The Magnetoshpere Link To The Light

The “magnetosphere” is the field surrounding Earth/Gaia with powerful magnetic energy.

Like a magnet, it attracts the many cosmic currents from the Sun such as the electromagnetism from solar flares, the plasma particles/waves from coronal mass ejections driven by solar winds, and energies from outside of our solar system as well.

The “magnetosphere” takes an egg-like shape as cosmic frequencies push on and within it filling it with the aforementioned particles and waves of energy.

Charts of the “magnetosphere” from the NOAA show various colors as being indicative of the condition of the “magnetosphere” at any given time.

For example, if it is filled with bright blue, this shows a calm situation; whereas, greens, oranges, and yellows indicate that there is a stirring-up occurring, and red surging within it, eventually seeming to press down, around, and upon the planet itself, is when it is most activated by cosmic energetics.

There are many other “spheres” surrounding our planet such as the atmosphere, ionosphere, stratosphere, etc.

However, the “magnetosphere” is most telling regarding how the many frequencies of LIGHT are affecting Earth/Gaia, and subsequently, re-wiring and updating DNA—especially the mitochondria or information-giving aspect of DNA.

Without referring to the charts of the many scientific organizations which keep records of what is happening in the cosmos, however, most people are now capable of “knowing” when the “magnetosphere” has received or attracted strong energies because the human physical vessel, mental focus, and emotional setting is affected with the usual “LIGHT Activation Symptoms” but in even more heightened ways.

Tiredness, for instance, may become exhaustion; a mild headache can become a migraine; aches and pains may occur in unusual places; a few hours of sleep can become total insomnia; anxiety can elevate throughout the nervous system; heart rhythms can escalate; slight ringing in the ears can become loud tones, etc.

Cosmic energetics become even more pronounced during specific time frames such as days prior to a Full Moon, or when the planet is moving through a stream of debris from a comet, or when it is moving through a helio-spheric current sheet, or when it is being affected by a solar sector boundary crossing, or when a solstice or equinox is just days away, or when there is an eclipse of the Sun or Moon, and much more.

Therefore, the “magnetosphere” becomes also activated by all of these “Solar Songs” and “plays” its own rhythmic pulses in the “concert” as well.

Rest and hydration are the most often comforting remedies recommended by “Light Bringers”, “Light Workers”, “Spiritual Scientists”, etc. along with all of the other often discussed modalities like meditation, mantra-chanting, wearing of crystals and gemstones, and eating organic meals.

It seems as if we are continually being reminded of necessary actions that we must take in order to remain in clarity regarding what is happening in our solar system, our galaxy, and on our planet.

Repetition locks pertinent information into our “brain computers” (to employ a modern term) for future reference for ourselves and for our sharing with others.

Think of an educational metaphor using arithmetic.

First, we learn to add and subtract. Then we learn multiplication and addition.

As we advance in school, we learn algebra, geometry, physics.

In other words, numbers are always with us, and as we advance in learning, we learn how to apply the numbers in more complex ways.

In the same manner, we are reminded of the powerful way in which LIGHT is transforming creation over and over again for emphasis, and the action of the LIGHT has increased in recent eras.

Humans also have a “magnetosphere”.

It is comprised of the auric fields that surround the physical body temple—a compendium of vibrational frequencies which can attract particular energies to it, which ancient teachings say has twelve circles with each one coming closer to the body.

This is like the “Photon Belt” which has twelve vortices, each one requiring our solar system 2,000 years to traverse.

We are connected to the Sun, the Great Central Sun, the Photon Belt, and more—in ways that the average human being does not contemplate.

This is why we feel the rhythms of the cosmos like we feel the rhythms of music from songs played by musical artists in a concert or on television or on radio—only in far more astounding ways!

Because the “3d” level of life on the planet has been the measure of analysis for many thousands of years, it is only normal for those without knowledge of the HIGHER FORCES to think that something is “wrong” when certain symptoms appear which are uncomfortable.

Yet, remember, a woman who is in labor to bring forth a new baby is uncomfortable too.

Labor hurts, causes anxiety, causes tears to flow.

Even when there is an at-home birth in a calm pool of warm water, and with loving family around, the process of birth is still quite a trip!

Thus, we are moving through the “labor” of LIGHT reception and transmission for purposes of crystallization, of up-leveling in consciousness to Super-Consciousness, of upgrading, as mentioned above, in DNA.

Our “magnetosphere” matches the “magnetosphere” of “Mama Earth/Gaia”.

“She” is receiving increased LIGHT, and so are we. “She” is being “re-birthed” and so are we.

“She” is moving up higher, and so are we.

“She” has a faster vibration, and so do we.

“She” is a creation of SOURCE, and so are we.

The entire cosmos is our “family”.

Welcome to not just “Galactic Citizenry” but to “Cosmic “Citizenry”.

As Nicola Tesla advised us:

“If you want to know the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.

” As was taught many thousands of years earlier in ancient scriptures: “GOD IS LIGHT”.

The “magnetosphere” and its workings are another aspect of GOD—our SOURCE LIGHT.

**By Dr Schavi M Ali