Operation In Germany Part 3

As in others Lightwarriors operations in Germany, on the Rugen Island, they were dismantling on the Subtle Plane the energy infrastructure of Black Archons and rebuilding what had been created by Higher Light Hierarchy to increase 5D quantum influx.

Only this time the scale and significance of the ops were much greater.

The site of the first operation was the Arkona Peninsula where one of Hitler’s former bunkers is located.

Black Archons knew well where to build them.

Fuhrer’s lair on Arkona had been created for a reason.

When Lightwarriors climbed to the top of the bunker they could verify that there was still a strong cosmic-energy conduit running through it.

Overall, Arkona turned out to be a well-cleaned place. For several months before arriving at the Island, the ground team remotely purified it from the energy of human sacrifices.

The Higher Selves of the group members systematically and step-by-step selected the Rugen’s necro-substance and dosed it into their Subtle Bodies for transforming into the Light. Now, on the spot, they completed this op by removing the remains of negativity from the space channel.

After Arkona, Lightwarriors headed to the next operation site. On the way, they stopped at the village of Altenkirchen, famous for its beautiful Old Church (Altkirchen) which houses the Stone of the God Svantevit (Svantevitstein), brought from Arkona.

It was evening, and a service was being held in the Church. Most of the locals attended it. The village comes to life during the service, but after it, its streets are becoming empty again.

For Lightwarriors’ leader, the visit to Altkirchen and the hour-long service was stacked in memory for a lifetime. At one point he felt his body begin to goosebump and grow cold with a chilling, deadly freeze. His heart clutched and he could barely breathe. Then his fingers began to grow numb, and he could no longer feel them.

He immediately realized that it was a contact with the strongest necro-energy or a powerful negative essence. Instantly assessing the situation, the other group members supported the leader with their fields.

On the Subtle Plane, the fit continued for most of the service, when psalms were being sung and a brass band of local musicians performing.

Lightwarrior began to feel better only at the end of the service when the spasm was finally eased and he began to let go a little. It later turned out that he had been attacked by the Black Guardian of Rügen. With her, later, the team head got through separately.

The site of the next operation was Hertha Lake (Herthasee) in Jasmund National Park.

Hertha (or Nerta, Nerthus) is the Goddess of Love and Fertility, in honor of whom, in the past, the annual harvest festivals were held on the lake. There was a statue on a shawl-covered carriage and a priest in front of it, who waited for a signal from her. After that, the solemn procession began. The Goddess’s carriage was pulled by cows. The people accompanied the procession from their settlement to the lake and cheered.

For that time a general truce was established. All doors were opened so that the Goddess’ blessing could enter every home.

In the waters of the lake, Hertha’s statue was bathed until the priest noticed that the Goddess was tired of human presence. Then the ceremony was over and everyone went back to the shrine. The servants who washed the Goddess were sacrificed.

Such were the rituals dedicated to this Goddess. It was done by the order of Black Archons who were energetically fueled by bloody worship.

To Hertha, the atrocities caused unimaginable pain and suffering. She is one of the Primary Archonesses of Light, Daughter of World Mother Sophia, the Highest Creative Hypostasis of the Source, the Powerful Energy of Creation.

This Goddess is the Feminine projection of the Kin. Without her life-giving energy, the kinship could never be able to give birth to itself. And this is exactly what it does at the dawn of any young Universe the Kin launches.

Only Hertha can open up the honeycomb structure of the Subtle Plane, where the willpower and mental forces of the Kin, which have passed the evolutionary cycle, have accumulated, and activate the dormant informational field for creative work.

To be born, the Kin needs the Feminine creative energy of Hertha. But this power of creation and birth fills not only the Kinship but all Higher Gods of the Universe.

At Hertha’s Lake, the group was tasked with a specific and unusual operation – to release the Spirit of the Goddess from its field where she was imprisoned (more on that in a bit).

By decision of the Pleroma’s Hierarchs, Lightwarriors were instructed to break into the protective sarcophagus and build the channel of Ascension, through which Hertha could leave 3D reality. The team had already conducted a similar operation on the Mariana Islands, in the Gaia’s Temple, freeing her from the Archons’ captivity (see – Operation in Japan. Part 2).

After breaking in the Subtle Plane the energy sarcophagus, Lightwarriors immediately made contact with Hertha, albeit a very brief one. By clairvoyance, they saw how beautiful she is.

They created from their hearts and Monads an Earth-Pleroma ascension channel through which Hertha could return to her abode.

She thanked the group for the help, that moment she waited for a very long time. Lightwarriors offered to rehabilitate her in their Monads, but she declined and left Earth.

The next and most important of all operations in Germany was at the location of the Pleroma’s aspect. The ground team spent several days searching for it, having only a general idea where it might be on Rugen Island.

