Light Activation Signature; Clearing, Cleansing, Activating Light Continues!

Multiple “M-Class” solar flares in the past several days have unleashed two coronal mass ejections—one of which is expected to arrive onto Earth/Gaia today, Thursday, December 23, 2021, and the other is expected on December 25th—Christmas day.

Solar winds also are continuing to elevate beyond 500 kilometers per second, and sunspots on the solar disk are peppered with potentially strong further “M-Class” flares.

However, even educated scientists realize that their analysis of when cosmic events are to happen are only good estimations because only SOURCE knows the exact Divine timing of the release of cosmic forces.

Our intuition or empathic capabilities can know when events are occurring due to the physical, mental, and emotional “Light Activation Symptoms” (LAS) which arise.

We are now, therefore, “spiritual technology”.

Some people sense the LAS prior to the arrival of strong cosmic events; some feel them as the events are manifesting; and some feel them both before, during, and for days afterwards.

Everyone has a particular “Light Activation Signature” (LA/Sig)—the set point of when LAS occurs.

This is according to how much clearing and cleansing of DNA and cellular records has already occurred and how much more has yet to happen.

Collective humanity is still clearing and cleansing lots of ancestral and current time/line debris, and individual debris can become entangled within the collective life stream of experiences.

This is why remaining anchored to SOURCE LIGHT is so vital.

The anchoring is healing and protective.

When various stressful events occur, material atomic particles of debris can begin to penetrate the first of the twelve auric fields around the human physical vessel.

If something is not soon done to sweep away the atomic debris, each subsequent auric field is penetrated until eventually the chakras, meridians, cells, molecules, etc. receive disharmonious signals, and problems can ensue in the physical, mental, and emotional components of being human.

We must remember that the complete transformation—“re-birth”—from carbon-based forms to crystalline is not yet complete, and in fact, has quite a long way to go.

SOURCE LIGHT, however, in all of “ITS” formations is clearing-off and cleansing-away eons of DNA and cellular debris and is continually upgrading all of creation.

The enormous percentages of elevations in human consciousness as truths unfold about certain political, sociological, medical, and scientific, etc. situations around the globe attest to the victory of the LIGHT.

Yet, while these truths are being realized, everyone must still self-nurture with spiritual and natural modalities so that LIGHT can travel more easily to do its sacred “ceremonial” work.

Let us take a look at the coming year of “2022” from a Kabbalistic perspective to discern what its messages can be us, keeping in mind that many cultures do not resonate with the Gregorian timelines.

In Kabbalah, it is already the 24th century!

Yet, most people around the world do accept the Westernized time settings, and this is an example of how collective consciousness works.

Time is really artificial because who can really say when SOURCE began creation?

However, since, as just stated, most people accept that it will be “2022” in a few days, let us proceed with our analysis.

The number of the year “2022” adds to the number “6” which is the Kabbalah letter VOV.

The message of this glyph is that every self-contained object has six dimensions: above, below, right and left, front and back.

Although each dimension is unique, each of them relates to a special Divine force in the creative process, and all of these dimensions are actually a unified whole (some of this from the research of Kabbalist Edward Hoffman).

Further spiritual research shows that the dimensions are EARTH, AIR, FIRE, WATER, ETHER, and the AKASH—the first five of which we refer to as “elements”.

As has been explained in a previous article, the AKASH, also known as the AKASHIC RECORD, is an invisible vibrational frequency of energy that is like a “library” of all of the thoughts, words, feelings, and actions of creation throughout the entire space/time continuum.

Thus, the past, the present, and the future are always with us just like a library in the earthly realm contains rare or very old books of knowledge as well as newly-published information which is often based upon much earlier teachings.

As we read, the words take form in our minds, and we can symbolically “see” what it was like in past timelines.

Certain meditative techniques can take us to past or future events, and we can also “see” current events as they are taking shape.

Therefore, the AKASH or AKASHIC RECORD is the eternal element. Each day we are adding to its record of events.

The collective elevation of human consciousness in this “Now” is being added to the “Cosmic Library”—the AKASH.

Each of us is a book with complete chapters, pages, paragraphs, sentences, and words within it—rooted in many ages and eons of the past of our own individual experiences and those of our ancestors—on and off of this particular planetary domain. We continually write the book.

In “2022” humanity MUST come together in even larger percentages so that the collective human auric fields cannot be penetrated by forces whose self-imposed mission is to destroy free will and spiritual anchoring.

VOV insures us that this is possible.

LIGHT is shining upon that which needs to be cleared and cleansed, and the LIGHT is increasing in potency.

Think of these very simple metaphors: A small toy building constructed by a child that is comprised of plastic blocks can crumble by the flick of a finger.

Likewise, a set of dominoes can knock against each other and the entire set-up brought down by a finger flick.

However, a huge building of brick or stone must be brought down by a bulldozer.

Think of the disharmonies on this planet as the buildings of brick or stone, and the bulldozer as the LIGHT.

A bulldozer is a powerful mechanism, and it makes a loud boom when it strikes its target.

When the building is brought completely down, something new can be erected in its place.

Earth/Gaia is not going to be destroyed like the building in the example, but it is being steadily elevated in “OT” which is Hebrew for “Vibration” and is brightening in LIGHT—gaining more “Tihar” which translates from Hebrew as “Brilliance”.

As “2021” comes to closure, let us be grateful for our blessings during the year but also be vigilant in terms of our focus upon higher elevation which will be required as the cosmos continues to advise us and to offer us greater knowledge.

At 8:00 PM each evening (according to individual time zones), please join many of us around the world as we pray for peace and healing on our planet.

The number “8” on its side is the symbol for INFINITY.

We can be eternally encased in an AKASH of LIGHT.

Our auric fields can be strengthened and sealed. No density will be able to enter.

Only angelic frequencies of sparkling attunements will be allowed entrance.

Then we will truly hear the sacred voice of SOURCE say: “Be still and know that I am God!” (HOLY BIBLE) and “I destroy the ignorance-born darkness by the shining LIGHT of wisdom.” (BHAGAVAD GITA) and “God will bring untruth to nought” (HOLY QU’RAN) and “Truth will smite falsehood.” (ZEND-AVESTA) and “Whatever is contrary to the TAO soon ends.” (THE TEXTS OF TAOISM).

In the Sanskrit language, there is a word that indicates “stife”, and that word is “pralaya”.

In Hebrew, there is a word used when auric flelds are filled with chaos and confusion, and it is “klippot”.

Certainly our planet has been in much “pralaya” and filled with “klippot” in the years “2020” and “2021”.

However, from the ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) language, we find the word “MAAT” which translates as TRUTH, JUSTICE, BALANCE, HARMONY, and RIGHTEOUSNESS.

This is depicted as a woman kneeling with outstretched arms that look like large angelic wings.

This is what we should be seeking regardless of which language is used to express it. Let us make our motto—our affirmation— for 2022: “I AM BLESSED BY GREATER SOURCE LIGHT!” Let us greet each other with “MAY YOU BE BLESSED BY GREATER SOURCE LIGHT!”

This is almost like saying “NAMASTE” which translates as: “The SOUL in me honors the SOUL in you.”

We are indeed the “Souls” of the SOUL.

LIGHT is activating to bring us closer to this REALITY.

Whatever holiday you celebrate during this time frame—Christmas or Kwanzaa or Winter (or Summer) Solstice—may you be blessed to elevate higher both spiritually and intellectually and be healthy, happy, prosperous, and anchored to SOURCE as “2022” is birthed into our planetary realm.

**By Dr Schavi M Ali