5 Reasons Why an Empath Doesn’t Like You

I have written before about why people might take a dislike to an Empath, for no apparent reason, but I have never discussed why an Empath may take a disliking to others with no outward clues as to why.

Empaths tend to be considerate and understanding, and probably won’t like to admit that they don’t like certain people. But, just like with anyone else, resentments can form towards others.

Generally, if an Empath takes a dislike to you, it will be more because of the way you make them feel. They pick up things that you try and hide, and they will observe everything you don’t say in words. Your energy speaks louder than words.

Unfortunately, most people manage to invoke an emotional response within the Empath at some point, without saying or doing anything, and it is often the kindest of people who carry the most pain.

Occasionally feeling another’s emotions is nothing compared to what certain people can activate within an Empath, and this is what most often causes a dislike to happen. But that is not always the case…

So, here’s the top five reasons an Empath might dislike you:


The definition of a narcissist is: a psychological condition characterised by self-preoccupation, high self-esteem, a distinct lack of empathy, excessive self-admiration and a tendency towards selfish or resentful behaviours.

There are several other traits that also fit the bill of narcissism such as: one-sidedness, a manipulative nature, unrealistic expectations of others, excess need for control, and a huge sympathy deficiency.

Empaths tend to have very low tolerance for narcissists, and their ways, especially if they ever had a bad run-in with one. So, even if you carry a few of the above traits, you may find an Empath will take an instant dislike to you.


When in the company of those whose words don’t match their vibration, the Empath’s brain tends to scramble. So much so, they may struggle to form a coherent sentence. This mind-numbing effect is caused by their ‘Empathic antenna’ sensing all is not what it seems. It is detecting this person is not showing a true reflection of who they are.

When an Empath comes across fake people, or those who are hiding their true personality, it is common for them to close down. A barrier comes up and there’s no getting past it. Anyone who is not giving truthful vibes will put an Empath on high alert. This impact can also ignite an instant dislike to form, and they may avoid being in your presence.


An Empath, who both lifts and experiences the dark emotions or intentions of others, are worst affected than most by being around negative people.

Many Empaths come to realize that when they spend time around downbeat individuals, they feel cloudy, lethargic, and low. Too often, the Empath ends up wearing the energy of these people for days after exposure.

Also, those who tend to wallow in negativity can act as ‘energy vampires.’ Their gloomy manner drains an Empath’s vitality even after a short time spent in their presence. This drain can leave them overwhelmed with dark emotions and pessimism. For this reason, many Empaths find a dislike develops for those who are overly negative.


Most Empaths abhor being in the presence of people who are constantly critical of others. Those who appear to thrive on seeking out flaws and faults in people are ‘venomous’ to an Empath. It’s as though the criticizers are not happy unless they are finding failings in someone else’s life. Either in their appearance, status or achievements.

Being highly empathetic to another’s suffering, an Empath will always look out for the underdog.  Anyone who’s being bullied or treated unfairly draws their compassion. Likewise, anyone who is ‘stealing the light’ from others, in order to feed their own, will gain an Empaths disapproval.


When someone acts as a trauma trigger to an Empath, it does not mean they are bad people. It can simply mean they carry a lot of buried pain within.

A trauma trigger is a memory from the past that triggers a reaction, such as anxiety or fear, in the present. Because an Empath has a highly reactive amygdala, they are adversely impacted when around those who act as a trauma trigger.

The amygdala is a reacting part of the brain which activates when exposed to stimuli, such as fear or other strong emotions, and stimulates the stress hormones. (Read more here.)

Simply being in the presence of someone suffering emotionally is enough to ignite an amygdala reaction, in an Empath, whether the other person shows their emotions or not. This reaction can mean they overproduce adrenalin and cortisol. Both of which stimulate fearful or pained emotions.

In these cases, an Empath may not know why they don’t like you, they just know they don’t want to be in your company.

So, there you go. If as an Empath you are reading this as a way to understand why you don’t like certain people, then hopefully this will have given some insight. If, however, you have been spurned by an Empath, and don’t know why, hopefully it will have done the same for you.

It has to be an accepted truth that we all have people who don’t like us, for whatever reason, we are not meant for everyone. And that’s ok.

Until next time.

**By Diane Kathrine


One Reply to “5 Reasons Why an Empath Doesn’t Like You”

  1. david k gates

    Im a rather unusual empath. I grew up in a hunting and fishing family. I am a jock type and a jack of all trades, master of none.

    I once took a job without meeting anyone in person, just phone interviews back in the early 90’s.
    My first day, I met my new boss and IMMEDIATELY upon sight, the hair on the back of my neck stood up and my intuition gave me an alarm bell warning that I almost broke into a martial arts readiness stance for fighting.
    Never felt anything like this before but it was INSTANT dislike and I almost quit right there …but I needed the job and the money.
    Turns out he committed suicide back in…96 or 97…right after the majority of Reptilians returned to THE LIGHT.
    He HAD to be some type of malevolent being inside and Im sure “IT” recognized me as a Light Warrior.

    Will NEVER forget that feeling when I first saw him and after talking with him for 1/2 a day, I realized he manipulates people

    “May the Light of Heaven shine upon you in ALL its GLORY” is what I tell anyone I feel is NOT of the LIGHT….just to be a smartass and also let them know I KNOW WHAT THEY ARE.

    Almost Everyone likes me but those who dont are either not of the light or they are in an ego-drama and they are MAD that almost everyone likes me.
    What you dont like about someone else is ususally what you dont like about a certain part of yourself.