The Arcturian Group: Spiritual Evolution

Dear readers, we come to you in love with words of encouragement as the world around you appears to be crumbling in so many ways. Obsolete traditions, beliefs, and rules about the “right way” to do everything born of beliefs in duality, separation, and two powers are in fact crumbling in order for new and higher forms of them to manifest.

Be not afraid dear ones, as you look out onto a world that seems to be collapsing under its own weight of negativity and violence for in reality all is proceeding according to plan. You may think that it certainly doesn’t look as if anything positive is happening, but the beliefs that have created unfair laws, wars, and separation between people and other life forms are beginning to be recognized for what they represent by increasingly more people.

We have spoken often of love as being the energetic connection between all individual expressions of Divine Consciousness. Love connects all forms of life and all kingdoms (animal, plant, elemental, as well as human) because there is, always has been, and only ever will be ONE infinite omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient Consciousness the world calls God. The ONE expresses ITself in infinite form and variety but the realities of ONEness can only express outwardly through individual states of consciousness.

This is why it is useless to tell someone to be more loving because they can’t be more loving than their state of consciousness allows. In and of themselves, humans have no love to give because all love is in and of God flowing through individuals at the level of their attained state of consciousness. Spiritual evolution gradually expands and opens a limited human state of consciousness to where it can begin to access and flow the qualities of their already fully present ONEness.

There is no unexpressed consciousness. A consciousness already filled with beliefs of separation, duality, and two powers will automatically express these beliefs in and as material form.

Compassion, patience, gratitude, courtesy, etc. are facets of love, not human characteristics. They flow through, not from individual consciousness. This is true of all God qualities–abundance, harmony, intelligence, wisdom, peace, completeness, wholeness, law, cause and effect etc. etc. You are witnessing the struggles of a world in the midst of awakening out of a universal consciousness of separation and into one that reflects the connection of ONEness.

Many are feeling the urge to make things better for those they see struggling and are reaching out with their talents, abilities, and goods. This indicates that their consciousness is opening to love and the idea of oneness. Many who have never before felt a desire to help others are being touched by the adversity they see around them and are acting on it. This is how spiritual evolution works, step over step, lesson after lesson, until at some point these reminders are no longer needed and the soul flies free as ITself.

Take advantage of these powerful times because they offer opportunities to be the Light that will bring change while at the same time shining a path for those confused and in fear. You need do nothing or say nothing other than perhaps a smile, a hand on the arm, or a look into someone’s eyes that says; “I know and acknowledge you who really are”.

Your acknowledgement of another’s Divinity in spite of outer appearances can lift or even heal them if they are the least bit receptive (able to align). Some are simply not ready or are choosing not to move spiritually forward and that is fine because free will allows everyone to move at their own pace. However, you who are spiritually awake have already chosen to evolve or you wouldn’t be where you are now or reading these messages.

Trust. Trust that your Higher Self is guiding and drawing to you the experiences that align with your highest good which at times may not seem very good if judged by human standards. Trust that your Higher Self knows you inside and out because your Higher Self is YOU, the YOU that has never left full awareness.

It may seem as if nothing is happening for you, but once you say “I am ready. I want more. I want to spiritually evolve…” the spiritual train leaves the station and for a while it can be a bumpy, painful ride because spiritual evolution is the process of dissolving all that is false in order to bring forth that which is real. It is the clearing out and then moving on from the energetic clutter accumulated through having lived many, many lifetimes immersed in the the third dimensional belief system.

Allow your personal journey to unfold, trusting that your Higher Self is running the show and you will find that the right opportunities to assist or contribute in some way will be drawn to you. You need not go looking for things to change or fix, but rather your ability to simply hold the Light of truth will automatically draw to you the people, places, and situations seeking Light in some form because energy always seeks to align with like energy.

Resist the temptation to look back with longing at “better times” which in reality are simply concepts. In order to move forward physically, emotionally, and mentally, the good and the bad of the past must be let go in order for the higher and better forms of your highest good to manifest. The past is complete and finished energy. To continue looking to or longing for something from the past serves only to block what may be awaiting ahead for you.

