Rhythm: Principle of Truth

Today I would like to share with you a bit more about ancient teachings, which are as relevant today as they were from the beginning of time; these teachings are scientific as much as spiritual and are not something man has discovered, rather something man is rediscovering and seeking to understand.

Those familiar with Alchemy, Esotericism and original Gnosticism may find this easier to understand; however, understanding the primordial laws of our universe, such as the principle of rhythm is something that could benefit us all. Writing this is simply sharing of ancient knowledge; take it or leave, for I do not hold the answers nor am I looking to force on you the philosophies/sciences I resonate with.

A day is a cycle which repeats itself every 24hrs. A year is a cycle which repeats itself every 365 days. Seasons are cycles which take place due to earth’s axis and are measured by our location in front of the sun; all of these follow a rhythm.

The principle of rhythm indicates that the universal manifestation of life is an unceasing swing; like a pendulum; and it applies to all creation– everything that goes up will eventually fall, likewise everything that swings to the right will eventually swing to the left, light will at times overshadow darkness and vice versa. The principle of truth applies to all biological, physical, astrological, psychological and “supernatural” aspects; for they all seem to follow the same pattern–like the Fibonacci sequence. However, at least when it comes to the psychological aspects, it is imperative we strive to find balance between this perceived duality, such balance will require not the omission but the understanding of the imperative and permanent laws our universe holds at its very core and life.

When a person chooses to deny one side of self (such as our own shadow or the shadow or darkness the universe carries within its primordial waters) then that person enters a life of delusion and is less capable of understanding universal laws and applying them to his or her own growth. Although we cannot stop the principle of rhythm, the person who seeks evolvement, seeks to learn how to best utilize it to his or her advantage or at the very least learn to neutralize it; this will require work and courage, as one will have to face not only the hidden aspects of self but also the secrets of nature– parts we don’t want to look at, for they disturb our preconceived ideas or perhaps because to learn these laws, would mean to jump into the abyss and face the unknown.

The vibrating universe follows the movement of the pendulum, this movement is not random, it is not erratic; moments of happiness are preceded by moments of sadness, moments of activity by passivity, moments of illumination by moments of darkness; they all have a purpose. This doesn’t mean our universe is always based on polarity; this is just our perception based on our inability to properly understand the universal consciousness and its mechanisms as well as the principles of raw matter or life.

The law of rhythm and polarity is one of the most important ones; understanding it and working on oneself gives birth to the law of balance and harmony–this is the alchemical process which cannot take place when choosing to negate one side of life and erroneously think that by focusing on the positive only one will produce healing–such attitude is no different than putting Band-Aids over wounds that require an operation.

Life is trying to teach us to to find balance; inside and outside of us; for one law always follows another “Rhythm comes before harmony” and so on. Everything has an order, even within what may seem chaos; for chaos is nothing but the beginning of creation, as such even in chaos there is a hidden order. We see this order in everything that surrounds us and within ourselves, we just don’t understand it, for example: beauty follows a geometrical pattern as do musical frequencies–everything relating to harmony follows the law of Rhythm.

In reference to the minor arcana and the microcosms, our bio-energetic system obeys the principle of rhythm; we must rest after activity, moments of care must succeed moments of high exposure. Psychologically and spiritually speaking, we need to treat our minds and souls the way athletes treat their physical bodies. Athletes are not constantly training, they train hard which causes rips and tears on their muscles which during resting periods heal; the result…a stronger body. Likewise, our minds and souls cannot grow if we are in constant periods of rest (focus on the positive only) or under constant pressure (focus on the negative only)–the only way out is in–this means in order to develop a stronger sense of self mentally and spiritually, we have got to be willing to look at our inner chaos, traumas, mistakes, baggage, false ego, superficial relationships, values, etc. and confront their origin. This needs to be followed by a period of self care, self love, rest; in doing so we are following the principle or Rhythm which will produce the alchemical process of illumination or healing–the process doesn’t happen overnight, for there is nothing harder than confronting that which we hide about ourselves and setting limitations; perhaps even shedding false family, false friends, a job that no longer serves the best of us, or ideas which were never ours but dogma or beliefs without reason.

