The Physics Of Light

Often we need a reminder of the forces that are at work in the cosmos which are in this “Now” potent and powerful.

People all over the world are steeped in various kinds of challenges from financial to health to relationships to moving to a new area of the country, etc.

So much is happening at the same time that it is like being in a room filled with things that must be cleaned out, and we are trying to decide where to start.

We gather boxes to discard some things and boxes in which to store others.

The process can be exhausting.

All of these shifts in life circumstances are occurring as political, sociological, scientific, and philosophical strife continues.

The electrical mind frequencies and the magnetic emotional frequencies are wreaking havoc on physical vessels as humanity “labors” towards its “re-birth”.

Many people are feeling almost overwhelmed by certain experiences which seem to plague them daily.

We can gain help from understanding what is actually happening on our planet and throughout the galaxy as the “Physics of LIGHT” serves as our “forceps”.

Every several thousand years, our galaxy travels through the Photon Belt—an expansive portal of LIGHT with twelve vortices.

Our galaxy is moving through the first of these vortices, and by the time it has completed its trek throughout the entire Photon Belt, many thousands of years will have elapsed because it takes about 12,000 years to traverse each vortex, and this journey has been made uncountable times in past time/space continuums.

We, in this “Now”, are merely beginning another round of the journey.

Adding to the tremendous LIGHT from the “Belt” is the “Great Attractor”, larger than the center of our galaxy, which is surging with LIGHT.

Further, the Great Central Sun is pouring LIGHT into the Sun of our galaxy and subsequently into our planet—Earth/Gaia— whose tectonic plates, frequency of movement on its axis, and its amplitude are extremely activated while plasma particles fill-up the magnetosphere and press down upon the planet like a Mother bears down and pushes the baby out of the “birth canal”.

All of these situations attest to the fact that a new Earth/Gaia is taking “birth” and has risen to great heights in the cosmos where there is brighter LIGHT and a faster vibrational spin.

Hearts are beating faster; dizzying new rhythms are happening; muscles and joints are aching; eyesight is blurred; heat sensations are reveling up; digestive disturbances are occurring; anxiety is rampant; sleep is no longer recognizable.

All of these, however, constitute the ever-increasing “LIGHT-Activation Symptoms” or “Ascension Symptoms” that are and have been very prevalent for a long while—clear signs that a new existence is on the horizon–one where we will know beyond a doubt that we are “one” with SOURCE because we are aspects of “IT”.

Our individual and collective “Life Force” (Spirit) is amazingly awakening.

Yet, there is a law in the science of Physics which can be applied to this awakening process. HIGH frequencies cannot remain for long in the same vicinity as a low frequency.

The HIGH frequency will eventually destroy the low frequency, but the low frequency will seek to hang onto its dense current for as long as possible like soldiers in battle when one side is obviously winning, but the opposing side still endeavors to keep going hoping that other troops will arrive to assist in its efforts.

Look upon the losing troops as all of the chaos that is still trying to rule the masses who are awakening to the TRUTH of what has been happening on this planet for not just a few past years, but for many eons of time lines.

The awakening of the masses is the victory of that TRUTH, and the LIGHT is the sacred weapon being wielded by SOURCE.

The low frequency that is trying to continue to pretend that it is winning has actually already lost its war, but it is refusing to admit this, and this non-compliance with TRUTH will play-out throughout the month of December of 2021 and into early 2022, and many cosmic “telegrams” based upon planetary alignments and further surges of LIGHT will be the heralders of the messages.

Like a ship that is navigating raging seas, we must stay the course. We are a part of Nature, and we must commune with our “brothers” and “sisters”—the trees, the plants, the animals, the birds, etc.—as a network of support.

Even if it is chilly or cold in your particular hemisphere of the planet (as it is now in the Northern Hemisphere), get out for a walking meditation.

Breathe deeply as you walk,and pray in your mind to SOURCE. If it is warm where you are, spend time beneath a thriving green tree, and literally “talk” to it. It has consciousness. SOURCE ENERGY (Life Force) is in everything.

Connect to “IT” with prayer, meditation, mantra-chanting, and then wear blessed malas which have been “seeded” (a mantra recited on each bead of a 108-bead mala with a 109th Guru bead).

Eat organic fruits, veggies, seeds, nuts, and grains.

Many people are experiencing a lack of appetite which is one of the numerous “LIGHT Activation Symptoms”.

This is a normal reaction as SOURCE is adjusting our digestive systems.

Thus, eat what you can.

However, drink plenty of spring water for its nutritional minerals.

For soothing of the symptoms of this “re-birth”, take only natural remedies.

As “Revelations 22:2” states in the HOLY BIBLE: “The leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations.”

Avoid chemical prescription medications because, as has been discussed previously, they have horrendous side effects, and they prevent the LIGHT from being able to enter into the physical vessel as “IT” should.

This is because LIGHT does not interfere with free will.

We can accept “IT” or reject “IT”.

If we receive “IT”, there will be “LIGHT Activation Symptoms” as “ITS” strength roots out toxic cellular record debris and as “IT” refines our DNA and makes it multi-stranded.

Symptoms caused by chemical medications are signs of a diminishment of the physical vessel, but even so, because SOURCE is compassionate and merciful towards those who have been caught in the vice of confusion of an artificial system based upon “sick care” instead of “health care”, prayer is a powerful wellness paradigm.

As “James 5:15” of the HOLY BIBLE says: “The prayer offered in faith will make a sick person well.”

The sacred texts of other paths also teach about the natural healing bounty of SOURCE.

Explore the holy books of other paths. We are all of the same planet and galaxy and are becoming “Galactic Citizens”.

Our “birth certificate” is LIGHT! We are “birthing” into HIGHER frequencies. Spiritual Science rather than just traditional science is becoming the “norm”.

As Tehuti of the ancient days has taught whose Spirit and Soul eternally traverses the cosmos: “God is LIGHT, and all things come from LIGHT.”

**By Dr Schavi M Ali


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  1. Alan

    Hello Divine Family Myself;)))
    With our thought and belief in our Divine nature ” Consciousness changes Matter ” we can make food and water organic with our prayer Blessing. Jesus said to the disciples, ” it is not so much that goes into your mouths that defiles you it is what comes out of your mouth that defiles you”
    great Love. grandfather;)))