Master Lanto: Getting Up Constantly

Dear souls, I greet here your presence, and also your benevolence in the service of the form. I am amplifying the energy of this channel so that I can speak to you more simply, more calmly.

I am Master Lanto, and my speech today evokes the symbol of the end of one time and the beginning of another time, another space too, by your side.

Dear souls, your presence on Earth is a blessing. Whatever the outward appearances, the dazzling progress of Consciousness exists in your world, outside of appearance, outside of what concerns the surface of your being, the surface of appearances.

Your changing world continues to evolve, but so do you. So, many begin to open their hearts, and admit to a more peaceful existence; peaceful because you feel within you that the combat becomes unnecessary, that the oppositions are artificial, created and even manipulated, to oppose your own natural brotherhood.

So many of you arise in this fraternity, in non-judgment, no longer seek to know who is wrong or who is right, and what is put forward of course could be called common sense, it is the one. to let each being decide their destiny and assume the forces of their destiny . Because yes, dear souls, you are masters, perhaps in the process of becoming, but in a higher reality you already are. You are beings who understand the strength of love, the strength of union, but who also understand the strength of disunity and the forces due to fear.

Fear is separation. If I feel separated from God, I will be afraid of death, be afraid of everything, but if I feel reunited with this divine entity that is the Supreme Energy in you, no fear can reach you, no fear neither for you, nor for anyone, for you will know how to be included in the divine Plan. And this is what some of you forgot a little, forgot that you were included in the divine Plan, that no one was forgotten in this plane of Consciousness.

This plane of Consciousness in which you are, is a plane of wonders, a plane of Love, a plane of Grace. The Grace which crosses you, my friends, is that of a peace which settles. Many, many perhaps, will be able to take this peace as a setback, but it is not. This peace is not a setback. There is no hindsight here. There is Peace. There is this step towards yourself, towards your Higher Consciousness, the first step, this salutary pause in the energy. You are and you have always been these beings full of Light, full of Love, full of compassion and understanding for your brothers and sisters in existence, where what sought to separate you now goes, quietly and gently, c It’s true, to collapse, to have no more strength, no longer to have power over you.You will only have will in union.

Earthly events, intra, extra, even complementary to the energy of Gaia, this planet that you live and cross at the same time, will help you in this understanding of what I am evoking now, this need for deep and real brotherhood.

Dear souls, you are invited to the Light within you. You are invited to a sincere and deep understanding of a divine non-judgment towards you. You have made no mistakes, no missteps, nothing that has not been fully used by your Higher Spirit to advance towards its own Light.

So the first forgiveness inviting you to Peace is forgiveness towards yourself, towards who you are, towards the voluntary imperfection that you are .

I insist on saying “voluntary imperfection” because your true nature is perfect, and when I speak of voluntary imperfection, I am talking about the character that you have posed on you, of this entity that you have fabricated from your multiple experiences, many, here and elsewhere. This imperfection, this impurity is the source of the pearl that you are becoming . This is how things are done, it is always from a state of impurity that purity is created in reality. I am not invoking you and I am not evoking here either an idea of ​​sin, but an idea of ​​the will to get up, of the will to move forward.

The world and its current circumstances are there to watch who will rise up to his Divinity, who will rise up to his Divinity.

I am the god of my world. You are the god of your world. We are the God of this world . This is the conjugation of who you really are.

You have bestowed and will still bestow power and energy on many beings, but it is also part of what will lift you up little by little. I repeat, you are now entering a phase – I don’t know what to call it without saying too much, because we don’t have to say too much – but you are in a phase of power, of power towards yourself.

Be sincere. Be true. Be fair. Do not be afraid, you risk nothing in this path, which I will call a path of redemption.

I am going to express it very happily what I am saying, to tell you this: it is as if you are waking up in another world. It is as if you have just stood up in another space. Imagine this my loves – my loves, I cannot call you otherwise, I was going to say my friends, my loves; I call you my loves if you will – you are on the way to your own heaven and the first step is in Peace, in the Grace of the present moment, in the Grace of this energy that flows through you, in this forgiveness to yourself, in this forgiveness to the other .

Everyone thought they were doing well in your time, I am not talking about the last months or even the last years but of all this existence that you are living. Each of you thought you were doing well, wanted to do well, by posing your will, that of the character. And little by little, it is a higher will which is pronounced here, it is a higher will which enters you, and this higher will asks you to observe yourself, to forgive yourself .

I will say it again and I will say it as many times as necessary, with the idea of ​​telling you that in the area you were passing through, you did not have as many choices as the ones you have now, when you think you no longer have have choice, or little choice.

The reality is different. In truth, you have never had so many possibilities to evolve, to move forward, to progress, as now and here, where you are, in this time and in this space. I repeat, you have never had so many opportunities to move forward and progress towards your true nature as here and now, where you are and in what you do .