The effort was not wasted. Their Higher Selves eventually led them to a sacred spot carefully concealed from prying eyes in the forest on Mount Piekberg.

In the center of a small site, surrounded by fir trees, a low mound was made of stones at the location point of the Pleroma’s aspect, covered with a layer of earth and spruce needles.

A cross made of ordinary sticks was placed on the top, and next to it was a concrete pile, sticking out of the ground about 30 centimeters.

On the Subtle Plane, this place was guarded by two entities.

Lightwarriors met them beforehand via clairvoyance contact.

Both astral beings were no trouble at all, proving to be quite harmless.

The group members were amazed at what they found and saw at that shrine. Only staying on-site, feeling the energy and vibrations, they truly realized its important sacred meaning.

At the birth of Earth, Co-Creators assigned to our planet a very important role: to become the lower Pole and eon of Pleroma, so that in time it could spread to the entire Local Universe. Then, Gaia’s Monad was still whole, not split.

For the affirmation of the Light of the Absolute and the creation of the planetary Temple of Pleroma, its aspect was directed to Earth. World Mount Meru in Hyperborea was chosen as the location. But in the end, it “landed” on Rugen Island.

How could that be? It happened as a result of a chain of tragic events and circumstances.

Technically, transporting the aspect of Pleroma was very difficult. Back then, there was only one corridor from it to Earth – through the Logos of the Local Universe, its Multiverse. This is precisely where the problem arose.

During delivery of the separated aspect from Pleroma through Multiverse, an unforeseen situation occurred. To understand its essence and reason it is necessary to explain, what Logos consisted of at that time.

In addition to the Pleroma particles, it also contained elements of the Anti-Pleroma created by the Black Co-Creator of the Local Universe, as well as fragments of the Monads of his son Yaltabaoth and the Demoness Lilith. All three were then on the Dark Side.

Why did Co-Creators choose the Universal Logos for transportation in such a situation?

They were aware of all the risks. Since there was no other way to deliver, they decided that they could do it safely through that part of the Logos that consisted of the Pleroma’s Light.

But its Black antipode triggered as a directional landmine of Supreme Black Hierarch who dreamed of capturing the Pleroma’s aspect. Passed through the Universe’s Logos, it snagged the edge of the Anti-Pleroma.

As a result, the calculated trajectory changed, and instead of Hyperborea, the aspect did not reach it, and grounded to the south, on the Rugen Island, but now as a mix of Pleroma and Anti-Pleroma.

After delivering to Earth the Pleromas’ aspects, the substance of the Universe’s Logos remained on the surface, forming a sarcophagus that covered the parts of both Pleromas.

Further events were no less dramatic. For fixing the situation and make 3D Earth suitable for humans’ survival, 5D Gaia decided to descend to our planet. To do so, she had to voluntarily divide her Monad, breaking its integrity.

Separation occurred during her passage through the Universal Logos. The singled part of her Monad Gaia anchored on the Rugen. And she was immediately captured by Black Archons and put into confinement in Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean (see – The LFs Ops in Japan. Part 2).

Then Hertha, one of the Primary Archonesses of Light and Daughters of World Mother Sophia, went to 3D Earth to save Gaia.

However, it didn’t work out for her either. The Dark Forces also captured Goddess. It happened at the lake, which was later named after her.

The fierce struggle began between Light and Dark Forces for control of aspects’ location that ended in a draw. Both powers gained equal access to them. The Light Hierarchy through the aspect of Pleroma, Black Archons through the aspect of Anti-Pleroma.

As a result, this singled out Creator’s substances were used by some for creation and evolution of the Light eons and races, and by others for involution, chaos, and destruction by the hands of negative civilizations.

Thus, the first Serpenoids appeared on Earth. They were the Nagas from the Dragon Constellation (see – Thai Ops, Part 2).

For a long time, various races of reptiloids and dracos were complete masters of our planet.

They still exist today, inhabiting the inner-Earth where now the tough battles are underway against them.

Absolute couldn’t tolerate that they not only took over the planet but also made earthlings their slaves, and did it secretively, as the world government continues to do today. An ideal slave does not consider him/herself a slave.

In Pleroma was developed the project on parallel populating of Earth by a new civilization of the Highest Spiritual races of the Greater Cosmos.

They began to arrive and settle on the continent, in the area of the present North Pole, which later became known as Hyperborea.

Co-Creators assigned this highly spiritual civilization the role of evolutionary vanguard of humanity and singled out the Pleroma’s aspect for the help.

For a long time, it was so. But as a result of the destructive space and ground wars unleashed by Black Archons, Hyperborea first went underwater, which was then covered with ice caused by the shifting of the Earth’s Poles (see On the Way to the 5th Race. Part 3).

After the cataclysm and the destruction of the continent, Hyperboreans dispersed throughout Eurasia. One of the colonies was on what is now the Rugen Island, wherein the shrine, the aspect of Pleroma, was located.