Some continue dwelling on the past in the false belief that everything was better then. The past can look better in many ways when compared with today simply because the negativity and darkness now being exposed was hidden in the past, covered up, and not discussed openly but was just as fully present. Rejoice that the negativity presently surfacing is helping to awaken a sleeping majority to a state of awareness that is interested in bringing about change .

Your work as awakened beings of Light is vital to the ascension of the planet and is why you chose to leave your comfortable seats in the balcony where you could have remained as observers. The guidelines for living on earth at this time are to witness and be aware of what is taking place in the world without allowing your energy to align with the lower resonating negative energy defining much that is now happening.

Clear your energy field with Light often and don’t be afraid to ask your Guides for help if or when you feel yourself slipping into alignment with some negative situation or person. It is easy to slip into lower resonating energy when out and about or in crowds. Remember that even though you are surrounded by three dimensional energy, being of it is your choice.

Some who came to serve have gotten lost in the hypnotism of the three dimensional experience, but most are holding true to their mission in spite of many ups and downs.

Remember, all is proceeding according to plan–a Divine plan that no three dimensional thinking, action, or belief can divert because…

God alone is power.

We are the Arcturian Group.

**Channel: Mariyln Raffaele


4 Replies to “The Arcturian Group: Spiritual Evolution”

  1. Marie

    “Awakening ….. to remember that you are the matrix grid and you programmed it before you incarnated. Awakening ….. to remember you created the enslavement.
    Awakening ….. to remember there was no enslavement.
    Awakening …. to remember that what you are remembering ii is all memory.
    Awakening …. to remember there was never any rogue aliens, cabal, annunaki who trapped you, that it was you and you alone.
    Awakening …. to remember information within to prove to yourselves you have never been enslaved nor controlled, giving opportunity to liberate Thyself from its own imprisonment.
    Awakening …. to remember you made your consciousness devolve by choice not force to expand consciousness.
    Awakening…. to remember information.

    If you verily are awake, then each will choose to stop worshipping information that is remembered and stop promoting it as being truth, when it is all past information that has already been experienced so as to not repeat it. Nothing remembered nor awakened to is new. All of it is past and not something going to happen. Why? Because it has already happened….youve remembered something and if you remember it then it’s something already experienced.
    If you are truly awake and aware …. what you call gesara, the event, the 5th dimension …. All of it …. are only memories of something already experienced, each would stop promoting the information and call yourself awakened and aware.
    As long as one promotes this information, one is creating the very enslavement of themself to continue.
    Why …. free will choice to continue feeding past experienced information as being accurate, and regurgitation distorted information being fed to the quantum field.
    Only one who enslaved any of you, was you, yourself.
    If you innerstand your “good” than it must be embraced you are also the “evil”. Very basic understanding most deny and blame on so called annunaki and cabal. Welcome to yourselves.
    What is occurring in the world is nothing new, its a repeated cyclic story and it’s all a reflection of the quantum field of information keep being put into the quantum field to be experienced.
    Sooner or later each will choose accountability for their own doing and stop projecting blame/shame energy to the quantum field and verily awaken from the slumber. No one enslaved you into a matrix … you are the matrix grid that transmits for the civilization. It’s become comical to watch so many promote they are awake and yet are verily clueless, all the while retrapping themselves in a looping of information that is being channeled, researched, promoted.
    To be awakened is about expanding out of information and it’s bipolar wars.
    As long as you believe something will come or will happen … your still trapped. Gesara ascension event 5th dimension rogue aliens etc. All are something already occurred. Stop putting your own spin of interpretation on information and each will liberate themselves. Even channelers who channel what is going to happen, are foretelling of something already occurred. Why? They channel information already in the quantum field or they could not channel it. No one can channel something not yet created.
    It’s a choice. Verily observe …. are you really awake and aware and being new or are you just playing in an old field of past information? Are ya verily awake …. if you are still promoting a false enslavement, you are still verily unawake and trapped pretending to know something and truly have no understanding, nor innerstanding of that which you speak.
    New is a choice. Observe. Few choose new <3" Linda Good

  2. Mark Harris

    All is proceeding to plan.

    Blah blah blah.

    Thanks for the amazing message. It’s been 1 day since I read an identical one from some other channel.

  3. Douglas A James

    Much love and gratitude for this amazing message! I hold the light for all of humanity as we approach the grand event all have been preparing for for many lifetimes and didn’t know it. Doug