Sacred teachings speak of a principle to counteract the delusion of duality: The principle of neutralization (or finding balance between the extremes) which is about vibrating in the polarity of a circumstance to neutralize the effects; also to recognize that which is substantial. When a particular state of mind afflicts us, it is imperative to remind ourselves we are not the emotion; we need to subdue the mind and recognize ourselves as conscience – this is a process and it takes time to learn and to apply – It is not about denying the “negative” or “bad” which is there for our own growth, it is about learning, embracing and transmuting; in doing so we are breaking through Maya (the false illusion of duality) – the key to this process lies in learning to observe and learning to become introspective.

In reality we are not a human body, a physical body, an astral body our soul or a mental body. We are not our emotions or perceptions, we are spirit which has always been and will always be; as such understanding the principle or rhythm and utilizing it, leads to remembering who we really are; by consciously understanding this, the inevitable retrograde flaws of the pendulum can be transcended. This process is not easy, that is why many prefer to succumb to false ego or dogma. I am not judging anyone, I am expressing a universal truth. I am not trying to set myself higher than, for I too at times have succumbed to false ego and tried forcing myself to swallow dogmatic ideas which would take away reason and growth in exchange for dismissing self responsibility. I am no master but a student of life; I have amazing days, good days, bad days and terrible days, but I know part of the reason I experience these “terrible” days is because I am choosing self growth and healing over denial, false forgiveness or false success; as such I know just how much painful and hard the process can be at times but I am also aware of the results– I like to be awake and aware (esoteric sovereignty)–that to me is more valuable than false rainbows and unicorns.

The cosmos is structured in hundreds of interconnected cycles, periods, sub-periods and eras; a rhythmic correspondence. Human beings are capable of studying its patterns, measuring and learning from them. Studying these patterns can also help us understand the microcosm and expand our own consciousness.

We obey a circadian rhythm, in other words, we depend on the rotation on the earth’s axis that determines sunlight– dusk represents danger for our dense body and to our mind; for we are not ready to confront our surroundings within the “unknown”, facing the unknown and darkness becomes less scary as we start to dive in within our own “darkness”.

Every now and then galactic events take place which affect us at every level (in small or big ways), to deny these events or their influence is no different than the simpleton who chooses to build his house on the edge of a cliff. Astrological cycles and constellations influence us; our solar, lunar and ascendant characteristics. They DO NOT decide our destiny but they do define circumstances, which real scientific/esoteric astrology takes into account; offering us understanding to transcend the weakest points we have or the strongest points the false ego has over us (destiny meets free will. I will write more on that on another article, for I believe it is of extreme importance to understand “the sweet spot”–instead of giving in to one extreme or the other–balance)

Beyond the celestial bodies of our system alone, constellations emit vibrations which mark us with certain frequencies in certain cycles. Many know the ancients assigned 13 signs to the zodiacal wheel, this includes the controversial constellation of Ophiuchus or Serpent, which can be found in Vendera’s zodiac in Egypt–the serpent also known as Imhotep–the “Serpent-Bearer” or the Sumerian deity Enki–both represent “Medicine”, in other words healing/wisdom.

The records of ancient events tell us what we can expect in our world based on cycles on the principle of Rhythm, unfortunately we ignore it and choose not to learn from history; we are too busy with amassing more and more money, materialistic things and focused on television or political soap opera.

According to the theory of relativity; a theory that some belief on and others do not; time is not constant. Technically there is no past, present or future but a spiral which we experience as linear in order to better understand our 3D reality. Regardless of whether you believe or not on such theory, the point is, you may not be able to travel back to the past but you can learn from it; not all can see the future but we can predict it by the law or principle of rhythm as our universe’s mechanism is deterministic.

The different Era we encounter as it was described by Egyptians, Persians, Celts, etc. describe 5 stages: polar, hyperborean, lemurian, atlantean and the present era aryan. As you can see these are not to determine a “race” but a state of being. Some schools of thought believe on these eras as races, other schools of thought; which are more ancient; see these as particular DNA expressions, nothing to do with a particular race or color but with blood and DNA--hence the old saying “the secret is hidden within the blood” (to explain this further would take too long, I will try to endeavor to write about it at a later date).

