Argorians Update: Between Dimensions

On December 12th, 2021, at 10:21 AM CET, and on December 6th, 2021, at 11:18 AM CET, the following two messages were conveyed from 25D Argorians’ space squadron transporting Earth to a new vibrational orbit 5D in the Gerios Galaxy:

“We continue to move through the seventh stage of the filter between dimensions.

Now our ships are entering the tunnel which affects the energy shells of Earth with pulses of force fields.

It’s a subarea of strong radiation. Monitor your well-being. There may be an increase in pulse, blood pressure, and decrease in immunity.

Incoming radiation streams are heavily saturated with neutrino particles. This is the denser energy of the Greater Cosmos. It condenses the Earth’s fields and forms the structure of its 5D fractal.

The design shows the scheme and nature of the impact of various quantum waves on the 3D planet.

All this space is filled with white ASTEMO energy, which forms the Intelligence plasma from new information, combines the full quantum spectrum, and corrects the operation of the entire system.

Before entering the tunnel, the Argorians’ ships passed through a cone formation (in the picture – above on the left) with a dense network inside, filled with blue FIRSKO energy which cleanses the planet and the consciousness of earthlings.

What do the multicolored circles below the blue cone mean?

They depict energy spheres around 3D Earth that are sequentially created in a tunnel by groups of oncoming quantum waves when they reach our planet.

THE FIRST SPHERE is formed by several energies.

The outer shell of green FEASK stabilizes quantum pulses, magnetic field fluctuations, climate, and the effects of Intelligence plasma.

Inside the sphere, the dark brown energy GASIG destroys the 3D structures and prepares the foundation for 5D formations.

The blue GRICADO forms the Earth’s life support system.

Maroon BAROGS condenses the finished 5D plasma to create new matter.

THE SECOND SPHERE is also created by several energies. Violet GRASIMO synthesizes 5D plasma, neutralizes negativity, removes old knowledge, carries new information, and opens the Portals to other dimensions. There is also a GRICADO (see above) and a yellow-pink FERMAGO. This energy cleanses the Hologram, saturates it with a new DNA code for the development of intelligence, Love, and the desire for creation, and regulates the reincarnation on the planet. Energy is introduced through Portals and accumulates in its channels.

THE THIRD SPHERE is formed by four energies. The dark orange LEKAS carries temporary programs to originate the 5D matter from condensed plasma. Blue-green with crimson interspersed ERGAMOS effects on magnetic fields and the human brain.

EKARBI, from the radiation of the yellow and lilac spectrum, engines cleansing pulses. The emerald-green KEGINO builds a five-dimensional space, changes the structure of matter by magnetic fields.

THE FOURTH SPHERE is built by the radiation of the yellow energy SFAS which helps to the adaptation to the space of new wave pulses. The pink ERLAGO carries programs of the planet’s transformation, including its info field. The red with blue sparks GREMO (energy of Love), regulates the work of the heart center, reproductive organs, life programs…

The life-supporting structure on Earth is already working according to new programs. The inner-planetary bowls actively give away the accumulated 5D energy coming from the Galactic Center and the Earth’s core, helping to create a stable base for the development of mankind. Everything old and obsolete is isolated and annihilated.

The new crystal grid is loaded with 5D software and codes. The entire environment is gradually adapting to the Star Oryx radiation.

Its representatives – the plasmoid civilization – are actively working on Earth. They are building a new space for humanity using the energy and information blocks they made.

The grandiose transformation of the planet does not stop for a minute. It manifests itself in climate and landscape changes, as well as molecular foundations morphing.

The modifying of DNA, RNA, and the nucleic chains in biological organisms, as well as tuning the systems and organs to incoming high frequencies – the work of more than one day.

All the cells on which the energy-carrying capacity of your bodies depends are being replaced and reconfigured.

This is already bringing results. But the most important thing remains the change in human consciousness, and it’s not so simple here.

As our scan shows, not everyone can think freely and accept new programs yet.

You have to understand that relying on old knowledge is no longer relevant. We are constantly deleting old information from you. But if a person does not develop and is not interested in the quantum processes taking place on the planet, does not analyze the changes they bring, his consciousness degrades.

You are increasingly noticing how difficult it is to remember past events. This is how your cellular memory is cleared. DNA and RNA constantly receive impulses from the outside to rebuild and change the parameters of the body.

The AETRON, the radiant energy of Intelligence, is already perceived by its block of the brain in whose it is formed.

(LEV: AETRON is the energy emitted by the planet’s core.

First, it is absorbed by plants, and with them, it is passed on to the animal and human world.

Now, the codes and settings of the 4D Matrix are included, targeted at the constant development and selection of energy of Intelligence l-gamma particles and plasma compaction for the formation of the 5D energy, and matter.

AETRON enters not only the systems of the planet, but also our bodies, helping those who follow the path of Spirituality to develop faster).

Emissions of l-gamma particles in the pyramid areas condense the Earth’s protective field.

The quantum load is constantly increasing following the parameters of the changing space. Everything should correspond to each other – from the planet to the human body.

Living on Earth is becoming increasingly difficult for those who do not meet the new conditions.

The old world is collapsing from the inside, chipping off new pieces of the frozen, ossified mass from it.

Every awakened person brings into the system new energy of knowledge and an understanding that the burden of the old does not correspond to his renewed nature.

The seeds have sprung up, and the sprouts are making their way out through the asphalt.

The wind of change will readjust everything, and those who cling to the past will simply turn into dust.

The discrepancy of energies will do its job, and nothing and no one will be able to prevent it. The programs, laid down by Co-Creators in the space of the planet, work for translation into the fifth dimension. 5D fractal is actively building, processes are accelerating.”

**By Lev


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  1. Jacques Vincent

    I am wondering how it is that we did not know anything of this ??? but I am not surprized one bit … This is fascinating to say the lease ….