Telosians: What To Think Of This New Year

We are happy to see you again, dear brothers and sisters of the Earth, in this New Year.

This year, what will it present to you, offer you in your everyday life? This is what everyone is wondering about given the health situation you are going through. But it’s not just that, there are also the attempts of your rulers to tie you up in your freedom. As you know, the health situation is the right way to apply laws which should be temporary but which might endure over time.

So what to think of this new year? In some previous messages, we have told you, very often, that delicate events would manifest themselves on the soil of the Earth: social events related to the current situation, different political events from one country to another and climatic events and geological.

This year, at least the first six months, will ask you to be serene deep inside you, to have confidence in life, and above all, we come back often, very often, to meet your inner being, your soul, in order to understand who you are and what your life asks you to go through. Indeed, you will not be able to face all these events if you are not centered in yourself, that is to say if you do not feel deep within you the gentleness, the Peace and the Serenity of the Divine that you are.

Peace within you will be very necessary to allow you not to live in constant fear, in mistrust of this or that and in order to understand that only respect, mutual aid and compassion are the feelings essential to balance of humanity.

Of course, not all humans will understand what we are telling you. Some will say to themselves that all this is only fine words, is only imagination etc … These beings, who will think this, will be those who will not make the effort to understand their life, to look at it well. face to be able to rejoice in the best it can offer them.

It will be essential to let go of your material attachments, your attachments to the beings of your family (in this case we do not mean not to protect them, not to support them but we mean to leave them free. to live their own way even if it doesn’t suit you).

This new year, under powerful energies, will propel you towards a better understanding of yourself, but only if you make the effort to meet your divine being, to be in compassion, in respect.

With the new energies that the Celestial propels towards the Earth and around the Earth, in his heart and in his body, each human being will be transformed in his DNA. This very important transformation and we specify well “Celestial” will bring the human towards the human of the future, associated, united with the New Earth.

The current human could absolutely not live in the New Earth which presents itself to you. To be able to live it, it is important and necessary that the human is transformed to be in adequacy with the Earth because the Earth itself is transformed in all its energies which amplify in order to become the Earth of the celestial future.

This is why, for many of you, you will feel vibrant changes within yourself. Sometimes you will have the impression that your body is transforming, which will not be an illusion but a reality. This will be verified by small transformations in your face, in your eyes, in your allure etc …

But any transformation is also accompanied by some inconvenience that you already feel, that is to say, sometimes, great fatigue, weariness, feelings of small depressions, some pain in your body.

It is all part of transforming your body so that you can unite with New Earth life.

Dear brothers and sisters of the Earth, we ask you to be calm and confident in all that will happen in the months to come. Do not despair, we ask you, if events shock you or seem destructive to you.

There will be loss of life in some places on Earth, but it is and was the choice of many souls prior to their incarnation on your planet.

Know that we are always near you. We offer you our continuous help through the Love and the Light that we pour out towards you and on the Earth.

Have confidence in Life, welcome it within you with gentleness and tenderness.

We love you.

**Channel: Marie-Josée Andichou

**Translation by