asperger’s syndrome, ADD, ADHD and so one is at a record high, but Star Children are quite the opposite.

They’re among the most connected, communicative, caring and cuddly of any generation.

They are also quite philosophical and spiritually gifted.

And they display an unprecedented level of kindness and sensitivity to this world.

Star Children spontaneously hug and care for people in need. An autistic person wouldn’t do that so easy!

Many Star Children refuse manufactured food and meat as they prefer vegetarian meals and juices.

They are sensitive to loud noise, to crowds, clutter and disorganization and chaotic environments.

On top of that Star Children tend to be very sensitive to artificial ingredients and chemicals.

Welcome to Earth where they get bombarded with signals they are very sensitive for !

Not only are Star Children highly sensitive, many times they are highly gifted as well.

They ‘know’ things beyond their age and many times even more then most adults know.

Also sounds as something to be very grateful for, but note, our school systems are not organized to support children so far ahead of their age.

Many of the highly gifted Star Children drop out, not because they are not bright enough to learn, but because they have to learn things that they know are not truly correct or relevant.

When they start asking questions and challenging the level of comprehension of their teachers they often get ridiculed and offended by them and, in following in their footsteps, later by the group as well.

It is really not always that easy to be a highly gifted Star Child.

Now note that not every Star Child will ‘know’ what (s)he is and what it has come to do.

Some Star Children remember that very clearly and are fully awakened but many of them are not yet.

And in other cases, Star Children may have suppressed their knowing at an early stage simply because it was not safe enough in their environment, they have accommodated themselves and have forgotten.

Yet, there are so many Star Children now on Earth and their waking up will go exponentially in the coming years leading adults the way to their awakening as well.

As soon as the Earth frequency is high enough they will awaken in masses just as like everything starts blossoming in the spring at the same time as soon as the Earth’s temperature is high enough.


Raising a Star Child is both an opportunity and a enormous challenge, for these children are the change makers.

The wake up humanity both by their frequency as their power to force things to change.

In many aspects they do not comply to the rules and regulations.

Remember that Star Children feel things deeply and can be very upset by injustice and suffering.

So, rules, regulations and laws that are created to keep people (them) under control and deprive them their power they will not cooperate with that.

They know when adults are not straight with them. They do not accept incongruency of others to have an effect on them.

When these Star Children are forced into our social systems, educational systems and economic structures this can become quite challenging for the children themselves as well as for the parents and caretakers.

And actually it is a blessing, for they are the change makers this world is longing for, so they should not comply with the systems that do not work and are not in the benefit of all.

Once they getting indoctrinated by our failing systems and structures they have become adapted and less able to make the changes they have come for.

So many of these Star Children are in a clash with society, do not want to go to school, do not want to participate in the working arena and so on.

And since our society is organized such that the parents or the responsible caretakers are faced with reprisals many families live under a high tension, for which Star Children are so very sensitive.

Being a Star Child is not always that easy as it looks, not even when your are highly gifted and can be a serious challenge.

One positive sign is … there are now some many Star Children en their numbers keep on growing, because of the amount of pressure they create together on the systems, the systems finally have to change or break down.


If you recognize yourself or your child in the information mentioned above, you probably ask your self is what can be done for your child and your family.

And although we cannot change the school you or your child is on, and although we cannot change the societal environment you’re in, we can be of enormous help.

Healing Centre Beyond Medicine is specialized in working with (parents of) Star Children and it all starts in raising awareness on what is going on.

We are trained in working with Highly Sensitive – Strong Willed children (which many of the Star Children are) and their parents.

Through a method of working with the ‘Inner Family’ the specific dynamic in the Star Child as well as in the constellation of the family or school becomes very clear and with that better manageable.

The idea is not to adjust the child, so it becomes ‘normal’ (as in ‘conformity with the externally imposed standard’), the idea is to have awareness on what is specifically going on in the child and in the parent / family /school dynamic, so that other choices become available. Because many times, situations become stuck and there seem to be no other solution then confrontation and rebellion or complete withdrawal and disappearance, depending on the base character of the child.

Actually in both cases, the child uses his/hers immense power against itself and its environment and is therefor used in a negative way.

Awareness is key in the solution.

We can combine this method with an ET-Healing session on parts that has become hurt, be it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual for both Star Child and parent.

As well can we help parents and Star Child to make contact with their guides if that is wished for.

For note, these Star Children did not come unprepared and they certainly did not come alone.


We know that when Star Children meet up with each other, they recognize the frequencies in others they carry themselves and many time the Star Children shift instantly to there core-frequencies.

They can feel and recognize each other even without visually seeing each other. They feel the safety, the openness. Sometimes they start talking non-Earthly languages spontaneously.

Many different things can happen when Star Children meet up. Great friendships will arise.

But also for the parents and caretakers it can be of great support to be able to talk and exchange with other parents and relax in the knowing that they are not alone in this process.

Events in which we can meet-up, socialize and where we will provide information and healing sessions. And last but certainly not least … PLAY !

Many of the Star Children have one or more abilities beyond what most people think is possible like telepathy and telekinesis.

For it is inevitable that everyone who is working with children will come in direct contact with Star Children in the years to come.

They’re already here, they’re in masses and they’re here for a reason.