The Portal 21 12 21 Part 2; From 3D To 4D And 5D

On December 13, 2021, at 02.12 CET PM, Higher Light Hierarchy and the Evolutionary Committee of Galacom conveyed the following message:

“Dramatic events will occur in the coming months that will fundamentally change and transform the Earth’s world.

By the Co-Creators’ Plan, the new Transition phase began from the moment of exit from the all-purifying corridor of eclipses on December 4, 2021.

The preparation of its active phase (the Transition Gateway) started on 12 December 2021.

The active phase of the planetary Transition will reach its peak on December 21, 2021, its climax.


Other key Transition dates are January 02, 2022, February 02, 2022, and March 23, 2022 – ending and stabilizing the Transition.

The Transition means a complete and final exit from the Old Matrix and the activation of the New Matrix.

This exit signifies the final technical redistribution of humanity into new existential realities where they will continue their evolution according to the incarnational scenario of the Higher Self.

Those who begin the Transition will be transferred into the field of the fourth dimension and will be fully taken over by the evolutionary service of the 4D Earth’s Logos.

For some, it means that they will be transferred to the fourth-density in the existing “scenery” – the picture of the world around them. Others will immediately see a new Earth and a new Universe.

Thirds will be transitioned to the 4D technically but will remain in the existing 3D field for a while. Much depends on how the process will go on.

Transition is not only a radical transformation of Man, his body but also of the entire 3D Earth.

Planet’s move into the fifth dimension which is actively discussed on Earth means the formation of a single body, the field of the reality of Gaia’s Absolutoverse 3D/4D/5D and its activation. 3D Earth will be transformed beyond recognition but it will not go anywhere.

Earthlings now have a clear events horizon and a planning time-frame for their lives.”

As a comment on the Galactic Committee’s message, the following should be added.

During the last 60 years, there was a consolidation of the Universe’s high vibrations on Earth. It has become possible due to the selfless service of a great number of Hierarchs, Spiritual Teachers, Lightwarriors, Lightworkers, starseeds, healers, and others who have conducted through themselves and anchored on the planet the Source’s energy.

Time is rapidly moving forward. The Local Universe and our world are being transformed, passing into a different reality. THE GREATER COSMOS-EARTH-MAN INTERACTION IS RADICALLY CHANGING.

All of us have to rebuild and adapt to the changes in the planetary crystal grid, sacred structures, the Power Places through which the new quantum energies are transmitted that determine our further development.

The ancients knew that sacred dates are concentrators, amplifiers, and conductors of subtle energies, knowledge, and information.

This year, Portal 21.12.21 is not only enhanced by a double mirror date but also increases its impact time from December 12 to December 21, 2021.

That is a very important moment for each of us. And how we will use the new high-frequency flows of energies and information depend only on ourselves.

There is a Divine seed of Light in all of us. This seed needs to be awakened. Many people live on low vibrations because this grain is sleeping in them.

Such men are in oblivion and due to it, they do not feel their Soul and Spirit.

With the acceleration of the Great Quantum Transition, the new Source’s energy awakens all who can be awakened.

Portal 21.12.21 will open powerful waves of Light, and very strong awakening energies will come to Earth. Some quantum currents will be replaced by others.

Each of us initially can absorb the new high-frequency vibrations. They allow us to get a completely different experience and knowledge. It’s available to everyone now.

We are all in a common stream but everyone stays on a different level of development. People who live at high vibes will feel an incredible energy flight, accompanied by many wonderful realizations and insights.

In some places, the flight will pass through zones of turbulence, because this is the way Co-Creators sober us up, release us from illusions, and so everything that we no longer need goes out of our lives.

For those living on lower vibrations, the Transition will be hard energetically.

It will be as if they will be turned inside out, and in fact, they will be brought back to themselves. Their consciousness is so distorted that true life values have long been replaced by false ones.

As emphasized in the message of the Galactic Committee, Portal 21.12.21 does not end the cycle, but rather opens it wider.

This is the Gateway to a new reality that now will be much easier for us to create with the power of our thoughts.

This is an invisible boundary that will determine the spiritual level of each of us. And depending on where we are now, our further life will take shape from now on.

This does not mean that for those who are stuck in everyday life or lagging, there is now no opportunity to go higher and move into 4D and higher with the planet.

This means that our Spiritual growth will now take place differently, as there is no time left for long training.

Enlightenment of our Souls will be made in the form of flashes of Spiritual illumination. Life situations will be formed in such a way that everything will suddenly begin to fall into place.

We will see everything in its true and purest form as if a veil has fallen from our eyes. Many will realize that up to now they have been living as if in a dream, not knowing what they are doing.

It will be facilitated by the new energies and vibrations coming to Earth. They will begin to penetrate deeper and deeper into our consciousness, filling the entire space around us. The cosmic memory stored in our DNA and RNA will be awakened.

We will understand that real harmony is achieved only by our inner work and state. It is in our Soul, not in the beautiful life, prestige, and money advertising to us.

Everything will happen now at an accelerated pace also because Time is accelerating rapidly. Many have already noticed it.

To keep up pace with it, we have to create a 4D/5D space around us. It will gradually absorb more and more people, who will be attracted to it by the similarity of vibrations.

How can we do that?

Just imagine that the air around us is not what it used to be. It is now clear, transparent, and sparkling. It is filled with vibrations of the fourth and fifth dimensions.

And we now live in this halo that goes far beyond our energy field.

We dissolve in this space of Light which, like a magnet, attracts all whose Soul craves it, and therefore are sure to feel it as native habitat.

**By Lev