Having lost access to their Logos on the World Mountain of Meru, Hyperboreans had to create an equal substitute.

They have gathered the sanctified highest priests who have carried out on Piekberg a ritual on the creation of an egregore. Together with the Pleroma’s Hierarchs and the Primary Archons of Light, they separated from their hearts the aspects and merged them into a single whole.

Then, this egregore was synchronized and linked to the Pleroma’s aspect which was localized on Piekberg, the highest point of Rugen. Even today the curvature of space is observed there on the Subtle Plane.

How well the Hyperboreans coped with their evolutionary mission, we can judge for ourselves. There were ups and downs. Many of their descendants passed into the current Fifth Race, which is now being replaced by the Sixth one for life on 5D Earth.

The operation on Piekberg was the culmination of months of Lightwarriors’ hard work. Co-Creators instructed the team to remove an aspect of Anti-Pleroma that they had blocked to prevent its power from being used for Evil.

In fact, it was no longer an aspect but a parasitic structure that for thousands of years was nurtured by necro-energy and blood sacrifices.

As decided by Karma Lords, the Anti-Pleroma’s aspect was forcibly evacuated in a karmic duel format.

At the request of the ground team leader’s Higher Self (he remained in the dark until the beginning of the duel), the Black aspect was taken out of the field of Rügen and placed in his Monad.

He had, if possible, to purify and transform it into the Light of Pleroma.

Lightwarrior learned all this at 3:33 a.m. when he awoke by a sense that his body, his soul, his entire being had been swallowed by an abyss, a black hole.

A state of utter hopelessness came over him, covering with suffocating mortal necro-energy.

He was almost losing consciousness.

The Lightwarrior’s body immediately began to fight for survival, instantly accelerating the Monad’s vibration to the Absolute Synthesis and a super vortex state.

The heart and blood pressure went through the roof, the temperature jumped, the whole body was burning and numb at the same time, there were a strong cold and chills. The hovering between life and death lasted over an hour.

His Monad first tried to resist the input of the deadly Anti-Pleroma substance and the necrotic poison. And that is all it could do. No purification, much less transformation to the state of Light. It was out of the question. For the first time, the group leader faced such an ordeal.

In this situation, his Higher Self decided to stop the karmic duel and performed an inner-Monadic explosion. As a result, the Anti-Pleroma’s aspect was destroyed along with the Monad. At that moment, Lightwarrior lost consciousness.

He did not regain it until the next evening. His Monad began to recover from the self-detonation, and in two days fully restored.

The Co-Creators’ task was fulfilled. Only now did Lightwarrior realize how important the remote work of his group had been before their arrival on Rugen and the deactivation of the necro and karmic burial grounds that the Black Archons and their priests had created in large numbers on the Island.

The story did not end there. The team was in for a surprise and a very unpleasant one.

It turned out that the Anti-Pleroma’s aspect became the den for the dangerous demonic entity. It was androgynous, hermaphroditic in nature, and consisted of the Male and Female Elements of the Local Universe’s Black Co-Creator.

On Rugen, he tried again to give birth to a new version of the Anti-Absolute. And all this time it remained and matured on the Island. Higher Light Hierarchs spent a lot of effort to contain it.

It was this entity that had attacked Lightwarriors during the last months while they were remotely cleansing the Subtle Plan of Rugen, and especially violently when they arrived on the Island. It was this monster that had assaulted the group leader in the Old Church of Altenkirchen village.

Its M.O. was visible – a strong stinging jab and an injection of huge doses of necro-energy that made the victim’s limbs go numb. Fortunately, over the years Co-Creators had hardened Lightwarriors well with this substance, so they could successfully withstand it.

Higher Light Hierarchs blocked on Rügen not only the Anti-Preroma’s aspect but also this negative entity. The ground team was instructed to retrieve it and destroy it.

Three members of the group took over the operation. As soon as Co-Creators on the Subtle Plane opened access to the monster’s lair, Lightwarriors seized it and placed it in their Monads, accelerated to Absolute Synthesis.

They tried to clear it, to give it a chance. Of course, that was very risky. But they made a decision, for if there is one chance, one must try it.

Later, the team went to the hotel. The entity continued to remain in their Monads and behaved extremely aggressively, trying to gain control over and completely absorb them. Lightwarriors already felt that nothing good would come out from the “reeducation” but decided to wait a little longer.

The situation was getting worse by every minute and became critical. So they decided to annihilate the monster by a collective inner-Monadic explosion. They had to do it uncomfortable place – right in the supermarket where they had stopped to buy groceries.

The demonic Anti-Absolute creature had been destroyed. And Lightwarriors had again to rehabilitate and restore their Monads. But it was the easiest thing of all their doings in Germany.

**By Lev