The Purification Process

Greetings friends! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am Kejraj!

What a wonderful time to be on Earth. Anchoring paradise on this beautiful planet. A world transforming into a universal hub, library, university, resting place for travelers.

The purification process of your being continues. The clearing of past life traumas, emotional imbalances, releasing of physical toxins, the low vibration of fear, etc. You often do this during your sleep time. It is helpful to also consciously do it, when awake.

Communicating with your Soul Self, allowing to come to the surface the pent up emotions and traumas, observe, accept, breathe and let go. As you do this, dissolving layers of dense energies which have kept hidden the true you, you allow the light you are to shine once more. And activate the dormant DNA filaments within, merging with higher versions of yourself.

It is wise to strengthen your Force Field or Aura through meditation and conscious living. Always remaining aware of your surroundings, interactions, and consumptions. What is benefiting you, what is not, what is stirring you further into the path you’ve chosen, and what is it that you think may be hindering your progress.

When one is overwhelmed by the way one perceives a reality, a simple pause helps. Stop, and see more than one version of what is being presented. Understand the trigger, why is that image or situation being mirrored back to you? There is always a deeper purpose.

You are becoming masters of light. This is done through the integration of all your aspects, understanding the core beliefs, pains, triggers, and allowing the dissolution of all that which no longer serves you. Moving beyond the idea of permanence, and other limitations.

That is all for today.

I am Kejraj!

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  1. Michelle Gilliam-Avery

    Greetings Kejraj! Happy to receive your message. 💫💙💫💙💫💙