The Archangelic Realm: Connect With The Angels

Dearest ones the Archangelic realm have come together as One to encourage and help you all to find the LOVE within yourselves and for you all to become Superconscious within to be more able to create that amazing NEW WORLD of your dreams.

As a Loving soul ready to move into this New World ,you must first learn to let go of the old to manifest the New into your life. Many souls have been programmed to think of Earth as a learning planet and as such have had many painful lives and experiences for their internal growth . Souls have been coming in and out of incarnation and Earth has been this place of learning for eons of your time. However that time for learning is now over and the time for manifesting has become .

However many souls are now in a state of flux, so to speak and their emotions are not letting them move forwards. Much of their life has been in a state of fight and flight and their experiences reflect this and they are finding it hard to let go of their own anger towards others. This is why you are finding so much Division in the world today. The dark entities have been doing a very good job of dividing and conquering so to speak .Dearest One your challenge now is to rise above this and to manifest a NEW WORLD of LOVE PEACE and HARMONY. In real terms this means being as we the Angels are and seeing beyond the Fear of others and Loving them as a soul.

There are no coincidences and this challenging time has indeed awoken many souls to what has been going on for centuries. The fact that you are a Sovereign soul and able manifest anything for your highest good has been hidden from you for millennia. Some brave souls have tried to change this world in the past but it is TIME NOW for YOU to do this for yourself. We put this in the singular form for no Saviour is going to do this work for you.

YOU are the only one person who can change your own life from within and in so doing you WILL change your world from without. Much has been spoken about Learning to Love yourselves and many of you have been able to achieve this but it is TIME NOW to learn to LOVE every single soul on this planet, even the so called Dark Ones for without them you may not have awoken !!!!!.

This can be a very challenging time for you all and you may want to shy away from others who do not think as you do. We have to tell you that if a soul has come into your aura ,however distasteful they may be, and not as loving as you wish them to be, there is a part of you that has attracted them for a purpose. It maybe that YOU are the one person that can help them to move forwards and to let go of their anger towards others. BLESS them Dear Ones ,however hard that may be, for YOU maybe their only Saviour if you can do this. Their physical presence may not thank you but their soul will, Dear Ones.

It is TIME now for all souls to come together in LOVE and not in anger and hatred in your differences. In truth all souls came to Earth at this time on a mission to build this new wonderful world of LOVE for all. Many have now awoken to this mission but others maybe still be asleep ,as you were at one time.

Many of you are in families and around friends who are still asleep, so to speak, but have no Fear that these souls will stay asleep forever. The energies are such that more and more souls are waking up every day and once awoken they will not go back to sleep. As a soul you will have done a very good job of helping them ,however hard it may seem to you.

Do not give up on your friends and families. You may have to be physically apart from them for awhile and they may not thank you for the work that you have done but just know that if they are in your presence their soul WILL have learned a great deal from you. YOU are the wayshowers Dear Ones and YOU were chosen to be here at this time for the brave fighter souls that you all are.

As we have said before think of Earth as a stage and you are the mere players ,as Shakespeare famously said. The dark entities have done their job well and will be leaving the stage to continue their soul’s progress in another place of learning. They have no part to play in the NEW WORLD and the stage that is to be. BLESS them, thank them and let them go. Take no heed of what they have done ,however evil it may have been. You know that whatever they have done to others, will be brought to their soul’s attention .There is no judgement here ,however hard this may seem for you all to understand.

And so Dear Ones we are here to help you overcome these last few years of turmoil that you have all been through .It is TIME now to look forward to a new way of being, one that you have never known before.

Learn to LOVE yourself for all that you have been through, learn to LOVE others for what they have been through and you will all come together as a community of souls to create the NEW WORLD for all. Come together now in your groups of like minded souls and other souls will be attracted to your energies.

In Truth once the so called evil beings have departed the planet and the departure has begun there will be only LOVE. All of the sins of the World will drop away as if by Magic.

YOU Dear Ones are the MAGIC .YOU are the ONES to Save the World, so start now and learn to LOVE ALL ,no matter what. The Time for talk is done and the Time for MAGIC has begun. Learn to connect and to speak with your families and friends in your dreams and meditations. Send them your LOVE to help them to see the LIGHT within themselves. This is the truly Magical way to change the world around you.

We are here to help you to achieve this Magical New World Dear Ones .Talk to us always and ask us how to navigate your life . When you are in pain, sadness or distress talk to us and we will guide you to find the help that you need.

Dearest Ones we applaud you all for the amazing work that you have done on your mission to change the world ,do not give up Dear Ones for the end is in sight.

Talk to us every single day and be the Earth Angel that we know you all are. We have many techniques to help you on this new journey. Whatever Archangel that you feel drawn to will recommend a certain Coloured Light ,a sound or technique for you to use, to help and protect you from any negativity that may overcome you.

Below are a few suggestions to assist you on your journey.-:

  • Talk to Archangel Zadkiel and St Germaine and use the Violet flame to wash over you..
  • Talk to Archangel Metatron and surround yourself in the Diamond White Fire. Metatron also use many other colours including a deep magenta red.
  • Talk to Archangel Michael and he will surround you with his Blue cloak of protection and Sword of Truth.
  • Talk to Archangel Raphael and cover yourself with his healing Green Light.
  • Talk to Archangel Uriel and walk on his Rainbow Bridge to guide you forwards.
  • Talk to Archangel Gabriel and ask him to show you the White flame of Sound and Truth .
  • Talk to Archangel Sandalphon and use his Turquoise Earthing Sound and Light .
  • Talk to Archangel Chamuel and surround yourself in her beautiful flame of Loving Pink and joyous music.

In Truth there are many other Archangels that you can talk to and many colours, sounds and and techniques that you may also feel drawn to, to learn and to use. It is up to you to connect with the Angels and to use whatever feels right to you.

And so My Dears the future is up to YOU.

YOU are the MAGIC.

YOU are the new ANGELS walking on the EARTH today.

Welcome to the Angelic Kingdom.

As always we send YOU much Love and many Blessings.

The Archangelic Realm

**Channel: Thea Grace Sirius


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