Ashtar: Learn To Distinguish Between Truth And Lie

Dear brothers and sisters of planet Earth! I am Ashtar Sheran!

Once again it is with great joy that I come to be with you today. We have been showing off and appearing constantly in your skies. Do not understand this display as it is on your world, it is just a way for us to show all our love, all that we wish for all of you.

Soon, our existence and presence will be confirmed on your planet. Don’t expect dates. Don’t believe in dates. It will happen at the moment Father/Mother God believes will be the best for humanity. All the rulers of this planet are aware of what is happening around them, no matter how much it seems that life goes on exactly as it always has. Everyone is aware.

We can only tell you this: Just as many of you don’t believe in any of this, don’t believe that there will be a New World, don’t believe that changes will come, some rulers think the same way; they think we are bluffing. Some think that they still have time to do something, to change the whole picture, that they haven’t lost this war. Interesting, because their leaders are not running anything anymore, but they, as incarnate souls, still think they can change something; and they have tried very hard to do that.

We have been saying here constantly; learn to look at everything with the eyes of love. Learn to look at what is happening on your planet with the eyes of belief, of faith, of wisdom, that all that is happening is for the cleansing of what has been generated, energetically speaking, on your planet for eons of time.

We have been frequently on your soil, although you don’t see us. We have made physical and direct contact with many of your representatives. These representatives cannot be known, everything is done as safely as possible, so that nothing can reach them. We also have our war techniques, because we are still at war, no longer a warlike war as it was a while ago, let’s say that now the war is mental, the war is to push you to feel more and more fear.

The news, getting worse and worse, always giving you the reason and the feeling that nothing gets better, on the contrary, everything only gets worse. When in fact 90% of what is said is a lie. Nothing is as it is being reported. We don’t deny the disease, we deny how it is acting. It is nothing of the sort. And you keep feeding this whole process, every time you hear and connect with the energy that has been passed on.

Never forget that you feed what you put your focus on. If a phrase is said and you repeat it in your mind, you focus on that phrase and feed the energy within it. Unfortunately, you don’t realize that you feed every minute exactly what they want you to feed. Understand, you are capable of changing this. In what way? Just by not repeating, not thinking, not passing on. Why pass on something that you know is a lie? Ah, but you don’t know what is true and what is a lie.

We had thought that even though you have been taught and guided for so long, this would have been easy in your minds by now. What is truth and what is a lie? The truth is that which your heart cries out for joy; in the lie it does the opposite. Only you cannot confuse heart and mind. Because you never ask the heart, you ask the mind, and the mind will always say it is true, because they are very clever and know how to put things in such a way that it is very difficult not to believe. Now if you look into your hearts, put yourselves inside them and ask, “Heart, is this true or false?” Inside, there is no mistaking it; you will know the answer.

So I would say that this is an exercise that you should learn urgently, because soon, you will start hearing interesting things. And how to know if these things are the truth or a lie? How do you know? Oh, will you listen to the other’s opinion? If the other says to you, “It’s true!” You will believe it. If the majority says it’s a lie, you will believe it too. What if that majority that thinks it’s a lie, wasn’t ready to hear it as truth, and you just got it wrong?

So learn with urgency to listen to your hearts. Ask it whether it is true or a lie. Do this exercise, so that tomorrow you will not look to the other for the answer, whether it is true or a lie, which you will hear. How can you know? You have been deceived for so long, so how do you know if what you are being told is true or a lie? Whether what is being said by us is being said by ourselves or not? How to know if it is us or not? Everything is possible.

You have already created all the ways to imitate us. So how do you know whether or not it will be us who will say something? Have you ever thought about that? Then I urgently suggest that you learn this exercise, to listen with your heart. How to do this? There are many ways, look for the one that suits you best, the one that is easiest for you. Don’t look to the other. Ask your Higher Self to show you the best way to reach your heart.

But do this with great urgency, so that tomorrow you will not be deceived by what you hear, and from whom you hear it. Learn this, and be ready, because at any moment you will need to use this. And I can only tell you, the moment is very, very close.

**Channel: Vania Rodriguez

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