The Solar Vitamin

The health benefits of the bright Sun of our solar system which gives us “Vitamin D” are well known in terms of its activations upon our endocrine system, nervous system, and all other aspects of our physical, mental, and emotional beings.

We also need the bright sunlight for its strengthening of our immune system so that we are more protected from various energy imbalances such as viruses which tend to be more prolific in colder weather.

However, in certain months each year in the Northern and Southern hemispheres, there is less sunlight for us to enjoy.

These are the times in which we must be sure to obtain lots of “Vitamin D” from the foods we eat, along with endeavoring to get as much sunlight as possible during the colder seasons by bundling-up in warm clothing and taking walks, by working in our yards, and even by sitting in front of a window while the sunlight is streaming into the room and allowing it to bathe our pineal glands.

The foods richest in “Vitamin-D” are the following:

1.) Fruits: oranges and orange juice, papaya, mango, peaches, melons, avocado

2.) Veggies: Bell peppers, sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach (raw only because cooked spinach releases oxalic acid which we do not need), butternut squash, chard, mushrooms

3.) Nuts and Seeds: almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds

4.) Dairy and Non-Dairy: Yogurt (plain), sour cream, goat cheese, butter, almond milk, rice milk

5.) Fish: Salmon, Rainbow Trout, Tuna, Herring, Sardines, Flounder, Mackerel , Shrimp, Oysters

6.) Other: Olive oil, oatmeal, dark chocolate, whole grain cereals

Vegetarians and Vegans will obviously want to avoid fish and dairy; however, in such cases, they must make sure that they are eating enough of the other “Vitamin-D” rich foods and also taking a “Vitamin-D” supplement.

The average adult needs at least 1000 to 4000 “International Units” (IU) of this vitamin daily along with other necessary vitamins and minerals.

Some persons will be prescribed to need even more “Vitamin-D” than the average individual.

With foods and supplements, we can obtain the necessary amounts of “Vitamin-D”.

A good overall vitamin/mineral supplement should have at least 1000 IU of “Vitamin-D” listed on the label, and the rest of this vitamin we can obtain through our foods as well as through obtaining whatever sunlight that we can in the colder seasons.

There is also an interesting metaphysical concept concerning “Vitamin-D”.

On days when the sunlight is bright, we can place our crystals, gemstones, and prayer malas where they can soak-up the solar rays for several hours.

Afterwards, when we wear them, they transfer the “Vitamin-D” into our auric fields, vibrational frequencies, meridians, chakras, cells, atoms, etc.

When we wear prayer malas that have been “seeded” with a mantra, they have even more powerful energy for our wellness.

A mala is properly “seeded”, and therefore “empowered”, when a mantra is recited into each bead daily for 40 consecutive days.

It can then be also periodically anointed with Chandan (Sandalwood) oil to not only keep it bright and shiny but also to keep its vibrational frequency, which is a type of “consciousness”, open and thriving, and of course, Sandalwood oil has healing properties.

It is calming, balances hormones, lowers blood pressure, strengthens the immune system, assists with obtaining sleep at night, and it has numerous other wellness benefits.

During this current “Now” of potent cosmic energetics such as solar flares, solar winds, coronal mass ejections, etc., wearing “grounding” malas are best to keep us anchored to Earth/Gaia as “Her” amplitude and vibrational frequency are activated.

Such malas are those which come from the seeds and woods of trees and plants such as AMBER, BODDHI SEED, SANDALWOOD, ELMWOOD, LOTUS SEED, and TULSI (Holy Basil).

These malas may also have crystals or gemstones on them as “marker beads”—the most popular of which for thousands of years have been AMBER, CORAL, and TURQUOISE.

One of the strongest of cosmic energetics aside from the ones mentioned, is what is known as a “Co-Interaction Region”.

This is when fast and slow high solar winds converge with geomagnetism and send shock waves to our planet.

At such times, the “KP Index” usually registers as being “unsettled” or “storm”.

Our planet is experiencing such a happening as of the writing of this document on Tuesday, November 16, 2021.

The ranges of the various index levels from day to day are: “quiet”, “unsettled”, storm”, or “severe”. The numerical ranges are from “0” to “9”.

The higher the numbers, the more that “Light Activation Symptoms” (also known as “Ascension Symptoms”) can be experienced in many ways.

Even the lower numbers from “0” to “4” can, at the least, cause fatigue.

Again, the words and numbers are indicative of the activations (some physicists use the term “disturbances”) to the planet.

Just one major cosmic event (flares, winds, CMEs) or several at the same time can eventuate in earthly and human symptomology.

The surrounding magnetosphere of our planet has been pulsating for many days with high-vibrational plasma particles pushing in on the geomagnetism of the planet.

In brief, Earth/Gaia is being tuned-up, leveled-up, re-wired, etc. and so are we.

Planetary grids are being re-formulated while our DNA is being made multi-stranded.

To acclimate to the LIGHT which is coming into our planetary realm beyond just the solar occurrences, and also to ensure that we are obtaining necessary nutrition from any season of the year whether the Sun is brightly and warmly shining or not, we must feed our physical systems with the “Solar Vitamin” because we are “Temples of the Living God”.

**By Dr Schavi M Ali