The Council of Radiant Light: On Devotion

Hello Beautiful Beings,

We are very happy to be with you today. I am the energy that you think of as Mother Mary. I have come today to speak to you about this intention to live authentically and fully. And about the changes happening in your world.

First I would like to share an energy attunement with you. If you would welcome this, simply say, “Yes.”

I am surrounding all of you with white light. I’m infusing all of you with blue light. And this blue light has the energy of peace. I am often associated with the color blue. The energy that I am, is an energy of tranquility, of spaciousness of sovereignty. And there is a tremendous … what you would think of as devotional, aspect to the nature of my being.

Devotion is a very important concept as you begin to live in higher frequency.
Devotion is an accurate way of relating to the fullness of life.

You might think of devotion as being a natural and normal response, when one remembers who they truly are.

When you realize that you are One with all of life, that the fullness of your being is the source of everything that comes to you; is your supply, is the way in which you have what you think of as your life experience… To be quite thankful and devoted to this connection, and attentive to it becomes a very natural way of being.

So I invite you now to consider: what are you devoted to? What do you give your allegiance to? What are you constantly returning to?

Take a moment and think, reflect.

Become aware of where your allegiance lies. Another way to ask this question is to consider what’s really important to you What are you paying attention to every single day?

We know that there are many things that you must attend to each day to facilitate the well being you like to experience in your lives. And there is nothing wrong with any of those things being important to you. We are asking you to become more aware of your relationship to devotion and your relationship to the non-physical, to the fullness of your being, to the Oneness that is and to consider this.

Devotion is a word that accurately describes the way that you might naturally relate to All of life. Some people think of this as surrender. Some people think of this as service. These words could be used. But we really like the word devotion because devotion is motivated by love.

When you’re devoted to something, it’s because you care deeply. It’s freely given. It comes from the heart. And devotion, because it comes from the heart, and it comes from sincere feelings of love, and is based on your values, can support you in living a courageous life. Devotion can support you in doing new things, in moving into what feels important to you but which maybe you haven’t established yet as an ongoing way of living. Or practicing. Or being.

So doing something new that feels potentially less comfortable to you or more vulnerable to you can be supported with grace and empowered by recognizing you care about this and allow devotion to be your strength. Many of you, as you grow spiritually, get new ideas for ways you could participate in the world. And then find yourself feeling less certain about how comfortable you really might be, in living these things out … in expressing this way.

So when you’re devoted to something, you will find that you can also tap into the inner resources that you think of as courage and also strength. Devotion will give you the strength and the ability to do new things. Because they’re important. Without feeling some need to do them perfectly, but embracing the need to show up in them because they’re important, because they matter, because they’re expressions of the things you care about.

As you expand you will be called into newness. So this aspect of living your truth – the call to new experiences that may be beyond your comfort zone — is something that can make people play smaller in life. This is why people live lives that are less authentic than what they know to be true for them, avoiding what is calling to them because they fear the new.

All of you have inner calls to more life. You all have ways in which the energy within you makes you aware of how you could live more fully. This comes to you through the ascending energy current, within you. It’s a rising energy, an energy of universal wholeness or Oneness. And it speaks specifically, uniquely, to each of you, because it’s coming through the fullness of your being.

So you all have this energy within you and when you get in sync with it, you feel uplifted, you feel lighter, you feel freer, and you often get ideas. And these ideas will give you a sense of how you could be more alive. How your life could be more fulfilling, more satisfying.

For example, recently a friend of Ailia’s, Susan, shared a photo of on her Facebook page. And when Ailia saw that picture, she loved it and asked where it was…and Susan clarified that it was Kauai, and Ailia thought, “I really want to go there.” She has a very strong feeling of wanting to experience that herself. She doesn’t feel that way about every scenic photo she sees, but she did about this one. She’s also felt that way repeatedly about photos of Ireland that another friend of hers has been sharing.

So, there it is. There’s that idea of something that you sense could bring you a lot of pleasure, could be really enjoyable. That’s the ascending energy. And when it comes to things like going to Kauai, other than the fact that right now is not a particularly easy time to travel, Ailia doesn’t feel much resistance to going to Kauai. That sounds fun. But some things that you sense will make your life more fulfilling, give you greater pause. And when that happens, we want to encourage you to tap into this energy of devotion. Allow yourself to feel how this thing you’re being called to is also about love.

Because when you’re in touch with how much you love things, and how fulfilling something might be because it matters to you, because it’s important to you because it’s about the things you love… You have a different relationship to it.

And even though you might be hesitant or uncertain about how it might go, what will unfold if you choose to live in new ways or to take action upon these inner calls to more life that may very well take you into a very different or new way of being… When you’re engaged with love and devotion, you’re empowered. There’s just a very different feeling about things.

You do many things in life out of love that you would find very hard to do otherwise. There are many things you do out of love that you do even when you don’t feel like it, when you’re tired, or when you don’t want to do it. But you know, it’s important, so you do it. The importance of it, and love, gives you strength.

So realize that when you understand something is important to you, when you feel your life moving in a new direction, and you’re not sure you’re up for it, or you don’t understand how you could possibly do it, we want to encourage you to invoke the frequency of grace and the frequency of love and to consider love as the motivating force behind what you’re doing.

And to allow yourself to act on your values because you care about them, not because you’re trying to achieve a particular result. But because you’re willing to live your life in a way in which you respond with openness and willingness, in devotion to your relationship to Life Itself.

Perhaps these perspectives and this energy gives you strength and makes you feel more confident about being the person you sense you truly are, in a more free and fulfilling way. Starting right now. That is our intention in sharing this with you. That you might evolve in ways that please you and which reveal to you and to the world, the fullness of your being, the beauty of all that you are, here.

We are complete.

I am Mother Mary with the Council of Radiant Light.

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    Why do uall keep lying to us? It’s never gonna end….ya just gonna keep syrunging us all along. Evil bastards