Eras also represent, birth, growth, continuity and decline. In Hindu esotericism, these eras are represented by Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. In Kabbalistic esotericism; which is a much younger version; it is represented by the holy trinity. The Hopi and Mayans tried to teach us about these eras and how each subsequent era experienced a shorter life than its predecessor due to DNA mutation which can be altered by our own mind and the way we treat our body (a fact scientifically proven-epigenetics).

These Eras were followed by catastrophic natural events; they all experience the cycle mentioned above; the cleanse was needed in order for nature to restore balance when a race became too blind and destructive. Whether you believe in Esotericism or whether you are Exoteric (any dogma, belief that looks for answers outside of self), it does not change the fact all ancient cultures tried to teach us a few things, one of them is: history as we are commonly taught can be challenged for the ancients’ history, archeology and cultural beliefs have proven time and time again, that the common history we are offer is very limited. The second most important thing they taught is this: no matter what a society does to prevent or prolong things, if a society is insistent in not awakening, it will be eradicated.

The cosmic macro cycles teach us about the unavoidable precision and consequence of the equinoxes; the procession of the equinoxes is an astrological cycle, approximately 26,000 years–it is called the great year or the platonic year (named after Plato). Each era is determined by the wobble or spin of the earth as a function of its tilt of 23.5 degrees. In this period the earth makes a complete turn on its inclined axis. Approximately every 2150 years, the earth passes to the next astrological state. The stars that appear at the dawn of the spring equinox belong to a certain zodiacal constellation; at the moment we are exiting or transitioning from the era of Pisces (an era of selfishness and self delusion) to the era of Aquarius (an era of awakening and self responsibility). Jesus Christ tried to teach us about all of this; he is represented by the fish symbol. In luke 22:10 he tells us to follow the man with the jug of water (Aquarius). Theology and Esotericism teaches us what parables are and why our teachers spoke using them; they have 3 different meanings (“He who has ears, let him hear”, ” This is why I speak to them in parables: Though seeing, they do not see; though hearing, they do not hear or understand”).

Most people aren’t aware of this knowledge, not because it is hidden, for nothing I have just shared is something “secret”; the reason they know little about Esoteric knowledge is because our society follows dogma or false rebellion; both look out (Exotericism) vs. Esotericism. Most live impulsively in the immediate moment and confuse this with the person who lives with passion; wild and free. Others live by false rebellion, confusing it with freedom when in reality they are not living in the present, nor with passion, much less free but subjugated to dogma or false freedom. They live in the past, worrying about the future and running away from the present; as such society keeps crashing between one extreme (dogma an false positivity) and the other (false rebellion, treating themselves like animals)…eventually this will lead to society’s own destruction for balance cannot be found within extremes.

In ancient times, the sages or ancients considered more extended periods. For example: the Mayans considered Alatun which was made of 63 million years, an era consisted of 5125 years while a Baktum was 394 years. According to them on December 21, 2012 was the end of one era or the beginning of transition; the fourth era to be exact; some erroneously thought of this as the end of the world. According to the ancients, life’s cycle will end when we get to the era of the serpent or 13th zodiac sign. In Hinduism the Alatun is considered one of Brama’s exhalation, inhalation would be the subsequent universal contraction.

Hindu teachings which are quite ancient, teach us all eras or cycles are governed by the trinity (Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva–archetypes of Creation, continuation and dissolution). Hindu teachings have even more expanded periods of time, for example: Kalpa is equal to 4.32 billion years yet it is only one day for Brahma (no need to think of this as exaggeration, after all one day for us is a lifetime for mayfly).

According to Hindu esoteric teachings, each Maha Yuga gets shorter and shorter, the further humanity moves from its center of consciousness. Each yuga has 4 periods: Satya, Treta, Dwapara and Kali; each of these yugas represent stages to help us understand where we are in relation to our center of consciousness–perhaps you know them best as the eras of gold, silver, bronze and iron.

The Gold or Satya era corresponds to the era of wisdom and true virtue (where no extreme reigns) and it was represented by 1.728.000 million years.

The silver or Treta yuga lasts 1.296.000 million years.

