Archangel Michael: Releasing

I am Archangel Michael with this week’s message for the Angelic Warrior Group.

You are beginning to see and to hear about changes that are being made upon your world. Now the changes are manifesting in the physical. That’s not to say that we only deal with them at that level, but we are saying that to create more change for our future, we must continue to use prayer, meditation and the sending of positive God-given energies to outlets of evil upon your world.

It has been noted by some of the higher frequency wayshowers that there is too much focus upon rehashing of old stories, old facts and old lies. This is keeping some of you stuck. We ask you now that you release all of the old to embrace the new. In the same way that you would remove all articles from your living room in order to refurnish it with new furniture, we are asking that you release your dependence, yes, dependence on facts that have been floating around your community for quite a while. Leave these facts to those who are beginning to understand, those who are beginning to wake up. You, now are further along the path and in being so, you are the ones who will embrace and distribute the new facts, the new energies and the new love that is happening on your world now.

Release what you have held on to for validation that you are doing the right thing. You ARE doing the right thing, walking the right path, and part of the right community. Your world is waking up to embrace new Light, so we ask you that you do this now.

Yes, Roswell is old. Yes, man on the moon is old news. Yes, even Covid is old news. Covid is dying. They cannot sustain their lies. It is impossible. Recently, Gates was quoted as having said a new pathogen will be released upon the world. Do not worry about these things: What you must focus on is the solution, not the problem. Take note of the problem but do not let it cause you unrest, do not let it upset you. Keep focused on being a bringer of Light to the earth.

We are capable of reversing polarities for all negative institutions that have been created and placed deliberately in certain spots upon your world. For this reason, it is not by chance that there is so much DS activity around Lake Geneva, it is one of the key portal areas.

This week, we ask you to focus your white light of God’s love, the love that He has embued you with, the love He gives you life with, to focus on changing the polarities around Lake Geneva, specifically that of the World Health Organization.

Imagine a global health organization that is actually working for the good of those now suffering from disease and poverty, instead of the organization that never seems to actually rid the world of these states but claims to be working on it. Yes, the message to gain from them is, “Man is a sickly being. He is not capable of good health and prosperity and disease cannot be permanently cured,” which is utter nonsense of course.

By energizing the World Health Organization this week, you are delivering God’s love to it, reversing and increasing its frequency and forcing it to act in the good of humankind, as it should be doing.

With this I leave you for now.

I am the Light. I am your messenger from the One who loves you more than you will ever know. We are God. We are Legion. We are Love.


Archangel Michael.

**Channel: Sharon Stewart