It’s been a while since the last newsletter due to traveling and other challenges. I hope this newsletter will make sense of it all. Shortly after landing on the Big Island a massive storm hit, the largest in 50 years. It was a cleansing. This has happened on 4 other occasions when I visit the islands. There is trouble in paradise. The island is under democratic rule with strict regulations, mandates etc. The absence of joy on the island is sad, rarely do we see a smile. The islanders are suffering even more so than the past. Low incomes, offshore investments, the tourist trade etc. has taken what was once a paradise and turned it into a struggle to live. With the lockdowns, mandates, heavy handedness, false profit driven science and politicians lock step with the CCP life is hard everywhere.

The saddest thing is watching the critical thinking, research impaired and socially engineered participate lockstep in their own enslavement and demise. For those who have not figured it out yet the CCP created the virus, they own the United Nations, the World Health Organization, contol the CDC as well as most of the politicians in the democratic party, some republicans. The global elite, narcissist billionaire eugenicists have teamed up with the CCP, Communist Chinese Party to carry out their agendas, 21 and 30 global mass depopulation programs. America with its Constitution and Bill of Rights, freedom loving people have stood in the way of their socialist and communists global dominance agendas.

All genocidal tyrants were either socialist or communist, they centralized power into the hands of a few, took away people’s rights including the right to defend themselves, “guns” followed by genocide in the millions. They promised all the freebies until the money ran out then the price to pay was abject poverty and the total loss of freedom. That is what is behind the divisions in race, gender, religion, culture, defunding police, the military, lockdowns and vaccine mandates. It is all part of a conspiracy not a theory to take down America. If you were to ask how many politicians and agencies have accepted money originating in China and they were honest you would see a sea of hands. Project Care has funneled billions to politicians, governors, school boards all to enforce the lockdowns, vaccine and mask mandates ignoring the real science. This is all profit driven science funded by the CCP and the vaccine manufacturers to force compliance and destroy the economy. Follow the money.

The best masks block .3 microns, the virus is .125 microns, passes through the masks like water through a sieve. A cough or sneeze travels at least 30 feet so how does 6 feet protect you? Go out on a chilly morning and watch the steam coming through the mask. Stanford research proved the masks were ineffective, created brain, and organ damage, bacterial pneumonia, along with psychological disorders. The lack of oxygen and recycling the bacteria, virus, other toxins from the lungs trapped by the mask is having severe side effects. They were forced to retract their studies shortly after publishing. The big question people need to ask is what is in the vaccines, why are the manufactures suppressing the information, now asking the contents, a plethora of toxins, carcinogens, and nano tech not to be revealed for 50 to 70 years. Better question is why is the FDA approving all of this? They are owned by the Big Pharma, the vaccine companies.

When the provaxers come at you with their virtue signaling ask them if they know what is in the vax? Even the doctors and nurses can’t tell you. In most cases the vials have no information, some have limited information, and major information has been withheld due to patents. Those doctors and nurses who have stood by their Hippocratic oath and researched what is in the vaccines before betraying the trust of their patients do know and most have been fired. They could not bear the burden of watching their patients flooding the hospitals fully vaccinated with covid 19 from the spike proteins in the vaccinations along with the crippling side effects, strokes, heart attacks even with the young shortly after the vaccination. We will not know the true statistics for a couple of years due to reactions and deaths spread out over this time period and the censorship and cover up of the real statistics.

Noble Prize winning scientists, head researchers in the vaccine companies, front line doctors, nurses are screaming don’t take the vaccine. Many have lost their jobs and their lives for coming forward with the real statistics, the real science and the real ingredients in the vaccines along with the fact it is a bio weapon created by the CCP. It was funded by Fauci and friends with a long history of pushing false profit driven science with their dirty hands in the pie. The questions not being asked are what is in the vaccines, why are there different batches with different formulas, why should I trust billionaire eugenicist funding the vaccines who have been very vocal about extreme population control. Why should we trust China, and most important have the ones pushing the mask and vaccine mandates taken money from China, the vaccine companies or agents thereof?

Any of these questions will destroy their narrative and agenda. How about have any of you lied to congress or the people concerning false profit driven science, betrayed your oath to the people and the constitution or colluded in any way with a hostile foreign government? Mandates are illegal! They go against the Constitution and the Nuremberg Codes…………. That is why they have lost in the courts. Those who enforce them are committing TREASON. The president’s federal mandates have been overturned, they are unenforceable and rendered null and void. Although they sold us out by granting immunity to the vaccine makers those who enforce the mandates are not immune and subject to litigation. Think about this business owners, your being set up. OSHA cannot enforce mask or vaccine mandates so those that do are on their own. Another attempt to destroy small businesses due to coming lawsuits and denied service. The original goal of the lockdowns.

