Creation is Energy

“Remember that all of Creation is energy. The Divine Laws teach us that all energy is creative energy. You are a creative force. What you put out there in energy, returns to you, as you manifest it into form and Being.

As the work more and more with the White Flame, let us remember, that as we rise in vibrational frequencies, our co-creative abilities rise as well. This means that what you think, speak etc. manifests into form almost instantly now. So be careful what you wish for and be careful what you think.

It teaches us to become aware, and to stay in this present moment. When we become conscious and aware, we also become conscious and aware of what we truly wish to manifest into our lives, and what not.

Remember that the White Flame unifies, as much as it purifies, for it incorporates all the other cosmic Rays or Flames.

I good question to ask yourself, when you use the Laws of Creation, is to ask yourself: “If I have this in my life, how will this serve not only me, but the greater whole, the greater good of all concerned?” “Will I use this for the highest good of all, or will I be tempted to use this for self-service?” “Will this help to co-create the New Golden Age?” “Am I truly ready to embrace this into my life and I am ready to embrace all which comes with it, which may been extra responsibilities, extra diligence, and extra work, or whatever?” “Am I co-creating with love, and loving intent?”

It is very interesting that in Quantum Physics Universal Laws apply, just as much as the Spiritual Laws apply to our soul. When you become aware of these Laws, you become aware of your own co-creatorship. When I started to apply these laws in my own life, my whole life changed, because I was now consciously creating, and what I truly desired and not unconsciously and indeed what I did not want in life.

**By Judith Kusel