No Valor In Suffering

There is no valor in suffering.

God, or Source, has never asked us to learn through fear or pain. God knows not of fear, nor pain, nor suffering. God only knows Love and Compassion. Suffering is a human concept conceived within the antiquated programming of duality and handed down through the ages. Concepts that are in the process of dissipating as we expand our consciousness, if we are open and allow it to be so.

Healing DOES NOT require us to suffer by engaging or immersing ourselves in our old stories or their emotional dramas construed by the human mind. Recycling these stories over and over again only adds to the congestion of suffering. It does not clear it. It does not heal it.

Love is the healer. Pure and simple.

Healing DOES require us to clear old wounds, trauma, and energies that have become stuck in the body, often resulting in dis-ease. When these past wounds and dramas blip into our present awareness, they are simply asking us to “observe” from a more expanded perspective, beyond the stenosis of the human mind. This is how God sees, through the eyes of Love. This is how our Soul sees. Free of drama. Free of suffering. It is only the human mind that assigns suffering to the stories of the past that are surfacing for healing.

Nor are there are any lessons to be learned, lessons that have been wrapped up in the duality of self judgment. However, there is always more Wisdom to be garnered via our Soul as it distills every experience into it’s pure essence.

Humanity has been caught in the cycles and re-cycles of suffering. It is up to each of us individually to break free of these cycles. We do that with our Love and Compassion, free of any judgment or expectations.

When old wounds, stories, or emotions surface, simply wrap your Love around them and allow them to dissolve in the purity of Love without the need to engage or rewrite the story, which is mind based, rather than Heart based.

When feeling any discomfort, immediately rise to the highest orientation and view the situation anew. This is not denial, lack of caring, nor putting your head in the sand. This is living from the expanded consciousness of your GodSelf that offers infinite solutions rather than drawing upon the old battle-worn experiences that initially plummeted your energy.

It’s time!

Rise up, Beloveds!

See clearly as your GodSelf sees. Take the path of Ease and Grace. By doing so, we are creating a whole new paradigm for humanity and planet earth.

**By Sharon Lyn Shepard


7 Replies to “No Valor In Suffering”

  1. John Sutter

    Maybe the message is you have to believe you deserve a joyous life, most of us can’t. I know I can’t. It’s not an easy thing to overcome.

  2. Lara

    No valor in Christ’s suffering for a cause he believed in with His entire being, then? No valor in the suffering of those who give their lives to save others? “Take the path of Ease” instead. Right. New Age BS.

    1. Å. Södergren

      Suffering e.i. being a victim. Emotions are self constructs and is here an inflow of energy. To be a happy person, the receipt is outflow of energy!
      Notice that nobody else is creating your emotions but you yourself.
      Learn about emotional frequency scales and you can see it.
      Look at a happy child and you can feel the outflow.

      1. Claudia

        I was more concerned with understanding why the value of suffering is so conspicuously dismissed here.

        (But I´ve never thought about emotions as self constructs.)


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