The Great Transfiguration

The Great Transfiguration is now in full swing.

The Old Earth is totally dissolving, and with it the past. All which has ever been created on the old earth as all now had been released and indeed the Old Earth has been totally severed from the New Earth.

I am having such intense revelations now every single morning, and with it then that integration into the New Earth and new Embodiment. It is profound and goes beyond words.

As you read this words you will energetically feel this, rather than just read it with your mind, for all if extremely high vibrational at the moment and I am being told that all is now speaking directly into the heart and soul. There can be no misunderstanding or misinterpretations now, as the high vibrational essence of the message which needs to be relayed to you, will indeed trigger what needs to be triggered directly in your soul. My Soul Readings do the same.

I am deeply inspired and moved by what is going on now. The new is here and now, and it is as yet unknown. Yet, I am constantly being told, surrender and allow.

I have found that I am not praying for specific things or outcomes any longer. I am totally surrendering to the immense wave upon wave or wave of changes pouring in and allow myself to dissolve into these, knowing all is as it is.

We are now in the unknown, and unchartered.

All we ever were before, is no more. It is gone. Dissolved. Dismantled. Whatever comes up now in memories – just release them and let go.

Open your heart and arms to receive graciously and gratefully the immensity of Being itself – in expressions and forms which goes beyond anything known before!

In the unknown – lies the known.

In the unexplored – the explored.

We are expanding into infinity. Wholeness. Unity. One.

All is in great flux and flow and reconstruction. It is formless yet formed.

What I experienced and was gifted with this morning goes beyond all form. Goes beyond expression.

You will feel the vibration for this as it ripples out.

Be opened to receive what is given here – as it will come as in silence, as silence and as frequency and vibration which goes beyond words.

You will start hearing tones never heard before.

You will start expanding into energy fields way beyond quantum fields.

You will start vibrating at supreme frequencies.

You will start seeing sacred geometries, sacred numbers, sacred mathematics, as the Pyramid Self awakens.

Allow yourself to expand.



**By Judith Kusel


10 Replies to “The Great Transfiguration”

  1. John Robbins

    I feel the vibrational shift, that’s still ongoing. There is now not much traction left for me to play any more roles. It’s all up in the air, all that is left is an innate authenticity whether it be something I want to show to the world or not. I have no say in the matter, it is facing whatever is unfolding now and trusting this. Do I Resonate with what’s before me or am I jumping into another role to play peek a boo is taking centre stage.Whether it’s personally just a temporary phase or not, I do not presently know. Staying grounded and non resistant through all these ongoing vibrational shifts is I think, very Essential in these present times, and I’m afraid there is NO going back to “normal” again as we bust out of our own self made conceptual traps.

    1. Claudia

      I am always totally amazed at how differently and yet the same “The Nearing of our True Self” can be/is being perceived internally. Thanks John Robbins.

  2. Trlrider

    I started hearing the tones yesterday. I was returning home from a two hour horse back ride. It was faint like the radio was on real low, no radio on. So I just listened and told them thank you for sharing with me.

  3. Rafael Ferreira

    I haven’t read anything on this site for 1 month, and I see that nothing has changed 😀👍 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. Gem Ascending

    ✨Bless those who feel so powerless as to disrespect the Love and Light freely given to them. 🙏🏽 Infinite Regenesis.✨ Namaste Era Of Light Love.
    Ignore, ignore, ignore.

    1. Gordon

      You are right about ignoring. I have been ignoring, and I still am, since it started.

      But, I am curious as to why someone would keep going to a place that causes them emotional distraught. It is something I have always done the opposite of.