Chemtrail Pilot Comes Forward: Mass Human Extinction

As many of you know, just this last week, we covered the Chemtrail piece that was broadcasted by the mainstream media and because of the response that we received by the radio listeners, as well as the social media platform viewers, I wanted to bring more information on this matter, which many of you requested.

How couldn’t I, when waking up to massive spray trails, which continued throughout the day and that in my own backyard?

On Saturday, I received this link from one of our listeners that works in the airline business and wanted to share with you:

Americans, and for that matter people on a global scale, you can ignore this all that you want. However, in the end, it will be to your own demise. After all, you are breathing these chemtrails into your own lungs.


7 Replies to “Chemtrail Pilot Comes Forward: Mass Human Extinction”

  1. Alaïa

    Love the comments here. Very Law of One. Jabbed, unjabbed – we are all human. I won’t let fear divide us. I close you all in my heart.

  2. quinn payne

    Is it really necessary to demean all who got vaccinated? Some of us did vaccinate and DO acknowledge chem trails. Please don’t lump everyone in one camp or another. Some of us weren’t willing or able to lose our jobs. Even considering this poor dude who works for the air force; pray for him, bless him, but don’t chastise and condemn him. We need to pull together as fellow humans, not put each other in lump camps and deny the humanity of on group for an action or past action. It is a priority that we all pull together now, especially now.

  3. Spiritual Dragon

    Everything the pilot says about Chemtrails is true. They don’t want them to know what they are spraying in the air. Supposedly to hide military bases from being seen?
    Reminds me of stupid Gates who want to seed the clouds to block the sun, to slow Global Warming…how stupid it that when everything on Earth needs light from the sun to live?

    Anyway I was told there is a way to neutralize the chemtrails. But you must do it while it is coming out of the plane. You focus on the output, and with intention, you transform and neutralize the output into vapor.

    Unfortunately I have not been able to try it, since on the BI of Hawaii they rarely chemtrail our skies. The only time I noticed it was when President Trump stopped over on his trip to Asia.

  4. Bob

    This has been going on for years and related to brain dysfunction like Alzheimers disease. In chemtrail’s wake are heavy metal particulates that are wreaking havoc on Mother Earth and ALL of her children, including your eternal brothers and sisters here now in this compromising moment of their lives.
    Trouble with a majority of these types of articles, like from this author and video Grapher, is the condemnation of your brother/sister for being stupid to get vaccinated??!
    Where is the compassion that is supposedly a hallmark of this beloved blog “Era of Light”?
    These news items are only worthy if they don’t further divide the populace.
    My mother is 95 and got the jab. She is not stupid but a true humanitarian. And, she is One with All vaxxed and non-vaxxed residents of this planet.
    Please scrutinize these articles before putting up polarizing and judgmental opinions of which I have commented on several times in the past. We should be much further along than this.

    1. Roger That

      We are under duress, air is not breathable in certain targeted areas. Fact. So it’s hard to be positive at times. If you have blue skies, be thankful.