The Portal 21 12 21 Part 3; From 3D To 4D And 5D

On the day when the Portal 21.12.21. will be maximum opened (see – Part 1, December 13, 2021), its work will be enhanced by the mixing of phases (periods) of very powerful energies of several stelliums. Some have a harmonious effect, while others increase the tension.

Harmonious aspects would be:

Second phase Moon and Full Moon with it in Gemini, helping to resolve conflict situations constructively, make decisions on pressing issues, and successfully conduct difficult negotiations;

A sextile of Jupiter and the Sun that brings the energy of optimism, an understanding of how to overcome difficulties, a desire to do good to others;

The sextile of Neptune and Pluto retrograde reinforces the desire to expand Spiritual space. Awakens interest in the new and unexplored, as well as love for the world and the Universe in which we live, to further the positive development of our civilization.

The energetically intense aspects include:

The opposition of the Sun and the Black Moon increases narcissism, arrogance, and pride. Increases danger for the first persons of the State, to whom these character traits are inherent;

Mars and Jupiter’s square exacerbates conflicts and clashes of collective and personal interests;

Mars in conjunction with the Ascendant Lunar Node and opposition to the Ascendant Lunar Node provokes to ignore past experiences, the interests, and needs of society;

Jupiter square to the Lunar Nodes exposes the mismatch of traditional foundations, worldview, religion, morality, ethics, and the imposed trends of social development;

The square of Saturn and Uranus retrograde reinforces protests against the existing order and dictatorial aspirations, creating revolutionary situations. It pushes society towards profound changes and a revision of previous norms, laws, and beliefs.

The square of Neptune and the Black Moon shows man’s broken connection with Source, and at the same time, shows the path to increased Spirituality.

In addition to the planets, the energies of the Constellations Gemini and Capricorn will influence Portal 21.12.21.

The Gemini radiation carries the vibrations of opposing mental processes, the interpenetration of Spirit and matter, the connection of rhythm and form. This is the energy of world Intelligence, rationality, changeability, and flexibility.

On December 21, 2021, at 15:59 UTC, the Sun enters the Constellation Capricorn, filled with vibes of cosmic order, justice, and harmony of the individual and the universal.

All these and other energies not only create a general power setting but are also directed by Co-Creators to solve point problems at the right time and in the right place.

A vivid example of that was the Higher Light Hierarchy use of the M87 Galaxy in the Virgo Constellation in January 2020. Its emissions were applied to clean up and reprogram Earth and earthlings on the eve of the New Galactic Year (21.12.2020) and to give impetus to the Transition.

Let’s recall these events, which are very reminiscent of the recent Operation Sol Eclipse about which the DNI narrated on 6 December 2021.

First, here is some general info.

M87 is a supergiant elliptical galaxy, the largest in the constellation Virgo. It is about 16.4 million parsecs (53.5 million light-years) from Earth. M87 is the second brightest in and one of the most massive Virgo Cluster.

This Constellation is filled with the energies of the Higher Light Forces, Service to the Source, and the Absolute.

M87 generates various powerful radiations, especially radio waves. Its jets of energy plasma from the core can reach 1500 parsecs (4900 light-years).

On January 6, 2020, Co-Creators aimed these jets at Earth. Fifteen minutes before emission hit the planet, the density of the Solar wind jumped more than 5 times and the interplanetary magnetic field around Earth sharply rotated 180 degrees. A giant crack formed in it for many hours, into which the Solar tsunami pummeled.

On January 7, 2020, Higher Light Hierarchs through M87 struck Earth with new powerful volleys of particles with energies exceeding 10 to the 19th-degree electron volts. These jets were so powerful that they reached our planet without the slightest deviation in the Galactic magnetic fields, i.e. in a perfectly straight line.

During the hours when Gaya was fully exposed to space, Co-creators purposely closed Earth and M87 magnetic field power lines on each other and did it several times. We became a tiny extension of this cosmic supergiant that had us in its magnetic embrace.

The participant of this cosmic action, the Sun, has also contributed to the surgical operation.

Two weeks earlier, on 21.12.2019, it had a powerful explosion that ripped apart its magnetic fields.

