Pandemic Theater: Adamu Declares Victory – 5

So, what I’m saying is: Already humanity is not stuck at the 3rd density, and these three cohorts I was telling you about, probably this group is in the 3rd density, well, they are being forced to pick a side.

Which means, humanity is waking up to be in either 4th density or 5th density.

Which means, as we have been saying – for years we’ve been telling you and telling you and telling you that it’s coming: that there will be a split in timelines, that there will be a 4th density other-responsible-timeline, and a 5th density self-responsible-timeline.

We’ve been telling you that it’s coming. And now, your planetary self-created “masters”, the dark elite, are actually driving that very process!

They are putting the planet under such pressure, that people have to choose. It’s not what they wanted, they wanted you just all to do this, but inadvertently, because mistakes were made, because errors crept in, what’s happening is they are creating these two cohorts, 4th and 5th density beings, out of a collective of 3rd density.

So what it appears, is that, ultimately, the devil always does God’s work.

Metaphorically, I mean.

The dark elite, in my metaphor, being the devil. And God, in this metaphor, being universal will.

Because evolution in consciousness must come to planet Earth. It must happen now.

And it’s busy happening.

So, they are busy losing. You are busy winning.

Ironically, though they won’t be able to see it: they are also winning. Because eventually their souls will be released of all this.

Eventually their souls will go through the great healing, the great cleansing. Eventually they will be freed and they will be able to return to their light path.

They’ve gotten so lost! So profoundly, long-term lost. And all they know what to do with their lostness is to continue to do the same thing. To continue to try for the same unreachable objective.

So, just on the level of what is occurring on Planet Earth, right now: victory is pretty much assured!

There is a bigger story, the exopolitical story, the galactic story, the universal story.

There’s a bigger story. I want to tell you that story, but I think we’ve taken enough of your time, tried your patience enough already, so that will wait until a next update.

Then you will understand that what is happening on your planet is not an isolated event: it’s very, very much in alignment. As within so without, as above so below, everything is happening in alignment. Personally, planetarily, galactically, universally. Everything is in alignment.

So I want to explain that in a follow-up.

The last thought I want to leave you with is: I am not inviting you into complacency.

I’m not saying “oh, don’t worry. It’s all under control. It’s all gonna happen. Sit back. Don’t do anything” – quite the opposite:

I’m inviting you to active participation in this transformation.

I’m inviting you to self-responsibility.

I’m inviting you to take care of your body first and foremost. The most important thing: take care of your own body.

Read about, think about, understand how you can be as self-responsible about your body as possible. How you can raise the frequency of your body.

Then I’m inviting you to think about the small places in your world. Where you can be subversive. Where you can, in small ways, work against the agenda.

Many small subversions add up to a big change.

So, for example, if where you live there are mask mandates, if you are instructed that you must wear a mask under these or those circumstances: push back.

See where you can have the masks slip below your nose. You know. Don’t get arrested. Don’t get thrown in jail. Don’t cause this kind of pain for yourselves, but wear the mask below your nose. Where can you take the mask off? Where you’re strictly speaking not allowed.

Make eye contact with others that are also not wearing the mask. Smile. Give them a thumbs up.

It might seem like nothing, but that’s push-back.

And in what other ways can you push back? When the moment arises for you to stand and be counted, go and carry a sign. Think about what you want to write on that sign. Think about the words that you use.

Today I have given you an example of that: I’ve called it the Fauci Flu. It’s a silliness. You can come up with your own word for it.

But don’t go along with the agenda. The corona virus … we understand that we’re given a name for a thing and we want to use the same name so everybody understands what we mean, but that’s their name. They’re calling it that.

And think about what you want to call the jab. The stab. The Fauci Flu serum. These are small ways, little things, which change the way you think, which change the way you speak. It ripples out.

Invite those who are like-minded beings to be subversive. Invite your friends, your loved ones into subversion.

And then, we’re ready to stand, when the time comes. When there is some kind of protest where you live, then be there. Go protest. Go say “NO.”

If there is harsh control, if there is a powerful police presence, and if they’re wanting to engage their tactics, kettle you, pressurize you, turn a peaceful protest into a riot, and therefore be able to arrest you and abuse you, if that’s what they’re doing, then have many protests: spread their resources too thin. You are many; they are few. Use that to your advantage.

Think about where your battleground is going to be. And I use the word battleground carefully. I’m not inviting you to violence. I’m thinking in terms of … there is a beautiful work: The Art of War by Sun Tzu. Ancient work, which is full of such gems of wisdom.

So in terms of that, think where would you want you and your group to be, so that you are diverting police resources constantly. So they can’t control you the way they want to.

Think about these things when it comes time to stand up and be counted. Don’t put yourself in harm’s way. But be seen. Be noisy. Push back. Speak up. Speak up in your community.

There are those who are stuck in this group. You’re not going to convince them. They are desperately, desperately needing the authorities, the big daddy, to just be speaking the truth, their cognitive dissonance is too much. Work with this group, and work with them.

Speak up. Speak your truth. Rise above your fears. These are the things that you can do at this point.

The most important thing you can do at this point is to raise your frequency

Everything else I’ve been talking about is stuff that you can do in the world. That’s for people who are struggling to raise their frequency to 5th density.

If you are already of 5th density, raise your frequency.

My friend, you are an eternal, immortal spirit being of magnificent power. You are a creator being.

You are just being coerced, manipulated into giving your creative energies to their agenda.

Even as you fight against the “virus”, the “vax” – the disinformation – even as you are fighting against it, still you’re fighting against their agenda.

In a strange way, in a way that they don’t really like, you are still having your strings pulled by them.

What you really need to do is snip those strings between what they’re doing and yourself.

Take ownership of your being. Become self responsible and unity conscious, connect with the divine within.

Now, my beloved Zingdad is in the process of releasing a weekly series which – I’m not in a habit of advertizing Zingdad products, because that might seem like a conflict of interests – but friends, I have absolutely no qualms in inviting you to have a look at what Zingdad is doing. “The Tools of Creation” is what it’s called. There will be a link, an url on the screen.

“The Tools of Creation” have as their goal teaching you how to use your divine creative power to affect change, but in alignment with unity conscious values. It’s a unity conscious lightwork process that Zingdad is crafting.

Inherent to this process is the raising of consciousness. So that which I would want, that which I would encourage you to do, to raise the frequency of your consciousness, is the process by which Zingdad is teaching reality creation.

So, all works in alignment. It’s all a part of moving toward singularity. It’s all a part of the Great Awakening. It’s all a part of the pushing back against what the delite/delete are driving.

So, a very serious invitation to you. Come and have a look. Come and see the offer and see whether it resonates with you, and if it does, come along for that journey.

And that is what I wanted to say to you today.

There is more coming, but for now:

have courage

reside in your connection with spirit

reside in your heart

you are safe

you are loved

you are protected


victory is on its way.


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