The Portal 21 12 21 Part 3; The Great Quantum Transition

What are the results of the Portal 21.12.21 work during the December Solstice? How did they look on the Subtle Plane for the Light Warriors ground teams who were constantly watching them with clairvoyance?

According to the summation of the first days of this Transition stage, we can already say with full confidence it entered its new active, culminating phase!

When our Transition would be described in the future, it will accentuate the period 12/21/2012-12/21/2021. In these nine years, a very important prep was made for the active phase of the Great Quantum Transition.

What is the essence and meaning of the word Great in this case? It means the radical transformation, change, transition to a new qualitative and vibrational state. These are the key terms. They affect both: Man and 3D Earth.

Our existential structures (bodies of manifestation, ranging from the Monad to the physical corpus) are undergoing a pivotal transformation. In parallel, our planet is being drastically transformed.

What exactly happened on December 21-22, 2021?

A huge amount of things. These are hundreds of different parameters. It is impossible to completely cover them from the Earth’s surface at all. We don’t even know about many of them.

From what is already available to us, it applies to: new quantum flows from the Source through Galactic core and our Sun; the movement of Earth to a new, 5D vibrational orbit; purification from the negativity of the Subtle Plane, its astral and etheric layers; the crystal lattice of the planet and its core; plasma and matter; magnetic field, atmosphere, and tectonics; DNA and RNA, atoms and molecules transformation, etc.

Big changes have affected people. Not all of us, but only those who are ready for 4D. A new mass wave has moved into the Earth’s field of the fourth dimension. As it happens with some, see DNI, The Acquisition, 23 December 2021.

This is far from an isolated case. It has been occurring continuously for more than a year, now slowing down, now accelerating, as happened on December 21-22, 2021. Another group of those who, thanks to inner work, raised their vibrations to 4D and became evolutionarily poised for, were transferred to the technical field of the fourth dimension and completely taken over by the 4D Earth’s Logos.

Technically, it consisted in removing the incarnation Crystal (Personal Logos Matrix) of a particular person from the Causal Matrix of 3D Gaia and transferring it to the Causal Matrix of 4D Earth. For the present.

But the significance of that action is enormous. The majority of us are already in the fourth dimension. From now on, all our evolutionary traffic, all energy and information exchange, and everything else goes only through the 4D Earth’s Logos!

For example, a picture of reality (a holographic Matrix of the surrounding world) is transmitted to us through it. So far, it exactly matches the 3D reality. But it won’t be for long, only for a while, during a Transition period.

What sensations our body and consciousness experienced on December 21-22, 2021, is a separate story. All the symptoms that we are already familiar with have sharply worsened.

Pressure on the head and, accordingly, on the entire skull (our crystal is growing) nasal sinuses, jaw, teeth, gums.

Burning in the throat, in the mouth, itching. Allergic rhinitis. Dryness.

While eating, sometimes there is a feeling as if a piece is stuck in the throat and it is difficult to breathe.

Choking spells.

The feeling of a speck in the eyes, vision is periodically clouded. Constant buzzing in the ears.

The difficulty of focusing attention on something. Absent-mindedness. Pressure in the center of the chest.

Sometimes, before going to bed, a wave rolls up from the bottom, as if the Soul can leave us. And we think that this is what death looks like.

When we get out of the elevator, we feel groggy for some more time. It seems to us that the floor is falling through, or collapsing at an angle.

We are down by wild fatigue from these symptoms, from this strange life, from complete disorientation.

The sense that we are in two worlds simultaneously, and they are tearing us apart.

But on the other hand, we all feel that something incredible and inexplicable is about to happen. We can’t put this perception into words yet, but we know it for sure.

And this “just about” seems to last forever… And we lose touch with it again. Then we return to it anew.

We are like soldiers who have spent their whole lives in the trenches. We were told that the war is over, and now we are cautiously getting out of our dug-in position and learning to trust the space around us. We are told: “Don’t be afraid!” But we are still scared…

December 21, 2021, is just another milestone in our transformation. And there will be many more such stages into a new, fourth dimension.

Through the Portal on 21.12.21, Co-Creators established a criterion, the level of minimal transforming of our body, Subtle fields, consciousness, thoughts, emotions, necessary for entering the 4D field.

A softcopy of our transition state was tested. By it, we are gauged of how much we are transformed. This encapsulated file was developed by Co-Creators and loaded into us as a separate Crystal of Light. It contains a program of the minimum necessary transformation, as well as the energy for that.

This is a comprehensive program. It includes changes in genetics, brain, chakral system, blood biochemistry, internal organ structure, vibes frequency, and much more.

Co-Creators pumped the transients with high-vibration energies, downloaded and activated new information packages. It explains our severe stress, starting from December 12, 2021.

The condition of Lightwarriors is even harder since they participate in supporting Earth in its Transition, that is, they carry an additional vibrational and energy load. The members of the ground team, for example, just couldn’t get out of bed for almost a week, so everything went off-scale…

These are the first results of Portal 21.12.21. work. There are new stages ahead, overloads, slowdowns, and breakthroughs. Let’s not cling to the deadlines and dates that the soothsayers promise us.

Let’s just know that this wonderful, incredible and inexplicable is already happening right now, before our eyes. And we are all actively involved in it.

**By Lev


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