Vision and Source: You Are Needed On Earth

Intro: Please read with the understanding that we are very, very needed here, on this earth, in this sacred moment. It is just as holy of a moment here, for Source is here of course as well. This is simply my vision last night and I feel the urge to share it with you if it may help someone during this time of change. My sister freaked out when she read this saying it sounded like the only way to be happy here is to die which is absolutely NOT the intention of sharing this experience! I didn’t die at all in my dream I just got a little upgrade and I could easily come back through the portal. It was really fun and beautiful! Hope you enjoy! Much love.

(I am seeing shimmering plasma that is moving, vibrant and alive. It is silvery and filled with all rainbow lights that ripple like thick water. It is a portal, a large oval opening in front of me. I am seeing angels around the portal smiling at me, strong. They are beckoning me closer. I stick my head through the portal and see it is a gateway to a higher vibrational earth where it is very vivid and bright filled with colors of pristine blue and green, clear air, gentle breezes and completely comfortable. I step through. The grass is soft like cashmere, dark green and thick, hugging my feet as I walk. I look down at my feet. They are glowing, luminous. I look at my hands with long fingers. They are my hands but no nail polish or hangnails or callouses from days of work. I feel taller. My hair is a long chestnut brown with gold highlights and I feel amazing, tall, strong. I feel overwhelmingly confident. I am wearing a simple yet elegant white silver dress. I look behind me. I have stepped through the portal of shimmering plasma and I feel like laughing and crying at the same time. It feels so good here. It feels like home. It feels like what I’ve always been longing for. I am seeing more people step through, transformed. We are the first wave. I am shivering and shaking. There is electricity coursing through my body as I type this, it feels so real.)

We are the One. We are showing you this, galaxygirl, for you are among many of the first. You are to lead the others through the portal if you so choose. You can rest and rejuvenate here. Time is of a different vibration here, you can rest and then return and it will be but an instant in your current realm.

(I lay down under a tree and I see and hear the whisperings of light in the leaves. It is a perfectly comfortable bed of deep green grass that envelopes me like a healing pod. I am surrounded by light dots that dance and move. The fairies have found me and they are welcoming me to Nova Gaia. After my rest I receive training from someone who I believe to be a guide but I can’t quite see his face. He is going with me back through. No time has passed. The earth now seems gray and smoggy, dull and dim in comparison with the bright vivid colors of light where we just were. We are stepping through the portal and encouraging others to come through, smiling, comforting, for the old vibrational earth is shattering, like a video game where the level has been cleared and the surrounding world is falling to shambles, it is no longer sustainable and it is collapsing. We are lovingly offering our hands to pull people through to our side. I see many can’t see us and we look like light blobs to them. But many do, and it is a deep rejoicing, like I have never felt. I am crying as I type this. As I stand by the portal I look up and I see millions of ships transporting those in stasis who are not ready to see, or to be transfigured. They are hypnotized in lines going to the ships prior to earth reconfiguring her surface. I am seeing and feeling big changes.)

We are the the many into the One. I am Source. Children, come home to me, come home to myself. The illusion is no more. You are seeing the shadows, and they are loud. But they are not much longer. This reality is changing. Change with it. Adapt with it. Be strong in my presence, which is within you.

I am Source. I am the in-breath and the out-breath and the in-between. I am the light and love in between the atoms that dance and spin. I am the breath of all that is and you are a part of me. You are a part of this cosmic breath of creativity. Do not be afraid. Life connected with me is life connected with yourself, with your inner god breath and the outer cosmic breath they are of one essence, of one movement of expansion. Do not be afraid. The singularity approaches and there is nothing that can change this. For it is my will. For it is my divine decree and it is my heart’s choosing to choose you. To choose life, to choose renewal of creation in this realm that has known such darkness and suffering. I have suffered alongside you and now is the time for renewal, redemption and rebirth.

**Channel: Galaxygirl

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  1. Malissa Liburdi




    I LUV U SOURCE 777 TEAM :))))))))

  2. Kim

    I love how many comments there are to this article. It’s encouraging. There are a lot more awake people than we are giving credit. I don’t know how all of this is going to play out. Literally only Creator knows at this point and I am good with that. What better hands could we be in? All is well. This chaos is necessary and has deep purpose. Our Souls can handle it and will. Just because some souls choose not to join the ascension and choose to leave thru death does not mean failure. There is no failure in All That Is, just divine timing and divine Love that guides everything. I say sit back and enjoy the ride because we cannot lose. We are Creator, held always within Creator. This Earth experience while seemingly wrought with turmoil and confusion is just that…an experience. We want this, we deeply desire this Ascension experience we are having in this Now, and our Souls are more than capable of guiding us through it and will…with no outside help, believe it or not. Everything we need is always within. 😊♥️

  3. Douglas A James

    The galactics arrive because we are them and we are asking for direct intervention. There is no way we liberate ourselves from the chimera Draco’s greys etc.. no way in hell we wld be enslaved forever without galactic help and they are not saviors they are higher conscious beings like many of us who chose to incarnate and anchor light and help humanity ascend. Gaia is ascending we must follow.

    1. Claudia

      Well… one thing is for sure: “Somebody” is coming “HERE”… OR:
      WE ARE THOSE SOME BODIES all of a sudden being somewhere else.