They then reconnected, filled with new energy, and in the form of protuberances reached Earth.

What purpose did Co-Creators pursue by opening the magnetic shell of the planet and showering it and us with a cosmic rain of gamma-rays of enormous power?

There were several goals, all important.

The jets triggered large earthquakes that relieved seismic overstress in Earth’s crust.

The destruction of 3D energy Matrices and grids began, and with them, – thought forms, habits, patterns, and egregores. Big and small, in many different versions and countries. In all its manifestations – from the global to the personal.

Under the influence of the flux of elementary particles directed from M87, a change in the molecular composition of DNA was kicked off.

Simultaneously, Co-Creators solved another critical problem.

In our Local Universe, exists a neural framework of technogenic civilizations created by Black Archons, duplicating and partially overlaying the general Universe crystalline network that serves as a transport system and cosmic Internet.

The Earth’s Crystal (core) in this neural network is one of the key neurons. An impulse from the M87 Galaxy was aimed at the Darkis’ technogenic influence on our planet and the Milky Way as a whole.

What was it for?

One of the tasks of the Star Souls on Earth was to lay bare the neural network of the technogenic races through infiltration into their invaded territories.

From Pleroma, the detailed picture was not visible and not fully understood. In addition, the Higher Light Hierarchy had little idea how the parasitic neural network impacts earthlings, what security systems it used, and what backlash it could activate while attempting to neutralize it.

The neural network of the Local Universe has its security system, a kind of restart button, which uses the M87 targeted emissions for that purpose.

Before this operation, Co-Creators reversed the Earth’s field shells, including the magnetic fields, like a lens, to peer through a different angle to see what was previously invisible.

So that the restart button would work as best and punch a hole in the Archons’ technogenic envelopes.

By the way, the plan-demics and the activation of the 5G emitters are directly related to this event. Archons launched them during the M87 pulse emission, as one of the countermeasures against high vibrations, and to cover up the secret escape of the Dark Hierarchs from the planet.

Ships of negative civilizations are hovering in near-Earth orbit, collecting their Souls from incarnation because they will not survive in the new 5D vibes.

80% of the ships belong to Insectoids, but there are other negative races as well. Such evacuation was foreseen but it had to happen later. Unexpectedly for Archons, the earthlings began the Transition faster than planned, and the planet’s 4D/5D vibrations began to rise sharply.

Around the planet, the field shields, which swirl streams of energy to clear the space, are working again. Previously Archons blocked them. These shields resemble a buzzing armillary sphere. If earlier it was spinning and throwing off astral-mental pollution due to movement, now it is also heated and incandescent, increasing its potential and energy strength.

The M87 Galaxy is used not only for that purpose as an emitter. What is observable from Earth through the instruments is a part of reality. Behind it, there is an enormous multidimensional space of energy beings, a collective consciousness of the 7D civilization. For thousands of years, they have helped Earth and humanity more than once.

They send impulses to our planet via transducers. Among such conductors are our Sun and other stars in the space neighborhood.

In one of the multidimensional layers of M87, there is a funnel-Portal from which a beam-string stretches to Earth. It’s connected to the South Pole. What for?

There is a second-dimensional world inside our planet where all the low-frequency and negative energies produced by people in 3D are dumped. Over many millennia, this cesspool has critically overflowed.

Co-Creators have connected a beam-hose to pump out the accumulating astral-mental debris of people as well as to remove the remnants of the infrastructure of parasitic technogeek civilizations.

The tube’s surface glows with powerful radiant energy. It is this energy that affects Earth’s magnetic field, pulling the magnetic lines apart and connecting the hose to the South Pole.

After the next portion of dirt is removed from the inner Earth, which is then burnt out in the core of M87 and other Suns of the Galaxy, all the freed space is filled with gamma-ray energy by Co-creators through a hose. They purify all Earth’s elementales – water, air, fire, earth, and ether.

As for the crystal neural network, by the M87 emissions, Co-Creators restored its ability to accumulate and transmit energy-information harmoniously. For that, it was purified and restarted.