All of this for a mild virus according to the CDC that has a 99.98% recovery rate. Research is now proving those with herd immunity have 13 times stronger immunity than any of the ongoing vaccines, boosters, boosters to boost the boosters etc. with crippling and sometimes deadly side effects. The last thing I want to end on is why would any sane person with any moral value as guardians of the children our future force a vaccine on children who are not at risk? This is where people are drawing the line. The only immunity being provided is to the vaccine makers who are making billions at the expense of humanity lock step with the Global Elite and the CCP plan to take down America destroying our economy and our health. The main stream and social media censoring the real science are also lockstep with the Global Elite and CCP in an effort to socially engineer the masses bringing us eventually into a state controlled media in direct opposition to the 1stAmendment. Know your rights, know the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, Know the Nuremberg Codes, as well as other international codes that are being breeched. Stand in your divine right to live a loving, joyous, prosperous life. Do not comply and hold those accountable for trespassing on those God/Creator/Great spirit given rights. If you are divided and trespassing on the rights of others you are on the wrong side of the fence. No matter what culture, color, race, gender, religion, or profession this will be detrimental to all humanity, all life if allowed to continue. We are all in this together. RISE UP

One last thing concerning vaccine mandates in the military.

“The Chinese Communist Parties military are unvaccinated.”

Not with Pitzer, Moderna, or Johnson and Johnson. Let that sink in. Let us spell this out. With the extreme side effects and deaths including the children and healthy athletes why would our leadership mandate vaccines in the military our front line of defense? Why are the pilots having heart attacks and dying in the air? 111 so far. What would be the logic behind this with a 99.98% survival rate even higher with healthy men and women? Why would our leadership want to cripple our military? Everything goes back to China. Russia has always been a distraction.

On another subject we want to address the extreme energies affecting the lightworkers. There are several reasons. One the Shuman Resonance is off the scale in intensity. The Sun is also flaring going through changes. We are entering a highly charged area in space some call the photon belt but this is minimal compared to psychic attacks by unseen negative influences.

There is also an intense influx of consciousness and energy coming in from higher dimensions. This is bringing everything to the surface a birthing process. Lightworkers are feeling this due to their sensitivity and empathy. There are also other negative forces at work. The Satanic/Luciferian, black magic and invocations of demonic and lower astral energies unleashed by these unholy groups are having adverse effects. Look at is what is being unveiled in the political, music and movie industries. The Epstein effect. It would save a lot of time if they just asked who did not go to Epstein Island concerning leaders in the political, music and movie industries. This also includes CEOs in the business, mainstream news and social media. They are stepping down in droves. People will be shocked when they find out who and what they participated in.

The veils between the lower astral levels where most of these unseen negative entities reside is becoming thin. They are frantic due to these awakening and healing energies and know their time is short. They are doing everything they can to divide, separate, create hardships, they feed off the division pain and suffering. They are the forces behind the war and disease profiteers along with the Reptilian and the Grey Alliance most of which have been removed by the Spiritually and Technologically Advanced off world civilizations that are liberating the Earth. What people refer to as the Angelic and Ascended Masters are also playing their part.

Part of the awakening and healing some call liberation process is the chaos and surfacing of these energies, our own unhealed wounds, traumas and wrong conclusions from past experiences. It is said all iniquities will be shouted from the roof tops and no rock will be left unturned. Nothing will be hidden. We our dealing with our own process along with the influences of other unseen negative influences. Some call them demons, Djinn, lower astral beings, depending on the culture and religion. These unseen negative influences are having their day but their day will be short. Many are unaware of these influences, few can clear them, some are willingly calling them in others are in ignorance allowing them in.

They are the dividers, the controllers lacking in love compassion and forgiveness. The reason there is so much inhumanity on the Earth is because there has been so much non-human interference. We can help others and the higher dimensions by not participating in the division, separation and againstness. Even if we do not agree, we can allow others their truth and maintain our own frequencies. Do not be pulled into these dramas by your own unhealed victim patterns. It will all be sorted out in the future, Karma works. Love yourself enough not to participate, and if you do practice loving detachment. The incoming energies will sort it all out. Babaji once said the best contribution anyone can make is to live a loving, joyous, abundant life. Be kind to each other and the planet. Those blessed with abundance help those who are struggling. Universal Law is coming. It has been preserved by Masters, Saints and Sages throughout time. It is being enforced by the incoming higher dimensions. Everything will be amplified and accelerated what some call karma, the good and the bad. Those on an upward spiral will continue to evolve living a spiritual life in harmony with each other and nature. Those on the downward spiral will devolve, continue with the greed and competition until they and their ill-gotten gains, their kingdoms implode. They will lose everything including their lives. They are not frequency specific to Earths ascension which is well underway. There is no avoiding personal responsibility for our thoughts and actions. It is a time of choosing. Choose wisely. Do not look for the imperfections, look for and unite on the similarities. Truth stands on its own merit, it does not need defending. What is most being defended now is the lie which eventually will be exposed. Drop into the heart and feel what is right and True for you.

**By James Gilliland


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  1. Jacques Vincent

    Could not have said any better …Mr. James you are a Master without a doubt and for me , it is always a pleasure to read you …There is only one way to go and it is UP…

  2. Tori

    Thank you James for an honest view and an up lifting ending. Loved this article. Love and light to you.