Your true nature will begin to take over . Thus, you will feel less affected by things. You are going to feel like you need less understanding, you need less possessions .

The character inside of you, of course, will not understand what it means to leave this era of desire. It is entering into the Work, it is recognizing your natural space inside, your own place in nature, inserting yourself again into a whole greater than this ”  I  ” which wanted to dominate the situation, to observe how the whole world is evolving as a living and vibrant entity.

The pressure on you will continue. It will continue but you will not experience it the same way. You will understand that each time, it is a contraction of the Divine Mother to give birth to the divine child that you are. There will always be some among you who will not love these moments, not to endure them, to find them unworthy of God. These are the ones who still remain in the character, in the taste for control, in this role of the “  I  ” who believes to be possessed, to have no choice.

To rise is a posture of Being, not a posture of rage, not a posture of conqueror but a posture of Being . And what I call here a posture of being, is to be in consciousness, to be ready to move forward at the same time as the energy of this planet, not as fast as ”  I  ” would like, but as fast as the planetary energy will want it through you, as the Life Energy will want it through you.

This is the end of the game, this is the end of the ”  I  “, the beginning of the Age of the Living versus the living dead that you could seem to be at times.

Life, Joy, Peace are simple things, you can’t buy them. These are states that are experienced in the present moment .

The suffering does not come from this precise moment that I am speaking to you, from this present moment. The suffering does not come from there. The suffering comes from your urge to hold onto your identity all the time, and you hold it with the help of remembrance, remembering your traumas, remembering the past, remembering good times. You would like to reproduce them again and again, and not to renew them but to reproduce them. And like any time, like any photocopy in your existence, each photocopy becomes more and more bland, more and more meaningless. So it’s not about creating old good times, but working on creating a new good time here, now, a different time, a time that is not like before, which is not like after. neither, a moment that is like now, of realizing that the present moment is really what you desire. Again, if you go into too much memory you will start to scaffold and say, “  The present moment is not as I want it to be. I would like it like this, I would like it like this And you will start to define it. But this definition will not be in the present. This definition, again, will be in the past, and you will still be in a photocopy of your desire but not in something new, but as in something which is already prepared and which will never be to your liking, because not surprisingly after all.

The present moment is perfect. It is fleeting, nonexistent, but it is there – nonexistent in the sense that each present moment becomes a memory. I therefore invite you to touch the zone which is timeless and always present, this present moment .

Your mind of course is overwhelmed by these words. He tries to understand once again. Let him do it, let him try to figure it out.

Explaining to you what the present moment is, it would be like asking you: “Explain to me how you create the past, how did you create the past?” Explain to me. “So you would say to me: ” the past is not created, it exists, it is there. I did not create it, it created itself . So I tell you the same thing. The present moment is not created, it exists, it is there. It creates itself.

It is not only created from the circumstances and beliefs that you have manifested, it is also created from the energy that you accept to receive and to emit.

Getting up, this position that I mentioned at the start of my speech, consists of stopping being like a dead leaf on the sea letting itself be tossed by the slightest wave, and of being there, conscious and happy to get up , to take a little more distance perhaps from the circumstances, because that is what this position of mastery will give, and to observe your world with wisdom and gentleness.

As Master Lanto, I am also what you would call an artist. When you do a painting, a sculpture, this painting, this sculpture is frozen. She is frozen in time. She doesn’t move. This painting, this sculpture does not move. Yet you find beauty there. You can find Grace there.

Is it the painting that evokes this or what you do with the painting? Who decides that a painting is pretty or not? Who has decided that evoking beauty should only go through what you love, and not through what you discover, even really through a love, which would be a projection of what you hope for, a projection of hope? The work is beautiful when it is unknown. The work is beautiful when it is new. The work is beautiful when it surprises you. It is these works that are the prettiest.

The present moment is like a frozen canvas. You can still take a little space, a little time to observe, and observe with divine knowledge how exactly everything is in its place. It is not a question of remaining in a state of bliss in the face of divine creation which is perfect. It’s really about telling yourself that this attitude is just possible, that you don’t have to take the present moment as something other than what it is. See how I can get lost trying to describe the indescribable.

Being touched by Grace cannot be described. It is experienced, expressed through a body, through an energy, through a divine essence .

The world is a blank canvas now, and you are redrawing it. Stand up. Take a step back and start painting this new world. Don’t redraw this world on an existing canvas. Create it, manifest it from your divine essence.

How do I contact my divine essence? How to contact your divine essence, I hear this question. Here is my answer: she is already there and she is contacting you. However, this divine essence is not based on a memory. She does not manifest from what she knows or what she knows, she manifests from her Light, her Joy, her Love. It manifests from feelings, energy, emotions, Light, and not from understandings, ideas or concepts. Your divine nature is not thinking, it is dancing. Your divine nature does not design, it paints the world.