      I am not at all into galactics, space ships and that kind of stuff. Meaning I was never even supposed to read anything about that kind of stuff. Now around where I live there are strange lights in the sky that I´ve been seeing but ignoring for a long time. They don´t move, are always in the same spot and they´re not small.

      Now “The man I live with” is an “expert at 3D” and he hates “all that I stand for” which means “anything OUTSIDE 3D” which is no problem since I can see how we match. The other day we were driving thru darkness and much to my own surprise I pointed to one of those lights asking him if he knew what that was and instead of his normal annoyed reaction he agreed that wasn´t “nothing normal”.

      “But what could it be?”
      “It´s a drone… but not one of those small ones.”

      I kept it at that… smiling to myself… wondering how such an intelligent man can say sth like that without wondering what “A BIG DRONE” is… happy to at least have gotten some validation for what I´m seeing.

      [LOL… I KNOW that when I comment anything here it´s always a message to me too… and I find it very amusing to imagine a nice little spectacle that enlightens the shit out this place of spirituel darkness… 🙈]

  4. Daedalus

    Fairly sure that all and any claims about “evacuation” are pure lies or disinformation.

    Because it would assume full and direct intervention and “saviour complex”. And were here not to have outside saviours… they would already intervene long ago by that logic.

    Its more like that people will be leaving by leaving this reality – through physical death. Which is already occuring with many, right now. Were here to self-realize, which means self-realization of our true capabilities, our true origin and purpose, and our rapid expansion into our original state of being.


    The evacuation of part of humanity from Earth to Galactic Rescue Ships under the command of ASHTAR, will take place once Earth begins the magnetic pole shift, which will last for tens of thousands of years. years …

  6. Douglas A James

    Per Allison Coe video 6 months ago this is exactly what happens go listen to it. Doug

  7. Douglas A James

    Allison Coe video a qhht session 6 months ago describes this exact scenario!! Those who can’t handle the light are literally put in a trance and taken onboard the ships just prior to the light hitting earth .. even then many who remained are dazed and need some help. Those are ships get the help they need to rejoin those who stayed later. Earth is transformed .. cities of crystal all on let lines or vortices all is energetic now no killing no death no pollution. All is pure joy and love. We are 1 again after eons on 3d earth. This is what will happen! Only those who want the dark timeline won’t join us. Love to all!!
    Galaxy girl great vision

  8. Lain

    Thank you Glaxygirl for publishing your vision. Yes we have heard this before and I for one find it inspiring! I know in my being we are changing and things will never be as they were. Things are happening in front of our eyes and what a blessing to see and experience it. Stay strong and be in the moment and feel the joy and happiness in this moment, change is inevitable.

  9. Wayne Hansen

    This article talks about two plans, going through a portal to a higher dimension Earth, and going up to the large spaceships.

    “millions of ships transporting those in stasis” [slowing down, stopping]
    “They are hypnotized in lines going to the ships prior to earth reconfiguring her surface.” [reshape] [This could mean earthchanges]

    Andromeda Rex: “The Great Evacuation will come upon the world very suddenly. Our rescue ships will be able to come in close to set the lifting beams in operation in a moment. Mankind will be lifted, levitated, by the beams from our smaller ships.” (“Project World Evacuation” by Tuella)

    1. Mike Ohira

      When the earth cleansing begins, earth humans will be put into stasis condition and then teleported to their destination which could be their home planet, hollow earth or Inner earth or
      mothership. Why put them into stasis? Because it is easier to handle. Greedy humans can’t get rid of their 3D attachments and the old earth and so would probably resist.

      Teleportation is fast and safe, I heard it is faster than the speed of light. Here’s an example: Remember the space shuttle Challenger that exploded during mid flight about 30 years ago?
      The divers discovered the cockpit of the Challenger intact, six or seven space suits firmly attached to the seats, but what was shocking was that all of the astronauts were missing. None were found wearing the space suits.

      So what happened? 60 seconds prior to the explosion, all of the astronauts were teleported to Hollow Earth. The Galactics did it! The Challenger space shuttle was destroyed because it was found that the ship was transporting nuclear weapons to the U.S. space station. The astronauts are all alive and currently living in Hollow Earth. They will be returned to the surface soon.

      1. William Bodie

        Those astronauts are indeed alive and well, there are plenty of photographs of them since the explosion, they are way to find on the internet.

        They were never on the Challenger, the whole space station, moon landings, everything by NASA is fake.

        If you have never seen the 1978 movie Capricorn One I advise to watch it. It’s surprising the movie got made it tells the truth in many ways.

        1. Mike Ohira

          William Bodie: All of the astronauts were on the Challenger that exploded including the woman school teacher. I know lot of news that come out of NASA are fake, but the moon landings and space station is true.

          1. Douglas A James

            Actually you can find the astronauts using their same names in teaching positions and the like.. this was all staged to illicit mourning ie loosh .. these photos are what helped me awaken

    2. Gordon Jackson

      That Andromeda Rex comment is an old story Wayne, Ashtar Command was saying the same thing in 1980.

      “The Ashtar Command – Book 1, Project World Evacuation”

      Stories come and go, bit of research and you’ll see there’s nothing new, for example Ashtar Command was originally channeled by George Van Tassel in 1952.


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