The bronze or Dwapara yuga lasts 864.000 years.

Iron or Kali yuga lasts 432.000 years. Kali yuga is said to be the period of maximum ignorance and polarity. Where the pendulum is swinging constantly between extremes; fighting the principle of rhythm.

Kali yuga is supposed to represent the maximum stage of cowardice, false self, false dogma and as previously said ignorance. According to ancient teachings these is were we are; how long we remain within this era will be determined by the universe but also by our own choice (again, destiny meets free will). Although Kali Goddess can be seen as violent, dark and blood thirsty, she also has another side. She represents the eradication of anything which goes against the principles but also represents the pure primordial forces of chaos; as previously mentioned in other articles; chaos does not have to be bad, for chaos alone is simply pure energy–we decide what to do with it, how to shape it. So we could say we are in the worst era yet we are also in the era where we are being offered pure energy at its finest; we can to use it to awaken, the choice however is an individual one.

When we choose to follow the masses, when we choose to negate who we are, when we choose to follow rigid dogma or false rebellion; when we choose to deny our own unique characteristics, when we choose to deny or distort ancient teachings, it is then we are feeding the dark side of Kali and bringing forth our own destruction at a DNA level, as well as at a spiritual and psychological level.

In my personal opinion, we cannot go from an iron age to a gold age dismissing all other stages, much less do so when we live unconsciously; modernly we equate living consciously to false virtue, dogma or rigidity. We can’t go from the depths of the abyss to the top of the mountain without doing the work.

Stoics were one of the first philosophies to recognize ancient teachings and give validity to the principle of Rythm and its stages. These cycles are supposed to be there for our own enlightment and evolution; for those who choose degradation through false freedom or rigid dogma then the proper word would be involution (inverse).

Acoording to the derteministic universe, all beings from all kingdoms go through a process of evolution. Friedrich Nietzsche talked about the Eternal Return to describe the cycles of life; his was just an interpretation of an ancient teaching, indicating we are to live these moments over and over again. However, although a finite number can be expressed as colossal, it is not infinite; our universe is not infinite–as there are many many universes. Our universe is finite, its components can be permuted into a colossal but finite definite numbers–permutation; which is a combination in which the order of the components affects the result.

The eternal return teaching was base on paradigm which considered the universe static; however since then we have been able to prove what other even more ancient teachings explained: the universe is an organic matter in constant expansion.

Zoroaster, which is another of the Christs (for Christ is a state of being, not a person) taught about the ability to transcend past the chain of eternal return; Nietzsche also understood this, hence his theory and philosophy of the “Superman”.

Although time is not linear but spiral, man can transcend the eternal return. Although the universe is deterministic; something that may cause cynicism in many, for it reveals the absurdity of life (to those who automatically dismiss free will and its impact), man’s spirit can transcend the universe’s code of ones and zeros; for the spirit is pure energy trapped in matter.

Having been raised with German Esotericism (which for those who are familiar with it, understand its absolute connection and fidelity to the ancient lines of Egypt and its Esoteric schools–pure Gnosis), as well as Inca traditions (which likewise have an impressive similarity to Egyptian teachings and shamanism)–one is taught about the power of free will. Many esoteric teachings defer to the Architect; but ancients ones understood the importance of not confusing the architect with the force behind it. For although the universe is deterministic, the universe is not life, life is pure force. No different than an architect who builds a house; he designs it but he is not the pure raw matter or material with which the house is built. To exercise free will within a deterministic universe, one needs to live consciously–for just as the theory of cause and effect can support the theory of a deterministic universe, so can it support free will and its effect on a pattern; so long as one learns to understand its mechanism, of which the principle of rhythm is but one.

To live consciously is to live with introspection, exercising self responsibility instead of handing our power to others and living without understanding just how powerful we can be. To learn to utilize that power requires more than just chanting and praying; it requires to accept responsibility for self…to face the shadow, only then we learn to recognize we are part of the primordial force, not of the mechanism–we can use the mechanism to change our lives or even transcend as some sages did, but it all starts with accepting we are divine matter; we may raw matter (chaos) but that only means although the work may be harder, the benefits of utilizing our power are that much greater.

**By Sofia Falcone