How to express in your dimension what is in ours? If you only knew how we can only see you as beautiful, perfect, entirely perfect. The canvas of the world that is drawn has no space that is not filled with the Light of the Divine, none. Even when you want to put black on a canvas, you will have to use black paint. What I’m trying to tell you is: Who is the painter? Who paints black? Your nature, your character in his memory creates darkness.

You create the state of no light, shadows, evil, to use words you like to use. You create it out of your memory of what would be right, what would be right, and you keep justifying it inside of you. “  But how can God believe this to be right? How can God consider this to be good?  God considers a canvas as a whole. God considers the work as a whole. Non-light is needed to reveal Light, and Light is needed to create the Living and the Grace of the Living. The Grace of the Living is the Grace of Joy, it is the Grace of the child.

The child is naturally happy. The child leaves his sentence instantly, because he does not have the memory of his sentence. He’s moved on to another time, he’s moved on. Your pets, nature, behave the same. They don’t just live in history. They live in this moment, in this possibility of creating a new moment, a new space, and to decide there, here, now, what is my choice? What is my desire, my desire for now, not a desire from the past or from a will but now? Can I choose now?

Right now, you can’t choose a new situation, but you can choose to be happy, to be at peace, or to feel connected to each other. This is your desire for the present moment. This is your option.

The world of the Divine, I repeat, manifests from your state of being, from what you feel in the present moment, not from what you felt in the past, not from what you really want to feel in the future, but from what you decide to feel now , and I insist, from what you decide to feel now, and not from what you experience as a feeling now. So don’t worry if you live in a fear that is experienced, or imposed on you, that fear will not create your whole world. It will dominate it in the appearance of circumstances, but it will not create it for very long, for any creation from an external feeling will have only a temporary hold on you, no very long hold. It is your own energies, your own feelings generated by you and by you alone, that create the circumstance that will surround you personally, individually, and then also collectively by echo of course.

So, those who seem to make your life difficult, I said “those who seem to make your life difficult”, only have the power to create in you an emotion that you agree to manifest, that the power that you give them. therefore, indeed.

So among you, I can still hear some who respond and say: ”  But I have no choice!” I have to live this emotion. They force me to live it.  I don’t object to that. I agree with your sentence. I agree with what you are saying. Effectively they force you to live this emotion, I just ask you not to live in the fear that this emotion destroys you . This emotion which they make you live, will not destroy you. It will allow you to get up, and it is the fact of getting up that will strengthen the energy. It is the fact of getting up again, and again, and again that will awaken your divine nature in you, make you leave the sluggishness, the laziness, which are attitudes that delay your divine aspect .

So they’ll have me down, but whoever knocked me down will have me up, and every time I got up, I was a little more god than before. Each time that I had to make a movement towards my divinity, by force, I still reached the divinity, because I got up. Blessed is he who understands that the struggle of the righteous is to stand, not in opposition, not in battle, but to rise again, again and again  ; and to understand that the one who had put me down, did not really have this power, that all this was not as true as I believed it. But this you will understand, dear souls, dear friends, dear loves, you will understand it by repeating experiences, and a good part of the planet must be raised, raised again, raised again, and raised again for that.

Some of you have decided to help your brothers and sisters to get up. Although this intention is laudable, it is not the one that will bring about the greatest awakening, the greatest divine understanding. No gesture is better than getting up on your own . So of course you can help people get up, but not all the time, not all of the time, and not always. The one who rises in God, must first understand that he has decided to kneel before the no light, must understand that yes he had no choice, but the fact that he had no choice was also voluntary.

Get up my son, your strength is there. This is undoubtedly the message of the divine through you, the message of rising again and again from a seemingly difficult outer circumstance.

One day, to continue this allegory, one day you will be standing and no one will be able to kneel you anymore, because you will only grant this power to the energy that passes through you, and not to the one that we want you to. to pass through, only to the energy flowing through you, there, here, now.

Neither your own fears nor external fears will dominate you, if you have risen enough, if you have lifted your attitude out of the desire, need or will of others, out of the desire, need and will of the character .

Get up, through all that is. Divine will embraces all, divine love embraces all, divine desire embraces all. This is my new start. There is no way.

I laugh because I know that the speech I am giving is very understandable in the countries you call Japan, China, and not very understandable in your European countries.

Very difficult to understand the meaning of “getting up” here. I don’t have a really good Western translation to say. So as I feel the confusion, I will leave you with another guide, another angel. This is the angel Jophiel and I know he will find the right words.

But I wanted to tell you to what extent, in the end, getting up again and again is an exercise in Peace, in forgiveness for oneself, forgiveness for others, recognition of the present moment.

May every form bless every circumstance.

**Channeled: Sylvain Didelot – Transcribed: Marie-Claire