Earth, as a key point of this neural network, was in a deplorable condition until recently. That’s why it was processed by direct impulse from M87, literally melting parasitic shells and astral-mental trash of people.

Periodically, selected statesmen, politicians, oligarchs, tycoons, officials are reprogramming by pointed impulses. By them, possessors and implants, installed by Archons, are extracted from men’s field structures. The puppet masters have to upload new ones urgently, adapted to the changing energy conditions.

Such an “upgrade” is needed because in 4D/5D vibes the implants were rapidly failing, and the old servers and systems burned out by M87 jets and other Light Forces’ ops.

Huge masses of Darkis, who supported and manipulated the authorities, in a panic and rush escaped into denser spaces, astral and ether layers. Of course, not all of them hid. Some remained on the surface to run their puppets, though it’s difficult to stay within the Earth’s renewed energy structure.

They are still trying to control the masses, to avoid the collapse of the Dark egregores supporting the current economic and social order. However, they no longer are the masters of the situation. Tightening the screws is just another intimidation of the population to siphon off its vital energy.

There will be more and more such attempts. The authorities will change the firmware more and more often because it’s frankly buggy. And that means there will be more and more bullshit in the news, so we don’t need to pay attention to it.

The same holds for pandemics. It affects the respiratory tract because these organs are the first responding to the lack of freedom, individuality, Spirituality, and creativity in men. A person does not see prospects or is unwilling to change, stuck in the old resentments and imposed patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behavior.

Lack of freedom, limitations, and afflictions do not arise out of blue. They are a consequence of fears and accumulated distortions. As soon as we are exposed to fears, we become vulnerable.

We don’t have to be physically infected with the virus. It is enough to panic or to be in a space saturated with other people’s fears. And they will immediately drag us down to the bottom where the scares on the screens become an objective reality.

The inflated hysteria around the “pandemics” and around-war news (Syria, Turkey, Iran, Ukraine, China, African countries, etc.) have, partially, achieved its goal. Vibrations and sentiments in society are sinking closer to the plinth.

People are increasingly being drawn into viscous layers of energy in which any type of manipulation and influence based on the principle “where it’s thin, there it’s torn” is possible.

Not everyone takes the bait, but the general background is so oversaturated with psychosis that it is difficult for high-frequency energies to take hold. It should not be allowed, and there are working methods of keeping in high our vibrations.

This is what the Portal 21.12.2, and the energies of the Planets, Stars, Constellations, and Galaxies directed through it to Earth on the day of the Winter Solstice and all the following stages of the Great Quantum Transition are aimed at.

We often hear about the Flash, the Event, and other “iconic” developments that have become fetishes of the Ascension, lulling vast masses of people into an apathetic and endless waiting for a miracle.

New flashes, events, and energies are coming to Earth not strictly on specific days, but in waves for over 60 years now, so that everyone can receive them without damage to their health and psyche.

Today, these waves increased their intensity and amplitude, just as small ripples in the sea, first, turn into small waves, which, then, become storm waves and tsunami.

In the last days of December, the quantum flows will reach their peak – the height to which those who have long followed the path of Spiritual evolution can arise, and which will become destructive for the other part of humanity who has chosen the involution.

The main boundary between the ossified and crumbling 3D and the nascent new world of the fifth dimension will be the year 2022.

We don’t need to be guided by certain dates, Portals, and corridors. These are just mental crutches for some people. It is better to be guided by our heart feelings, inner work, and Spiritual Discipline.

It is important to live as if each day is the boundary we are to cross. It is important to be ready for the coming changes every day, every hour, every minute of our lives.

It is useful to mentally place ourselves as often as possible in a sphere of the Fire of Universal Love with mirror-like outer walls. Fill this sphere with the Energy of Ascension. It will help to transform our consciousness into the Divine, and the physical corpus into a Light crystalline body.

In this way, we become unreachable to any negative energies and programs of the three-dimensional world.

This is the state of being in the “here and now” moment that DNI narrates about so many times.

It is what will allow us to move into the new space of the fifth dimension unnoticeably, calmly, and harmoniously.

**By Lev